Penang reclamation – Battle of rival petitions 2.0: The Endgame

Do we really need all that land reclamation?

Once again, Penangites are locked in a battle of competing online petitions as the stakes get higher. It is, gasp, our very own Endgame. Will we see three new artificial islands creating a whole new world mainly for the wealthy or can we save the present world as we know it (the precious coastline of southern Penang Island), protect our fisheries sector and stop the price of fish from soaring even further?

Photograph: Dr Kam Suan Pheng

This is it: Read the respective petitions below and then you decide which you want to support. But make sure you read both of them first in their entirety so that you can make an informed decision.

This is the closest thing we will have to a referendum on this subject.

Petition 1 – Against the massive 4,500-acre land reclamation – latest tally: 3,409 signatures

Petition 2 – In support of the massive land reclamation – latest tally: 554 signatures

Last September, in the first round of petition battles, the petition against the state government’s extravagant RM46bn transport plan easily thumped the petition supporting the plan.

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BB Boy

Endgame events reversal in reality world can only happen if Penang Forumer Avengers able to convince the public their heroic nor rhetoric acts serve the future needs, but somehow not happening (Iron Anil or Captain MahHui still not able to gather public strength to.counter Thanos Chow’s infinite stones to change the economic and physical landscape of Penang Island).
Likely require the ultimate sacrifice to raise the conscience of the public akin to Black Widow’s volunteerism and Iron Man’s resolute to diminish the destructive nature of the stones.


Endgame scenario: Thanos Chow is now holding the Infinity Gauntlet, Penang Forum Avengers must act fast before he snaps his finger. Will there a “I am Salma Khoo” moment to avert the situation, or will any Forum Avenger sacrifice oneself for the soul stone?


Petition 2: 3 islands can do wonders, miracles & provide answers (not substantiated but imagined) to all development & prosperity (for all?) never seen before since Komtar Tower!

Even Mr. Tatoo of Fantasy Island cannot imagine more than a plane landing to a welcoming troupe of waist-swaying ladies singing wonders, miracles & whatever one can fantasises from a stay on 3 islands south of Pulo Pinang!


hehe…these Hollywood movies (356 million USD to make one movie) represent the epitome of excesses and wastage of commercialism yet our tree huggers seems to enjoy it every much….cakap tak serupa bikin syndrome ?


there is no need for another petition, majority had cast their vote one year ago… by default, the reclamation will proceed which the majority expect it will proceed and actually looking forward to it….as for the opponent it is just another futile shiok sendiri exercise..hehe


protect coastline? better still, reclamation create more coastline …fishes price going up? didn’t know that a handful of fisherman can dictate market prices..hehe..argument by NGOs is getting ridiculously comical..might as well say reclamation will destroy home base of mermaid…hehehe


I love Penang 3000 times!