‘Pesta Tambak’ continues in reclamation-obsessed Penang


Covid or no Covid-19, glut or no glut, the reclamation frenzy continues in reclamation-crazy Penang. This time, they are eyeing a prime waterfront stretch between the first and second Penang bridges – all 150 acres of proposed waterfront in four stretches along the coast.

This will draw Penang Island even closer to Pulau Jerejak. Why not reclaim even more land and join Pulau Jerejak to Penang Island, then they don’t have to build that four-lane bridge from Penang Island to Pulau Jerejak? <sarcasm>

This time they claim they need more industrial land in the Bayan Lepas area. But hey, what about Island A in the proposed three-island 4,500-acre “Penang Southern Reclamation”? Wasn’t that supposed to provide industrial land and space for “airport expansion” or whatever. Isn’t that supposed to be taking off soon? Or have they given up on that for now?

And what about moving some industry to the mainland so people won’t have to commute across the channel so much?

Maybe the real reason for the “linear waterfront” project is this bit: medical, commercial, restaurants and hotels (possibly along the prime waterfront?). If this is true, it would complete the missing link in the corporate/developers’ takeover of the prime eastern and southern coastlines of Penang Island. Once again, it will be via the controversial “request for proposals” method.

The 8km promenade along the linear waterfront touted to the public reminds me of the Gurney Wharf “recreational area” and tunnel as a front to win over public support for the 130-acre Gurney Drive reclamation project. Today, the tunnel is nowhere in sight (errr, the study is 98% complete or is it 99% by now?), and many remain unaware of the 50 acres or more of dense residential and commercial property development planned for the reclaimed land near Gurney Plaza.

Is the linear waterfront planned for in the Penang Structure Plan? Last I remember was this map from the draft Penang Structure Plan… Where is the linear waterfront reclamation in the map? Is there a newer map? If so, show it to the people of Penang.

The proposed reclamation in Penang in pale yellow – where is the linear waterfront?

Here’s another map from the press showing proposed reclaimed areas:

What is that red dotted line?

This latest reclamation plan is such bad timing considering that so many other reclamation projects are in the pipeline, either struggling or not even taking off. Is this reclamation really for industrial land – or is the real prize the commercial property development it offers?

Do we really need more reclamation for industrial and commercial space at this time, when the world is in recession, if not a depression? Factories are retrenching workers by the day, even shutting down. Several hotels – including a resort on Pulau Jerejak (I told you that place was jinxed!) – have closed down, either permanently or temporarily. So many shops and mall retail outlets are vacant or falling idle.

Online businesses are flourishing. Many offices, even multinational banks, and individuals are finding out folks can work just as well from home. Shuttered down factories can be reused for other purposes. So is there a pressing need for land in the next 10 years, especially when the total fertility rate has fallen below the population replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman.

But the Penang government, obsessed with land reclamation and property development, can only think of tambak, tambak, tambak (apart from cable cars, that is!). What a failure in imagination.

Is this the alternative model of development that it can offer the country ahead of the next general election? How is Pakatan Harapan going to dislodge Perikatan Nasional with this kind of development model? I’m sorry to say, it is not a model that inspires confidence, when ordinary people’s needs are more pressing.
What we need is a real people-centred model of development that puts the needs of ordinary people on the ground first – sustainable food security (including marine fisheries), genuinely affordable homes, renewable energy, and excellent public transport, public healthcare and public education.

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If P.Jerejak is jinxed, that is (a little) good news for the public and the environment. It will keep out the fascists. Perhaps in the overly “developed” future, refugees from the state may seek shelter there — like the Vietnamese refugees in P. Bidor, Terengganu

Regardless of modern spin (e.g. fascism = Nazism), the original meaning of fascism is capitalists and politicians in bed together.

Ma jiji

Can’t help it, because we have to accommodate millions more of Rohingya refugees ? Very pitiful refugees have no choice but to squeeze themselves in here !

BTS Mutiara


Illegal and “legal” influx of foreign labours choke the productivity growth only benefit selected few while B40 could not cope with skills for better wages.


Penang could possibly attract more Hong Kong folks escaping the Mainland-imposed National Security Law, to settle here on MM2H? If so, we could see more authentic Hong Kong cuisines/dim sum coming to Penang to rival Kim Gary?


Rohingya exodus is due to well-funded radicalisation and extremism to cut off the closest branch of BRI (Belt & Road Initiative from China to Bay of Bengal). “Syrian refugees” (actually from Pakistan, Afghnistan and Africa) pouring into Europe through “very humane” Turkey is meant to eliminate EU as a challenge. No prize for identifying who is behind all this.


Seems like Gerakan has given up hope in Penang, instead is trying to adopt katak hopping strategy to make inroad in Perak?


BTS Mutiara

MCA to replace traditional Gerakan Penang state seats although Gerakan claimed to be PN friendly.

MCA is ethnic based so do you think it can challenge DAP Penang ?


#stopreclaiminglandinpenang should trend now. The reclaiming of land is getting absurd. The island print is totally disfigured and out of proportion. The hills have also suffered the same fate. Enough is enough. Keep Penang island the way it is!!!


Penang Will become a smart city Anil…
Better make a move asap, you probably remember my words some years ago.


Orwell’s 1984


Better consult Lilian Too or Joey Yap first if the reclamation could change the shape of the Penang island causing afflictions that are detrimental to the feng shui. Cannot play play one.


If these seers are wrong, can the developers sue them, and recover their losses? ………………………………….

BTS Mutiara

Too much reclaimation the turtle shape island may turn into a big lump of body discharge if not careful.


Go to Yau Ma Tei, Temple Street, Hong Land and get your fortune consulted. But now with Covid and Joshua wong calling for protest, those fortune tellers have no tourists and business. They are in dire straits

Buzzing Woody

Shriek can go Yau Ma Tai to seek whereabouts of Tunglang; and bring him back to realms of anilnetto.com
Tunglang’s disappearance traceable???


why are you so obessed with tunlang? Those greenies only keyboard warriors talk talk and telling people to do this and that. talk is chip chip. Why not you bring him back to this website?


Man placed in the midst of this ever-changing world yet appreciates and seeks for constancy somewhere. He does not know that he must develop the nature of constancy in himself; it is the nature of the soul to value that which is dependable. But is there anything in the world on which one can depend, which is above change and destruction? All that is born, all that is made, must one day face destruction. All that has a beginning has also an end; but if there is anything one can depend upon it is hidden in the heart of man,… Read more »

BTS Mutiara


Malaysia oredi stuck in middle income trap so how are we going to have disposable incomes to spend on those reclaimed amenities eg condos food beverages claimed to be of international pricings????


No jobs, no income. No land, where to have new buildings? Tear down old buildings, people kbkb saying anything old is heritage and with restricted supply of land, cost of rebuilding is horrendous. Many Pengland lang have migrated over the seas in search of better jobs and opportunities. Over the sea can land them in PJ where there is a area Pengland lang cari makan

BTS Mutiara

Tamak Tamak Tamak ???

Do you think the locals can afford coastal refreshments way above their earnings, bear in mind we are still not developed country/state yet now that vision 2020 has cecome mco 2020.

PICC not yet take off now thus Linear Project down south, while Penang Bay coastal project now kind of quiet?


looking for SAS those who dare win. Ask any PHD or graduates. They are in comfort zone and mind are tuned to dead lectures. Lucky we have Uncle Lim GT, Tan Chong and many come with nothing from China who dare win.


MTUC asks employers why cannot provide RM2700 minimum monthly wage.

It is possible to achieve that with focus on productivity. For a start, employers coukd cut one employee for every 2 employees to improve productivity to justify higher pay. No more overstaffing, move out of comfort zone and lepak culture.


using banglas, nepalis etc middle men, brokers and permit okay men and employers all win win. losers are you and me or me and you.