‘PTMP’ – or property play and greenwash?


It looks as if the Singapore Straits Times has cottoned on to the discontent that is brewing over the RM46bn Penang transport land reclamation and property development masterplan, which has been described by critics as a ‘property play’. Check out the video above.

Perhaps stung by the dissent over the SRS proposal, the state government is touting its green credentials by saying that Penang is aiming to be the greenest and most liveable city in Asia. To me, this sounds like a bucketful of greenwash. Just look at the elephant in the room – the environmentally damaging RM8bn Pan Island Link, which will connect the massive, mainly high-end, property development off Gurney Drive and Tanjung Tokong with the future massive, mainly high-end, property development on the three artificial islands off the southern coast.

Never mind that, what happened to the Tanjung Bungah Coastal Park that was launched a few years back? Gulp! Are those cough mixture bottles?

If we can’t take care of little things like maintenance and cleanliness, what chance do we have with all those hideous elevated concrete monstrosities, including on sensitive hill slopes and above popular public parks.

Seems to me that the loudest voices in support of these mega projects are those who have a vested, if hidden, interest in this real estate/property play or the construction contracts that go with it. They are the ones who want Penang to be like densely populated Hong Kong.

Why not allow an independent international body of sustainable mobility experts to review the mega RM46bn plan. Is the reluctance due to the fear that this http://portlandspirit.com/blog/logo/ corporate profit-driven plan will be laughed out of town for its sheer all-round unsustainability and backward planning?

Photographs by concerned Penangites

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CNBC voted Malaysia as top 5 retire locations with Penang cited so locals can never dresm to afford homes to cater for overseas who can live like king with just us2500 as mentioned.


Cygnus Knight

Property Summit 2019 is now on at SPICE Arena – 5th and 6th January 2019.

Can get bargain on those overhang units?


ya, members and fans of penang forum, welcome to indulge in property speculation…..no worry, we all have known all along who are the hypocrites and pretenders…hehe


Minister Zuraida was guest of honour at Saturday Property Summit at Spice. She used the term Taikor to address those developer chiefs and subtlely reminded them to offer affordable homes for B40 folks. No incentive for B40 to wogk hard as most oredi discouraged by hefty pricing.
CM Chow said people associated his party as Developer Association Party but insist Penang folks do enjoy the taxes on developers. Anil you agree or not?


for the like of international banker, eminent soil scientist and award winning writer and publisher…hehe
you mean these distinguished VIPs do not deserve some ‘comfortable’ dwelling ??


Refering to latest WSJ revelation, China would not resort to economic manipulation if other countries like Malaysia did not allow it to. When Malaysia come begging at the door, it was a golden opportunity to stranglehold and eventually gain control of Malaysia’s sovereignty, all because of high 1MDB debt.

Where are all those big noses Perkasa, ISMA, and other clowns? How come no noises from them? Feeling guilty or feeling cheated?


BTW, how much land has Singapore reclaimed from the sea, how many elevated and underground highways has Singapore built ?

Cygnus Knight

Property Taikos in Penang should sponsor a library for Penang, like the one at VivoCity shopping mall (rent free by the developer!) in Singapore. See report here:

Enjoy reading with a view of Sentosa at new VivoCity library


YB Sim should take note of public library at shopping malls in BB? Why not he approches Ideal to provide csr cheap rental for overhang unsold commercial spaces at 1World Mahsuri to be used as physical digital library? May be YB Sim too busy now to check chicken eggs prices being more critical now???


That’s their problem. Why should we live their problem + solution (more for property play)? Dude!


Backing/financing a “civic”, “user”, “public” or “rights” group is now a standard tactic of fascism, rent-seeking or neoliberalism. Their demands include (a) “conservative rights” (b) a highway supposedly to ease travel (c) a specific, expensive, medical treatment rather than a chealer alternative (d) approval for a factory for more jobs (e) lifting a tax on business that they say will hit them badly. In academia, paid pundits equate businesses running wild to personal liberty. Privilege and collusion in unearned income drive inflation, e.g. rent hike, gentrification of neighbourhoods, commodity market manipulation, limited licences. Though fuel has such a major impact… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr Anil

Just to bring to the attention of your blog readers some slides I have created on the
Economy. Thank you.



good to know that the state government is determine to have greenery and development side by side while the hater continue to hate and pour cold water over good initiatives…to these people even one piece of thrash would become top ten news of the year…hehe


8 We won’t know what has gotten inside the brain of CM Sin Chow. But we sure know he has learnt to love the tango with greedy developers esp the ones with vested interest in PTMP ala property play. It is a no brainer to ask why the PIL1 links 2 high end property centres (Gurney Drive/Tanjung Tokong & 3 Fantasy Islands). To solve traffic jams for those working in FTZ? To solve traffic woes in Paya Terubong? Anil, this PIL 1 is already carved in grave headstone near Youth Park. It’s dead duck to ‘kill’ this PIL like the… Read more »

Yang 2.0

Ate you sore?


I can still recall that Yang fella of melancholy Madras Lane disappeared from this blog after his last walk in that lane. Resurrect him to spin in his name? C’mon be more creative & have respect for Yang! Nobody sorely miss him.


what better way to fund infrastructure development in the state then letting the rich to do it…..hehe


You are like talking selling your daughters for a high price to highest bidders? C’mon, get a life, it seems you are so desperate to suck up to the greedy richie regardless of no principles!


what ? i said tax the rich ,make them pay or lure them to pay…does that worry you? or you want poor folks to foot the bill? so much whining from you..you life must be full of ….….hehe


You still don’t fully understand what is insidious property play in the likes of funding PTMP, do you???
It has nothing to do with attracting investment for good development, dude!
Why don’t you ask LGE to release more Fed funding to Penang instead of still being stuck with developer funding of infra which comes at a price ie property play???
Get a life Dudey!


Orso greedy investors and love birds want home sweet home. Who wants tree top houses?


Pls try harder in 2019. Spinning shows in your shrieks, so desperate, so shrie!

Cygnus Knight

The housing and local government ministry plans to build one million units of affordable homes within the next 10 years to enable more people, especially the low-income earners, to be house owners.

It plans to build 100,000 units of houses a year beginning this year.



Get damn real. Past feline promises by Niao Kong regime to build more affordable housing in Penang don’t even reach 100,000 units during the 2 honey moon terms of 8 years. Quote: Jagdeep pointed out the state had in fact constructed 24,000 low-cost (LC) and low-medium cost (LMC) units, since taking over in 2008 til now. https://www.thesundaily.my/archive/penang-has-highest-number-affordable-housing-dap-AUARCH521122 To sing out loud 1 million affordable housing (100,000 units each year! for the next 10 yrs) is like drunk karaoke soaked in Absolut Vodka in love-at-first-hearing Love Lane. Pls lah, Penangites are no more stupefied drunkards. Show us the real lands, real… Read more »