Penang – paradise lost?


Blog reader Kaki Pulau reflects on the changes in Penang since the 1970s.

A lot of things have happened to Penang Island since the 1970s. There was first Komtar, which was delayed in-between before completion and perhaps cost more than what it should have.

Then, there was the Penang Bridge, which people thought a good idea, but turned out to increase traffic congestion on the Island and still is the cause of increasing traffic congestion.

For me, who has been living around the Tanjung Tokong area and enjoyed the original beauty of the Tanjung Tokong–Gurney Drive area, what has happened in the past 30–40 years is nothing less than tragic. The mud in Gurney Drive has been there since I was a child and it used to stink at low-tide. If you’ve known Gurney Drive for a long time, you will realise how much of it has eroded into the sea. The building of Penang Bridge, no doubt had an effect. The moment an obstacle is placed to interrupt the natural path of water current flows, the current flow is completely changed. Thus, the environment changes. The silting will no doubt continue even if a mangrove forest is planted there.

I fully support the idea of a mangrove forest, but Gurney Drive will never be the same. The openness of Gurney Drive will disappear and the view of Kedah Peak across the narrow straits will be obscured by mangrove and concrete tower blocks.

The very first concrete tower block on Gurney Drive was Sunrise Towers. I used to hate it. It was completely out of place, then. I still feel repulsed by this concrete jungle and man-made environment.

Perhaps, one day, I will leave this behind for a more natural and unspoilt place, somewhere else… You can make all the money you want but that will never give you back what you have lost through the ambitions of those who only see beauty and value in dollars and cents.

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after reading the Nades’s article on Penang property on The Sun today, I can now empatise with tunglang on his frustration.


Brocky, I am not the only one.
There are many who scrap thro’ daily who also share the same frustration. The computer illiterates are denied the truth besides MSM’s half spinning & political agenda.
It is no excuse to let market forces determine the home state of many Penangites who ask not for this CHANGE of destiny.
Got Money, Got Talk. What kind of gomen is this?


Salam Bersih!

Why again such topic to agitate tunglang who has consumed by the dark side?

Can expect lots of rantings from him, and his ego-boasting of his misplaced memories.


Brownie (he or she?). Allow me to share a thought of balance (Ying & Yang). Not all things are absolutely good, nice, slippery ‘clean’ or heavenly in Penang. We have to be mindful lest we go down the memory lane of false hero worshipping or self deception of mass hysteria of GE13. But ONE thing for sure that readers of anilnetto will get from Tunglang: Heavenly Ori-Maetro Street Hawker Food Series. And do watch out for my blogspot. Btw, I am not a psycho always harping on dark issues. Penang has the other side of promising future. Wait for my… Read more »

ong eu soon

Don’t worry the self deception of mass hysteria of GE13 has reach it’s peak, it start to slip down like Speedy Gonzalez. Fortunate for the big fat liar, Gerakan K continued to contribute wrong photo in BN propaganda. Really wonder is this Gerakan K an under cover spy of the big fat liar.Both seen to lie a lot. If we want change this stupid Gerakan K need to be stopped.


just went to The Star Property Fair at G Hotel & Gurney Plaza.
Advise Tunglang not to attend the fair as he may end up grumbling in his sleep knowing his version of “paradise” being ‘insulted” by the developers.


how i wish if the people are less gullible, this would mean the developers cant take us for a ride…


2 simple ways to promote properties: 1) Sell brand perception which means presenting a potential home owner’s dream which can be made up & changed/morphed along the way (by developers) or can be truly followed through word for word, brick for brick. 2) Sell hard facts with supported details in brochures, posters, websites & in S&P agreement. No hidden details, no hidden costs. But how many are selling honestly (speaking)? With a ready rampaging herd of speculators, where got time & patience to go to nitty gritty of marketing & selling? Coupled with rainy green-horned property gurus trumpeting Rainy Day… Read more »


Seen too many fairs, dealt with some unreasonable & cheapskate developers before. Why blame them 100% when they are already piled onto Penang’s shore, esp. the KL/PJ ones. Time to curb their mindless rampage with more stringent rules, fines & watchdog. No buffers means no control of these beasts of concretization of Penang. I have options to live on. Pity the ones without any. Time for Kopi-O kau kau while there are still ‘pockets’ of paradise in Penang. Btw, being seen to be angry, defensive & debating on every conceivable quarrels/issues to prove the ‘darkness’ is no smart way to… Read more »


Yep, I went too. Why is Star promoting the Property Fair when (according to their reports) the developers and State Govt are making the hills of Penang cry and weep? Shouldn’t it be boycotting and condemning the Fair instead?
It’s all getting tiresome really – BN bringing up all these issues knowing very well that they were approved before 2008, and days ago, I read that the Kancil Car Park was also a done deal before 2008. Any truth in that?


The Star got no choice as it needs advertising money to stay afloat.

Anyway, many went to the fair to try their luck to win the Smartphone, as they already knew that the price are not within reach.

This weekend Setia held its Property Show in City Square JB. The Setia V Residences at Gurney Drive and Setia Tri-angle at Sungai Ara are as expensive as expensive as the Setia Sky 88 in JB!

Gerakan K

Gerakan K is an oldman that powerless to do anything. Unlike Mr. Ong Eu Soon who has the capability to do ultimate damages to anyone politically via myths busting and scandals revelation.

Don’t let us disappointed, Mr Ong. You can do a lot more in order to send LGE packing and back to Melaka. I hope you can make LGE or his team lose deposit in election.

Come on Mr. Ong, you can do it !!! And let’s celebrate for your achievement !!! You are DA BEST !!!


Ah Soon, GK & TL can run as independent candidates in Penang, if they win they can lompat to be ‘BN friendly’, then can afford to buy a unit each of the Setia V Residence at Gurney Drive!


You got Tunglang wrong!
No bodak-ing, no hero worshipping.
Just living my own principle – too bad you got it wrong!


I thought 顿狼 is tunglang.
Their name both sound alike.


There is only one Tunglang.
Don’t play, play like a Kay Boh Piao.
Still waiting for his response.
Speaker’s Square, the venue.


Life is short. What is lost cannot be resurrected.
Remember the Penang Hill Railway coaches & heritage made in England mechanism?
Whatever that’s left in Pulo Panang, just be zealous to guard them, not only for now, but for generations to come. Is that thinking in darkness?
Time to be light & bright & cheerful.
GK & Ah Soon Kor, leave the cannot-ending-differences & Karaoke:
欢喜就好 – 陳雷 Chen Lei HUA HEE TIO HO

Super Senior

Singaporeans (including Malaysians working there as PRs) will be flocking to Penang to snap up the properties as teh ringgit is hitting a 14-year low vs Singapore Dollar (1S$ = RM2.51). It is reported that while the ringgit has fallen by 8%, the property had appreciated by 20% which still gave a net gain. An increase in interest from Singaporean property investors however could put put upward pressure on prices and potentially price more Malaysians out of the market! Malaysian houses are tantalisingly cheap for Singaporeans where a public housing HDB flat can now cost upwards of S$500,000 or RM1.25… Read more »

Ah Boy

dedicated to tunglang, ah soon, yang, sze toh – be happy dragon happy lah – be a combined force to fight corruption lah the common enemy


Ah Boy ah!
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau.
Life is no distressed garden of PJ/SS2 of a wannabe Penangite bringing distressed discord among us.
Ah Soon Kor, GK, Kevin, Yang, Kee & Anil.
Penang is not doomed yet!
2012 is not over, so live & let live. Watch out the hills over your shoulders when it rains cats & dogs.
Passed by Mt Erskine & saw more botak-ing @ more than 30º. My camera is resting too long…
BTW, hill caution is better than being a Kay Boh Piao.
Still waiting for this Kay Boh to respond to my challenge.


Kopi O kow kow goes well with paradise street food !!! yum yum yummy

Buttock Brainy

Put everything aside (politic, enviorment, ect) and read this;

The most scaring and worrying society in the making. When few passerby can ignored and left others dying, we do not have values.

I can survive with Umno, I can survive without komtar, penang bridge, muddy gurney drives… can you survive in society where people ignore and allow others to die infront of them?