#PenangTolakTambak spreads to mainland Penang


About 200 fishermen from the Seberang Perai Fishermen’s Association staged a protest this afternoon against a plan for 1,581 acres of land reclamation along a 7km-long Bagan Ajam-Teluk Ayer Tawar coastal stretch in northern Butterworth in mainland Penang. Also present at the protest were representatives from NGOs such as the Malayan Nature Society.

A delegation later handed a memo to the Penang State Assembly member for Teluk Ayer Tawar, Mustafa Kamal Ahmad of PKR, who vowed to defend the rights of the people.

Check out the 1,581-acre reclamation plan for northern Province Wellesley

The proposed reclamation in pale yellow

The reclamation would extend northwards out of the Butterworth Outer Ring Road.

The reclamation consession was awarded to Rayston Consortium (Butterworth) Sdn Bhd, which developed the ring road. But the reclamation was shelved in 1999. It was then resurrected last year, when a memorandum of understanding was signed last year between the Penang state government and Rayston Consortium.

Rayston Consortium would now hand over 223 acres of the reclaimed land to the state government. In the previous agreement, Rayston would give just 32 acres to the state government, 25 acres for low- and low-medium cost housing and 600 acres to Penang port.

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Milk Tea

Penang gomen is broke, copying HongLang style. If the LRT and monorail gets a green light, we will say goodbye to many trees along the roadside and hills. The worst thing is that we must endure years of traffic jam without knowing whether it will be successful.


The success of LRT depends Penangites’ willingness to forgo their personal cars. Unfortunately the LRT stations are not located at their home doorfront. Unlikely for pampered Penangites to walk the last 1 km.

Milk Tea

True, LRT is not at your doorsteps. 1km is a very conservative number, definitely much more. It would only cater for tourists and Wai-Lao (foreign workers) to enjoy the coastal view. They shout traffic jam, but car is still the fastest way to reach your destination.


Coping Hong land. Very good. Hong land very rich. Very senior citizen qualifies to get RM 1000. RM 1000. Every richest man Li Ka Shing can get RM 1000 for over 70. Bus fare only RM 1.30 any distance per trip. Trees oredi chop for houses.

BTS Mutiara

Penang Forum please lobby to get Hin Bus back to run mini buses on island to alleviate traffic jam. Hire purchasing cars contribute to domestic household debt, besides servicing home loans, a big financial stress that can cripple the society. With efficient mini buses covering far reaching areas then no need to own cars, then no need to build white elephant LRT or expressways. Anil as a Forumer please champion this. Thanks.


Learn from Singapore – mobile phone App to get the arrival times of your preferred bus services:

Lim Goh Poh

Penang island is not that big. Go for simplicity transport system sufficient to cater for needs of B80 and that fanciful wants inflicted upon our consciousness for expensive ego bin chui sustainance.


the only thing cheap is talk….let’s see how the NGOs can convince the public to switch from private cars to buses when the bus hugger who do not have regular job doesn’t even take the bus themselves ….oh ya don’t blame the bus system being inadequate…it is probably lack of will on your part….hehe

Milk Tea

Support the fishermans, nothing like Bersih-style Hong Kong black shirts… very civil. These are lifes being destroyed by the gomen to serve their ego. We will blame you when the price of seafoods skyrockets. A cup of tea costs RM 2 now in coffee shops…great job LGE


blame yourself for not working hard enough to support your prefer lifestyle…nobody owe you a living…drink plain water instead of milk tea if can’t afford….hehe

Milk Tea

LGE asked us to spend more money to save the economy wor……..what say you……hehehe… RM 50 penuh troli?????bro, don’t be too stingy ya, please donate to Tabung Harapan.


hehe..you are an adult don’t act as kid that know nothing…spend within your mean, spend to upgrade your skill, spend to improve yourself, spend on your parents, spend on your fitness and health…don’t spend on your bubble milk tea , don’t spend on your sea food………is this tooo difficult for you to understand ??

seriously..you need to spend to educate yourself…


Tough time ahead…money too tight to mention. Even umno have to crowdsource funds in the near future to support the party’s political activities as well as in its preparation for the GE15 – just make sure money do not end up in personal bank account via Yayasan.



Why Malays send their children to Chinese schools

Malays tak tolak SJKC.


Democratic Action (of a party) = You vote me, you bodek me, you puff up my CAT ego.
NOT Government of the people, by the people, for the people which is absolut vodka nonsense in the true sense of democratic action politicians.
Who doesn’t know what is Cleaner, Greener, Safer Penang mantra in the true sense of protecting the environment in parallel comparison to PgCAT democracy.

Lim Goh Poh

Penang not able to create local enterprises made in Penang products for global market for state gomen to earn revenues instead of land sea swap for PMTP.

If Gerakan can now come up with good environmetal friendly proposals to raisr purchading powers of 16-30 years old, then there eill be healthy rivalry in GE15.

Which side will NGO like Penang Forum be at???


Penang not business friendly, too many heroes in NGOs making noises…can not build road, can not cut trees, can not build telecom tower, can not develop, can not this can not that…you want revenue from businesses?…dream on like Tu lang…hehe


GEORGE TOWN, Aug 11 — A minimum of one-fifth portion of the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) land will be used to increase the number of affordable housing units, said Jagdeep Singh Deo.



Please read my letter on the absence of a modern sewerage system in the 3 Islands Reclamation today in the NSTP or NSTP Facebook, 30/7/2019. Let it fly in the social media.


From lawyer to insect farmer: Malaysian entrepreneur touts roasted crickets as healthy, sustainable snack


If a lawyer in KL Malaysia can turn to insect farming, what is there to stop of fishermen from embarking on an alternative job that can bring in more money?


‘Tolak tambak’ here but in India it is ‘Tolak Talak Tiga’.

India lulus RUU haramkan cerai talak tiga.


Forest City project – very fast progress:

MM2H residents to change the demographic profile of Johor Iskandar?

Ken Song

Wonder why there is no grandiose mosque in Forest City?

We all know the answer! Surely it is not targeting Middle East investors to settle there.