Penang’s long awaited local plan sees light


A local plan is in the offing for Penang – a positive development indeed. So, good work to the state government for seeing to this.

I bumped into Penang exco member and local government committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow a few days ago and told him I was pleased to hear about this development.

Many of the problems in the state have been due to haphazard development. A local plan, on the other hand, would provide a systematic guide of what sort of development is allowed in each area and what isn’t.

If you want to know what’s going to happen in your area, then you have to examine the plan when it is displayed. So, I hope adequate publicity and access would be given to the public so that they can provide their views when the plan is put on display.

This excerpt is from an Edge report:

Penang local government committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said that among the steps included the completion of the Penang draft local plan. This plan would govern details of land use throughout the island, including compliance within the heritage zone.

Chow said the draft local plan was ready and would be presented to the state planning committee on Thursday, Jan 14.

“Once the plan is approved and adopted by the state planning committee,it will be displayed for the public to provide comments and feedback,” Chow said after a meeting with the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) heads of departments and non-governmental organisation (NGO) representatives at the George Town world heritage office.

Also present was MPPP’s secretary Patahiyah Ismail, who is also helming the duties of the council president.

The local plan is crucial for Penang as it provides detailed information on land use, including the description of every single lot, building and area in Penang and also provides for development restrictions and future development planning zones.

Chow said once the local plan was out, it would help resolve problems related to insufficient of enforcement and compliance by the public and also developers.

He said it would also help the state government address growing concerns of its heritage conservation efforts, especially as more properties owners within George Town’s heritage zones carry out renovation works and building repairs that failed to comply with conservation guidelines.

The local plan will not only charter the management of George Town, but also the entire island.

Chow said the state government was also embarking on formulating two other plans for George Town to comply with Unesco requirements: the special area plan, and conservation management plan.

“We are also carrying out our own internal reviews of the state heritage enactment, which will be tabled at the next state legislative assembly sitting,” Chow added.

Patahiyah meanwhile said that the MPPP was also in the midst of setting up a special heritage enforcement unit that will make rounds from next week to monitor anyone flouting heritage building and renovation guidelines.

“We are planning capacity building, which will entail beefing up our legal and enforcement systems; right now the officers concerned are going through the necessary training on heritage conservation and enforcement.

“We are also looking at beefing up building and planning processes, so that the owners of the heritage buildings will feel comfortable enough to apply.

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is the local plan ready ?? where is it displayed ??


same thing i would like to add… “they” always look for BIG PICTURE… “they” never look out for minor details that would lead to disaster or even how to control a disaster… i prefer the principle of preparing for the worst case scenario rather than just big pictures… but so far i’ve seen, non of “them” have that quality… i wouldn’t dare to wonder if one day, maybe, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake suddenly hit somewhere outside medan, seeing Penang is an island nearby Sumatera, a seismic active island, would generate some aftershock to Penang… and with so much high rise,… Read more »


I have been telling people, PR/DAP govt is any time better than BN. When Perak was under Nizar (PR/PAS), the villagers were so pleased as finally they have got their long awaited titleship to their land… I dont know what happen now under BN??? One thing for sure is, Lim Guan Eng and his team are working very hard for the betterment of Penang, not like the previous government… korek, korek and korek … get what i mean? Look at the fightings in MCA, it only proves one thing, that is, the leaders in MCA are but self-seekers. A good… Read more »


K, Why do you have to start condemning anything and everything PR Govt is trying their best to do? This is a Very Good Step forward… BUT NNNOOOO!!! you and Gerakan K have to come out with your guns blazinging and shooting down everything effort from LGE and Penang Govt.
Encourage them, for the good for the state, and if they go off, track pull them back in.
Constructive Confrontation K, don’t behave like BN Goons


Agree with you SamG, we are humans and we must know how to use our votes and use it smart. The country as it is, is in deep and serious trouble, we need to recognize it for our future and that of our future generations. As a citizen we should take whatever steps that we can as a huge group to effect changes. We should never allow ourselves to be fools in the eyes of politicians. As it is, PR looks the better deal now, as UMNO just does not know what to do with transforming the country from all… Read more »


Kindly take note that in all decision making, we need to make choices. There are bound to be people who would be disappointed because they are affected. Even if Great Anil were to become CM of Penang, we would still see people doing the bhangara dances

We need to be realist & pragmatist in deciding the best policies suited for the benefit of all. Of course, they are certain things we must go against. Blatant corruption etc

No such things as 1 fits all.


Yes blatant corruption must go and that is BN UMNO controlled coalition

Beatrice Teoh

Credit should be given to the state government for this, however, all is not well in Penang, the RM50M Penang International Convention Centre, Telok Bahang “Eco-Park”, our CM’s pet project Tiger Park, etc are still some of the glaring issues that need to be clarified to Penangites and convince them that all these are above board and comply with the DAP state government’s CAT slogan.


If I am not mistaken, the Tiger park has been scrapped due to the opposition by the people. This show that PR did listen to the people.


The difference between PR and BN is so vast, as vast as the Indian Ocean. PR values the mandate given by the Rakyat to them to govern, and let us be honest that they are proving themselves in every way. BN???? Ah… sickening, deplorable and despicable! They take the mandate given to them for granted as though they are born to rule and to manipulate the Rakyat at every possible turn. Penangnites, Perakians, Kedahans, and Selangorians are smart enough to return a new Government! Perakians, unfortunately had their rights robbed, though PR are still the legally elected Government. There only… Read more »



It touches my heart to see your dedication to serve with such dedication on propagating the cause of PR.

To say that PR is the saviour for Malaysia reminded me of the early 1920s era when the Nazis and Hitler were hailed as saviours of the post-war Germany. Now we all know what had happened.

The happenings in Penang alone is good enough to remind us that DAP is merely PAP without brain and efficiency. It is not inconceivable that if DAP takes over the Federal Govt, we might even regress into dictatorship.


Whatever your opinion, you are free to form you own as we are living in a democracy. It does not bother me an iota with regards to your sarcastic remarks as all along, if you care to read all your remarks, it is meant to be more sarcastic, personal than to be contributive. I would not waste my time debating with you or exchanging views with you. If PAP is without brains and democracy, Malaysian certainly has lost someone in your goodself from serving the country. Unfortunately, most unfortunately, no matter how smart or a genius you are, let me… Read more »



And pray tell me what makes the previous BN administration better by far? it’s easy to be a critic than be a doer. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and show where and how BN can do to improve the lot of Penangites, let alone Malaysians.


Is this going to be yet another LGE’s grand plan that turns dud ?

Planning is one thing but the political will and the quality of the plans is another.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this plan turned out to be a dud, knowing the quality and capability of the Cheap Minister and his equally incompetent exco members.


Good work in taking up the first step of a plan and publishing it. Most important is the implementation part that must succeed. I’m sure by using the CAT policies, the chances of success is higher and the present govt must be given the support and time to see through the plan.
Waiting eagerly to see the plan.


Critics of the LGE PR government should now realise that unlike the BN-UMNO controlled Gerakan KTK government, it is accountable and transparent to the people that has elected them. Unlike the half truth and true lies from the PM Najib, at least it is trying its best in its ability to be competent, accountable and transparent. Thats what we need to weed out 52 years of darkness and corruptible action by the BN_UMNO controlled coalition..


It is nothing new really, this sort of master plans a must in developed countries. This is practised in practically every shire in Australia but, it will not be that easy if there are ‘corrupts’ sitting in the administration!
PR govt in Penang earns the praise of efficiency deserving and timely.

Leong Yook Kong

I have a very bad experience with one of the federal government departments. I hope the Penang State Government Civil Servants will set an example for this particular Federal Government Department to emulate. We want a better service from the civil service to service the rakyat and not otherwise.