Platform collapses in sea off Gurney Drive


A platform believed to be used for carrying out tests (for land reclamation?) has collapsed in the sea facing Gurney Paragon along Gurney Drive in Penang.

This is one of three platforms in a line across the sea that is being used for testing, said a resident in the area who photographed the image. The upended platform in the photograph is the plaform in the middle of the three.

This doesn’t inspire confidence. If they can’t ensure the stability of even the platform….

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vs param

This kind of plarform are used to study EIA and carryout soil investigation (SI). Accidents can happen. Sometimes anchors can become loose due to strong waves and under currents. Sometimes ‘accidents’ can happen due to sabotage. Whatever it it, the reclamation has to go on.

Just a word of caution – stay away from reclamation sites if you are a fisherman, holiday maker or just a curious onlooker – barges, vessels and boats dont have brakes. Its dangerous to be in the water where reclamation work is being carried out.


If limit vehicles go one step limit no of people, dogs, rats and type of buildings. Blind cannot see the platform has 3 legs and engineers have been understanding the forces of nature and durest them to the service of mankind as defined by American civil engineers. 4 legs are better than 3 legs

Johan Khun Pana

The platform-Many things can go wrong at any time when somebody screwed up something.

Best to limit the number of motor vehicles on the island instead of having more roads or tunnel in this case. Is it good to turn Penang into a concrete island?
Isn’t it is better to limit noise and smoke pollution on a small island?
Furthermore, the state govt is heavily promoting cycling.
And Penang car owners should consider driving micro cars.
These helps to attract more tourism , longer staying tourist and thus creating local employment,


Restrict the use of micro size car with low carbon emission on the island. Wonder if islanders are ready to opt for affordable MyVi Axia, likewise not frighteningly imposing on the road for safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
Yes, Penang cannot attracts more tourists with its scary traffic congestion.


Act of God, proclaims the CAT?
Now you see the forces of Nature acting on Karma’s call.
Go on, test Nature’s patience. This is but one small warning.
Never play-play with Mother Nature. (Did they the gau-gau ask the local fishermen about the sea currents?)
One small implement that already fails its own physical test, fathom out what a sea tunnel will withstand the Hai Leng Ong’s unpredictable wrath of Nature.
This is scarce CAT money goes down the sea!