Pepper Estate: Demolitions begin; residents unite


Three out of the 300-odd houses in Pepper Estate in Penang have been demolished, but residents are coming together to prevent further damage to their houses.

A protem committee has been formed.

The land was sold last year to Beverly Heights Properties Sdn Bhd.

It is believed that a few of the residents have been individually approached with offers of RM35000 in compensation but residents want the owner/developer to deal directly with the residents committee.

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Ah Lee
23 Jan 2014 9.19pm

Things not what they seem on surface. Give u 2 clues to dig further
1. One of the residents committee representative helped seal this deal ( now pretend innocent )
2. Under this land got big problem for builder cos very hard to dig ( did anyone tell them yet ? )

23 Jul 2013 12.20pm

Thank you Dr Dr Ooi Koon Beng for your comment this morning at 7.22am. I appreciate your despair when finding out that the lands called Pepper Estate had been sold to Beverley Heights Property to be developed into high-end housing and other amenities only accessible to the wealthy elite, a very small proportion of the Penang State population and globally. It was against the stated wishes of your honourable ancestors Madam Tan Say Seang and Lim Keng Chuan. I note with interest that you helped Lim Keng Chuan in his work (Free Malaysia Today) so must have a real insight… Read more »

10 Jul 2013 11.21am

Hi Anil, I have placed a link to the Singapore Business Review article of 22 Jun 2013 which maybe of interest to your readers: Thank you for your continued interest in Pepper Estate’s dilemma and I know that you share in common with these residents hope that a peaceful, just and fair outcome is the outcome of their perseverance, in the face of powerful interests. Just a note to your readers. Pepper Estate people own their own homes and have authentic sales and purchase agreements, and approved by the former landowners. Beverley Heights has that information in a register… Read more »

10 Jul 2013 9.17am

“Who is evicting who in a no man’s land full of tigress?”

Lulu, his answer is YES.

10 Jul 2013 1.25am

Let the lazy mob rule I say. Ho ho ho….

9 Jul 2013 6.27pm

the strategy is…since the hill development cannot proceed mah, might as well buat kacau with pepper estate property loh…give more headache for state gomen wanting to step in and play hero of the day…smells like sandiwara mah

dislike over-priced condo
dislike over-priced condo
9 Jul 2013 4.48pm

A bit of the original estate owner(s) history & family tree can be found here

Lim Eow Hong
Lim Eow Thoon (married Goh Saw Chooi & Lim Gaik Lee)
Lim Eow Hooi (married Yeoh Saw Geok)
Lim Eow Teng
Lim Eow See
Lim Eow Cheng (married Ooi Seok Heang in 1917)
Lim Kwee Sean (Mrs Goh Boon Keng)
Lim Kwee Guan (Mrs Cheah Tat Jin)
Lim Kwee Hiang (Mrs Saw Hui Eow)

9 Jul 2013 4.43pm

During the resistances, many foul languages or curses can disturb the balance of ying & yang and future residents of the condo will have to bear the consequences ……..

9 Jul 2013 12.23pm

beverly heights…why is that soooo fimiliar…coincedence or dejavu

9 Jul 2013 2.38pm
Reply to  hmmm

Yes quite familiar, the Relau in Bukit Gambir

YB Loh Datuk
YB Loh Datuk
9 Jul 2013 11.47am

Don’t understand what is the fuss all about. Renting somebody’s land to stay. Owner now wants it back, then move.
The whole process sounds like once I tried to evict a tenant. He just refuses to move and stayed for free for 2 months.

Fortunate Land Owner
Fortunate Land Owner
9 Jul 2013 11.19am

Anil, your blog is creating awareness much to the developer’s worries.
So much for this speedy demolition.
One question to the previous land owner: You had your fortunate days collecting rents when your land is “boh keh” or “boh lang ai” and rent control was in force. Rents to feed your children or siblings without having to advertise for ready squatters. Now you are fortunate (again) to sell the land at high price, isn’t it time to give back a fair deal to your faithful residents who without fail have been paying rentals for many decades?

9 Jul 2013 4.45pm

Going by your argument, if tunglang today set up a hut shelter at the virgin forest in Belum, then he can claim ex-gratia compensation down the road if he is asked to evict?

9 Jul 2013 11.33pm
Reply to  Lulu

Lulu. You can’t compare virgin (untouched) forest with sold-to-the-highest-bidder urban land disputed by people. Belum rainforest belongs to all Malaysians so whosoever want or dare to camp out are welcomed to do so. Unless you are a Penan in Sarawak, where does the ex-gratia compensation come in? Who is evicting who in a no man’s land full of tigress? Any deed of title carved on trees or limestone caves with tigress claws? The only living things that can chase me out of the rainforest are the Bunians, Langsuir or a bad-mood tigress. Btw, I still need a pretty lady tigress… Read more »

Wilfred Oon
Wilfred Oon
10 Jul 2013 4.33pm

I still find it strange that a legal owner have to compensate the ‘tenants’ when reclaim the property.

In that case, anybody renting a room should be ‘compensated’ by the landlord when asked to evict?

Is this the Bolehland case law?

9 Jul 2013 10.31am

When the residents have outlived the courtesy and charity of a former but deceased owner, not much can be done, as this is PRIVATELY owned land! Get the best form of compensations (if any) as paying RM 40 x 12 or RM 480 per annum,which had allowed them to live for more than 2 decades, is in itself pretty charitable of the Lim Estate administrators! IT is the turn of the State of Penang to offer roofs over their heads (no excuses) of the 300 plus homeless now! However,Pepper Estate is no way similar to Kg. Buah Pala plight! They… Read more »

10 Jul 2013 9.24am
Reply to  ShakrinaLIkram

Totally agree with you. The estate has been more than charitable in allowing them to stay for decades on merely RM 40 a month which today cannot pay for even a week’s groceries. It is the duty of society to house these people if and only if they are deserving cases. I have always believed that the govt is society’s trustee. We can’t be housing every tom dick and harry only to find out that he or she owns a mercedes, has ten foreign workers and a few maids. YB Jagdeep to his credit has said that he will ensure… Read more »

9 Jul 2013 9.53am

Nowadays everybody seem to take everything for granted as if it is their rights and their own. Public open space behind and in front of their houses were built or fenced up and become theirs own. Space on public places become theirs once they have put their things there for quite sometimes. Car park in front of their house become their own. Businesses & coffee shops take over the whole road or back lane with their goods, table, chair and hawkers and take it as if it is their own. And the authorities seem not able to do anything at… Read more »

9 Jul 2013 1.54pm
Reply to  Yang

Yang you are right. Malaysians whether they are rich or poor and yes even if they are rich, treat public space as their own. So much so that walkways become their shop, backlanes their workshop, etc. Pedestrians cannot use the walkways, people cannot park and as a result the disabled have zero mobility in our citites. If you stay in a place for a long time the place becomes your right automatically, even if you did not buy it and it belongs entirely to someone else. That is the culture we have sadly adopted. If any enforcement is to be… Read more »

9 Jul 2013 3.17am

Kg Buah Pala v2. We knew the winners and losers. We expected similar excuses. You CHANGE for WORST.

9 Jul 2013 9.32am
Reply to  GK

Kg Buah Pala, the 19 winners now get to live in a 800k double storey terrace house in their original place. The 9 losers that were conned by the BN UMNO were sent over to live on the mainland far from their original place. Change for the worst. PR or BN. You decides.

Stephen Tan Ban Cheng
9 Jul 2013 12.31am

This was land belonging previously, if I am not ,mistaken, to the Estate of Lim Eow Thoon or his predecessors. Oh, how are the mighty fallen?

There was a time when the Ang Hock See (a Buddhist Temple in Perak Road next to the Siamese Temple) was donated by Eow Thoon mother, Madam Tan Say Tin, If my memory serves me right.

Dr ooi koon beng
Dr ooi koon beng
23 Jul 2013 7.22am

i am wondering how Pepper Estate is called ‘estate of Lim Eow Thoon’. Pepper Estate belonged to Madam Tan Say Seang. Tan Say Seang Neo made a will that the land is to be for the benefit of her descendents. It is to be managed by the eldest son in every generation. i have a copy of this in Penang, which i can produce when i am back there in Sept/Oct. Lim Eow Hong, my mother’s father, is the eldest son in his generation. Lim Eow Hong’s eldest son was Lim Keng Chuan, who leased out the land to help… Read more »