Penang hit by floods after downpour


Parts of Penang were flooded after a heavy downpour at dawn, resulting in massive jams this morning.

Flood waters swamped Macalister Road while Jalan P Ramlee, Jalan Sungai Pinang and Jalan Rawang were also hit.

The area behind the hospital was not spared. So too Hutton Lane.

The flooding caused massive traffic jams around the areas affected including Jalan Perak and Jalan Delima.

What are the reasons for such flooding? High tide? more concrete and tar all around? poor drainage?

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There are various factors that can contribute to the floods like high tide, waterways blocked by rubbish and to some extend political intervention

Gerakan K

DAP LGE must answer this. It’s so obvious that massive + rapid concretion of Penang is the cause. DAP LGE ubah lah !!! Your money money money money principles are not working.

Please step down as CM of Penang because you are no good at managing Penang. What is your solution Mr money money money money LGE ???


Idiot, it has happen for the past 54 years under AMMO Geelakan and MCA. But when you have such heavy rain fall there are bound to have flash flood, same as all over the world.

Gerakan K

Can you show some respect to CAT ??? Where is the ACCOUNTABILITY of LGE ???

Stop blaming the past, Penang is under DAP LGE admin now. BN could blame Francis Light for floods, but BN just admit mistakes and try to solve it. BN got class, whereas DAP cant even accept accountability. So, the CAT is empty slogan used to fish votes. That is all.

How DAP LGE going to solve the problems ??? Make dunno kah ???

Andrew I

So are you saying there will be no floods if your boh hoot party regains power?

Andrew I

Yeah, you claim responsibility on behalf of God.


Penang’s Jalan P Ramle and Caunter Hall area had always been under water as far as I can remember and now this BN/Umno mole is questioning LGE and DAP for not solving the flood problems, the 4 years it’s in office?

Why didn’t he speak up and crucify BN/umno for 50 years of floods in Penang? What ACCOUNTABILITY is he yakking about?

Gerakan K

So LGE can’t be questioned lah, correct ??? It’s your own choice if you treat LGE as demi-god. But for millions of Malaysians, LGE is a BIG NO NO. Can’t working and keep blaming the past. This is the type of manager I will fire first if he works under my company.


Goon, Do I need to give you an explanations. Other have answered it. BN Zero KPI Geelakan & Be End has 54 years to solve the problem but could not do so. PR LGE has solve half the problem. How long does it take it for the flood to recede. BN Zero KPI Geelakan time takes at least 4-6 hours but this flood take slightly less than an hour. Hows that for efficiency and the measures taken by LGE MPPP for clearing all drain of garbage and debris daily. Only an idiot or someone with no mind would go back… Read more »

Andrew I

Heard from a friend that there are pictures on facebook showing our beloved CM wading in knee deep water with trousers folded up, paying a visit to the affected area.

Gherkin would drown in that depth of water.


No he won’t be drowned. He and his BN AMMO & Zero KPI KTK Geelakan, oop sorry the new energetic Teng would be in the comfort of their home or 5 star hotel monitoring the situation. Now that’s what he call “Have Class’ unlike your PR LGE wading in deep knee dirty water, no class.


In the 60’s & 70’s when it rained & flooded the whole of George Town, Macalister Road was usually in 1-2 feet of water. It would take more than 2-3 hours (after raining had stopped) for the flood to recede below the top of monsoon drains. That Friday morning, with news of flooding, I anticipated a slow receding of flood water. Taking a chance so as not to be late for appointment, I drove out & much to my surprise, there was no flood water left over the roads ONE hour after it stopped raining cats & dogs. Gerakan K,… Read more »