Poll on illegal hill-slope development (updated)


Following requests from a few people, this poll, which was initially closed after three days (on 9 July), is being re-opened and extended by a week until 22 July 2013.

Let’s hear it from you.

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tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

For those developers who flout the due process for development of hill-slope land, the State Govt and MPPP must blacklist them!

More important, the Pg State Govt has to come out with a list which specifies the hill-slope land that would not be developed, hence no conversion of land use is allowed! Make this list public document by putting it up in the Pg State Govt website!


Blacklisting what is the use. Normally the developers have several developers` companies, some even have more than 10 that can be used. Blacklist one, use the other.


Madame Gambir was raped in broad daylight, suffering the same fate as Madame Pykett at the hands of recalcitrant developers with a dirty middle finger. But the act of justice is no more a justice but a mocking bird to Penangites who will have to suffer hotter weather, muddied roads & endangering landslides during heavy down pours.
Cleaner, Greener Penang is also a mocking bird tagline, if anyone now foolishly want to believe in it in both words & deeds.
Why not rephrase it: Botak-ed Green Penang.

Eng Hock

RE : Botak0ed Green penang

Hear that Jabatan Clean Green Penang ?

These Ra*#$t# don’t give a damm about that as money earned allows them to spend at greener pasture overseas !


In defence of the landowner, it is in his interest and within his rights to lobby and undertake the labour to add value within the confines of the law to his held property The fruition of this excercise depends much on capitalist compulsion nevertheless public opinion of the day which is set through regulations or standards enforced by the state also contributes. This state government is a farce no better than those before it being privy to this blatant abuse of state powers,serving the interests of a few over the interests of many being the recurring theme. If the state… Read more »

Marcia Howard

If anyone in authority ever enforced any law in Malaysia, this problem would not exist. If the projects are illegal, those breaking the law should be arrested and jailed and tried in a court of law.
M. Howard

mike gibby

There are 2 issues here-
a) is there appropriate legal regulation? – a legal opinion is needed
b) is it adequately enforced ?
The latter is missing from your survey


Mike, you may need to wait another 30 days to get an answer to question B).
Buy a packet (30 sachets) of Kopi-O kau kau to drink & cheer Anil everyday!

Batu Ferringhian

The problem lies within the lower ranking MPPP officers. I do not want to hint at corruption but there is no enforcement. We have the rules, regulations and penalities but there is NO enforcement.

This is very serious and our politicians need to answer.


I think none of this would have happened if the State Planning Committee headed by LGE had not approved the conversion of the hill to low density development land. This is the root cause of the problem. The whole mess of the unobtained planning permission approval and the subsequent environmental damage fiasco was then passed to MPPP to bear while the real culprit is silent and feigns ignorance – and innocence.

Anak Penang

i think PG government is afraid of this owner. why let mppp make the decision when the government can make the call? want other to be scapegoat? i think penangite will start to think of which party to choose next 5 years if the current government do not take any stern action or just keep quite. REMEMBER!!! penangites love their hills and forests.

Batu Ferringhian

Finally, someone else from Batu Ferringhi…but honestly, Batu Ferringhi has a host of different problems that needs to be addressed…sewage treatment, illegal stalls, night markets, etc

I’m still very worried about Moonlight Bay and Island Resort. The development of these housing projects look extremely shaddy. These two areas are prone to landslide 🙁

There is some massive hill clearing going on in Teluk Bahang.

Ong Eu Soon

Shame on all the pro-pr bloggers and news web sites for trying badly to censor or ignore Karpal’s call to blacklist the developer.Most have maintained an elegant silent pretending nothing had happened. Hopefully after the election, Karpal should act above partisan interest to protect our rights and get more actively involve in local issues affecting the people. We really need someone with the statues of Karpal to monitor the state government.

Ong Eu Soon

Consent or no consent. Approved or not approved. A statutory rape on our hill and forest is still a punishable offend in the court of the people.

Ong Eu Soon

you should not call mppp to blacklist the developer. You should call Lim Guan Eng to blacklist the developer, otherwise he will blame MPPP for not blacklisting the developer. As tokong Lim Guan Eng can’t do anything wrong, we should demand that he as chairman of SPC blacklist the developer and demand the restoration and rehabilitation of the hill and forest.


if kapal wants tougher action, kapal must also go after mpppirah and any excuses they give not being aware of what happened, kapal must reply, especially to patayah…mpppodah

Ong Eu Soon

Karpal’s call for the blacklisting for the errant developer give us a slim hope that there might be a third force in DAP which is capable of scrutinizing and controlling Lim Guan Eng. Karpal and son should play a more prominent role as a countering force to ensure Lim Guan Eng abide by the laws and regulations when come to development issues. If DAP is still complacent that it can repeat the 505 victory in the next election, we will summon all the available forces in the state to mount a resistance like what happened in Egypt.


start monitoring proposed developments in batu ferringhi area, make sure it does not follow the likes of tanjong tokong and tanjong bungah once the pair road project begins

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng

What can I say except that some people are born to bless their fellow men while others bring with them only curses …


MPPP should black list the land owner and developer as well as contractor, those providing earthwork machines and get the court to fine them heftily. After that, they are all ban from involving in any direct or indirect council work in the future. Then the cleared land will be restoree to its original state by leaving it alone for the next 99 years.

Ong Eu Soon

… the developer have committed … ‘rape’ on our hill and forest. Who going to stop the ego-centric demagogue ? The great Anil?

Ong Eu Soon

The real reason for the developer to go ahead without proper authorization is (allegedly) to spare Lim Guan Eng administration the embarrassment for approving the hill top development. The fine is so little nothing to compare with the potential profits. This is the Chinese way of paddy became rice, too late to stop the project. The state will argue that the abandoned project will pose more risks, Lim Guan Eng has no choice but to allow the developer to go ahead with the hill top development. This … get a baby and marry later mentality should be stopped at all… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

If only Karpal is the Chief Minister of Penang.

He certainly understands Penangnites more than Lim Guan Eng.

Still awaiting to hear from the State Gomen.

Frust lah! Gua sokong PR manyak kuat lah!

Ong Eu Soon

Betul u sokong banyak kuat sampai sanggup putar belt cakap apa sesuka hati mu. Kini padan muka anda …

Ong Eu Soon

sekarang sudah jadi ahmad sorry! wahaha!

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng

Do note that although the existing penalties may be inadequate, the Court can always pass a deterrent penalty in view of the detriment to the public interest involved. This can come under perverse conduct after order have been issued for them to stop work, assuming of course that such an order has been issued.


If penalties & regulations are sufficient & strictly enforced without tempting loopholes or excuses of land conversion, Penangites would not have witnessed rampant broad daylight raping of virgin hills, forests & speechless virgin trees & never before horrified before 308 Tsunami. Penang Island Cosmopolitan Frenzies of self-contradictory proportions in the name of Greener, Cleaner Penang are to be blamed which so called green practices of development projects are AOK-ed behind closed door swap-deals with greedy developers & painted rainbow colors by hallucinating property gurus. The ‘whoever breaks the law will face the music’ seems not too daunting at the most… Read more »


The word illegal is more than enough to take the authorities to task. How could the town council approve the project in the first place?