Prayers to mark Makkal Sakthi awakening


This was the scene at the Sree Ganeshar Temple along Waterfall Road in Penang at around 7.00pm. About 50 people gathered for prayers to commemorate the first anniversary of the Makkal Sakthi (People Power) awakening. On 25 November last year, some 30,000 Indian Malaysians rallied in downtown KL to highlight their plight.

Over on mainland Penang, people started arriving at the Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam Temple in Prai from 7.00pm.

At 8.32pm a contact at the temple tells me a thousand people are now inside listening to speeches. Among the speakers was Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy.

In the background, over the phone, I hear cries of “Makkal Sakthi!”. More people could have turned up if not for the heavy rain.

Plainclothes police are around and keeping a watchful eye.

What’s happening in Batu Caves?

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Killer….how much were you paid to spew your nonsense.Hey, if every temple had 50 people(on the avaerage)attending this prayers, then go figure out how many would have been there all over Malaysia. Since you sound like a PMR failure….let me help you do the calculations…50 multiply by 500 temples will give you 25000 (twenty five thousand,in case you do not know how to add zeroes)and this total is somewhat equal to what happened in the streets of KL last year. It would have been very stupid for Hindraf supporters to have taken the bait for a mass gathering at any… Read more »


I thought after all the publicity, the gathering was a BIG FLOP.

After one year, there is a huge drop in the support for HINDRAF and their racist agenda looking at the attendance for these prayers. At this rate, I doubt there will be a 2nd year anniverssary.

These 5 guys are no heroes, but racists and extremists who has no place in a multi-ethnic society. Indians have more than enough reps (in BN and PR) to voice out their griviences. There is no need to resort to street to get their voices heard, for this is not Sri Lanka.


How could the police enter the temple (grounds), which is sacred place for the Hindus. They even had the audacity to move around the temple ground freely…

Makkal Sakti will live forever. This …BN govenment will crumble along with their …MIC, MCA and Gerakan.


The police, had “no right” in any sense to order Indian to perform their prayers.


Fairdinkum ,


I heard police warned people against attending the prayers.
It gets a scary in the country when authorities start interfering with the right of worship.


Dear Anil, Update from JB The sms’s were flying till late evening asking all Hindus to gather at the nearest temple to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Great March. I headed to the temple nearest to my abode…and a real surprise awaited me ! A huge banner with the faces of the 5 ISAed heroes was strung across the entrance of the temple.Below their pictures were some message that stated, special prayers for the 5 would be held at 800pm. I was there at about 700pm and could see the events unfolding as the clock ticked away. Slowly the… Read more »


only UMNO is a threat to the country


With the end of his premiership in sight, PM Badawi should have courage to do the decent thing and to set right the injustice meted out to the Hindraf 5.

It is time to set them free.

No one seriously believe they are a threat to our country.