Penang land reclamation: Which side sounds more convincing?


Last night, Astro Awani interviewed both Khoo Salma Nasution of Penang Forum and Dr Afif Bahardin from the Penang state government.

Which side sounds more convincing? You tell me.

Meanwhile, the fishermen of Penang are holding a solidarity gathering on Monday, 4 November at 10am.

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Kim Poh Poh

Khoo Salma should next time invite Anil to appear on this talk show.

240K petitions against artificial islands but that YB believes the project can create vibrancy to retain young Penangites to move to KL and Singapore. I think more moving to Spore not KL becoz of 3x $ factor and better education system in future as vernacular system may be terminated per revised social contract ???

CM Chow needs to create vibrancy not just on island but mainland Penang ?


This is what I have been saying soooo many times yet tingling buta gaji saying I make no contribution. Peng land kia move to south and south will start to claim the food originated from them. They even manufacture and export when they have to import the raw material.

Milk Tea

Vibrancy in turning Penang into a hot mess. When something happens, you know who is the first group to be blamed. Praying for a big win by MCA! We need balance in both sides…


Sorry most people do not watch Astro Awani.

Better watch Channel News Asia – more dynamism and not just kampung news.

Milk Tea

One thing CNA lack is the constant reporting of global news. Maybe that’s why they are called CNA…


her voice stutter and tremble, her tone nervous and unsettling, obviously uncertain of what herself is talking about …maybe too much untruth in her statement ?? i stopped listening halfway and listened to the dog instead (how nice to live in bungalow with fancy dog while the rest of us Penangites have to fight for the tiny balance of the land..)…it is way better….hehe

Milk Tea

But why housing continue to be more expensive after having more condos being built? Doesn’t make sense right? So are you!


it is like one ton mee now cost RM5 but only RM0.50 many moons ago…is too much bubble milk depleting your common sense ??


According to the United States Department of State’s Country Reports on Terrorism 2018, Malaysia was used as a transit point by suspected Daesh supporters deported from Turkey and individuals planning to travel to the southern Philippines to support Daesh-affiliated group.

IS/Daesh is a bigger threat than the defunct LTTE.


Zakir Naik is a bigger threat than LTTE – he should be extradited to India to face the music!

Otherwise we can never get Jho Low extradited back for trial here!


The problem with that country harbouring Jho Low & singing bear + ox tales (which country sings such rural-poetry except that Big Red) is it fears Low will be forced to reveal the ‘dirty deals’ of ECRL that may do not good to the reputation of One Road, One Belt (OROB) ill-financing that may lead to foreign colonising of local lands in exchange for massive debts from OROB.


KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese buyers accounted for RM8.4 billion worth of property sales in 2018, which is 12.1 per cent of the total transaction value and 0.4 per cent of total transaction share, according to an economics report from Chinese international property portal,, and Malaysian real estate agency network, IQI Global.

powered by Rubicon Project
The report said Chinese buyers drove a significant multiplier effect as the impact of their investment spread to other sectors, such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, banking, insurance, and transportation.



How many sea-reclaimed islands (besides the 3-fantasy islands) in order to create socio-economic vibrancy (as an excuse) in Penang are state gomen going to build on & on & on forever? We know the present state of the employment opportunities of high paying jobs (not 3D jobs) is very wanting which has been the same since 1990s. To create vibrancy, the PGCAT regime should: 1) look at ways to attract more investors (both locals & foreign) like attractive costs of doing business, 2) increase needed talent pools (which opportunity costs from super-expensive monstrous PTMP could be diverted to meritocratic sponsoring… Read more »


Yes, “support franchising business (Pg famous Teowchew Chendol franchise marketing)”. If Taiwanese bubble tea franchises can be successful here, why Penang chendol cannot enter Taiwan or PRC market?

Kim Poh Poh

Casino on Jerejak is a vibrant option; only for non Muslims ?
Vibrant street food now diminishing because Anil lacks interest to sustain it and so reputation shifts to Spore oredi.


An angry man is also a hungry man, but Anil is not!
Maybe he has enough of the recalcitrants of the PGCAT!


Who is the hungry man orso a angry man? Ronda rondo the town to eat one ton mee, nasi kandar, lim kopi o kau kau and ais cendol.



Go try savouring street food at Penang Night Market:


Tulang you go and think. Tulang wants investors to stay in Wong fei hoong shophouse ?. The roads are only meant for bull carts and constantly jam and Maya? Take hours to go up the peng land hill and you see them and them see you nothing to do?


Investors have $$$€¢£. They throw $£¢¢€¥ here but one can’t expect investors to stay in Wong fei hoong shop house. If the infra is bad, his manufactured goods cost more and take longer time to delver. If no luxury housing and better roads, you go to knee and ask tolong?


No need to “create vibrancy” blah blah… as the con-sultants say. Just (1) enforce the laws meant to protect the public (2) then just get the hell out of the way. Businessmen know what to do, what risks to take, etc. Instead, we have (1) illiterate, lazy products of the insane education system as potential employees (2) bureaucratic regulations to hamper, extort the majority of businesses, and protect the cronies (c) megaprojects to disrupt and endanger businesses and the public. Look at the insanity of the transport system. Over 2 decades after destroying private buses incl. minibuses, they are now… Read more »