Photos, GPS map of mysterious clearing in Pulau Jerejak


Someone has cleared a trail that is 10-12 feet wide along the northeastern coast of Penang.

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

Part of the trail, plotted using GPS on the map below, is close to 400 metres long.

But it appears to extend further north as well (not plotted below). This clearing is probably not visible from the air or drone photography because it is blocked from view by the cover of trees beyond the edge of the cleared trail.

A fisherman said workers armed with a chainsaw and machetes were spotted on the island “dari bulan dua” (February 2017) onwards.

But they stopped coming in early April, he said, presumably after the clearing was publicised in the local media around the time of Penang Forum 7: #SaveJerejak.

From the fairly fresh surfaces of the stumps on the ground, you can see that the path appears to have been recently cleared.

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

Also the dried brown leaves have not yet fallen off the branches of chopped tree trunks, lying here and there at the edge of the trail.

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

Although plans were announced earlier for a round-the-island bicycle track, this cleared trail, complete with boundary markers (little sticks on the ground with plastic flags)…

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

… appears too steep in parts and the ground too undulating for it to be a comfortable bicycle route.

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

The fisherman said he had heard talk of a motocross track, though that is hard to verify.

Pulau Jerejak cleared trail along northeast coast - April 2017

More photographs here.

So what is going on here?

Examine all these photos and see what you think the clearing is for.

Incidentally, the fisherman I spoke to said that the monthly earnings of fisher folk in the area have tumbled from RM3,000-4,000 in the past – when they could catch plentiful and much sought after fish like grouper – to just RM800.

He suggested that the dwindling catch could be due to nearby land reclamation, the second Penang bridge construction, and overfishing by the thousands of leisure fishing enthusiasts in the state.

Meanwhile, a group of concerned residents of Penang and beyond are calling for a day of prayer and meditation tomorrow, Sunday for the protection of Pulau Jerejak.

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Cheong Kian Kok

It’ll be awesome if condo will be built and then bridge….Penang will be awesome. They need to move the shipyard elsewhere though.

Wengleng Goay

Double talk . They are hell bend to develop pj.

Gregory R Warrier

Why don’t we just get a straight answer from the authorities?


You can follow the stunts of Jamal Yunos, show up at Jerejak with media alert to get coverage over TV, Newspapers, electronic social media for example, Penang Forumers can stage round the island walkathon funded by concerned folks, with live streaming on
Surely the next day you can get the response from Komtar 🙂


Penang Forum can hire a helicopter and get reporters to fly over Jerejak to see the damage – an effective way just like what Jamal had done to expose expensive home of PKR youth.

Seng Aun Teoh

Hand of God.

Magic Margie

Sunday 30 April Healing Energy Prayer for Pulau Jerejak and more… A worldwide event! We will all stand as a Rock for the Penangites and their Pulau Jerejak. A beautiful, historical Island needs to keep the peacefullness! A simple Universal prayer, an easy way to connect with your Source and get results that will surprise and delight you. Sit together if possible, use OPONOPONO. Focus your intention on Pulau Jerejak. The energy you will create will be powerful. Just use this simple prayer for Pulau Jerejak and more. I love you I’m sorry Forgive me Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~ The flower… Read more »


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