Penang Forum 8: Dialogue on floods – a call to action (videos)


Representatives from all parties turned up for Penang Forum 8, which was attended by over 200 people.

While media attention was focused on who among the Aduns and MPs turned up and who didn’t, the real highlight was the excellent presentations from a few of the presenters.

What we learned is that annual rainfall over the last several years has been higher than average. And to tackle floods, it is not enough to undertake flood mitigation projects. We have to look at all the causes of floods – eg erosion, run-off, debris in drains, and reduction in permeable surfaces – and then tackle each of these causes at source. Prevention is better than cure!

A few of those who spoke from the floor may have tried to score political points, and some emotions were running high.

But check out the informative slide presentations on the causes of the floods – and landslides – and what can be done to prevent them in future.

At the dialogue, Penang Forum collected a sum of RM3600 for the victims of the Tanjung Bungah landslide tragedy. Pledges from friends also came up to RM1,500. The total sum collected is RM5,100 so far. This sum will be passed to the the civil society group, Penang Stop Human Trafficking Campaign, which is currently working directly with the migrant workers affected by the tragedy.

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The federal gomen should show some leadership by establishing an expert panel to review storm drainage design (MASMA) in light of changing weather conditions. Context; Normal civil design take into account 100 years storm data, however due to climate-change data may now be exceeding the 100 years norm. An of this can be seen from Hurricane Katrina and Irma which exceeded all previous data. A review of existing storm drain design (especially in river basin – note: KL central is a natural flood plain, the basement of complexes regularly get flooded) should also be carried out and mitigating measures proposed.… Read more »


Heavy rain and development activities had caused the Oct 30 flash floods on the Federal Highway, according to Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.


“Not that I loved DAP less, but that I loved Penang more.” …

The “other guy” is no better alternative. The people of Penang are screwed no matter who they vote for. What are the Penang people to do?


Screw if there is development. And also screw if pg is like Kelantan or ipoh. In fact many young pg lang is leaving penang as there are limited opportunities. Calvin travel and work in hk even one is non Chinese. Only retirees with money remain behind. It is reverse of Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, from small village during cultural revolution has become a major city with young people looking for employment and opportunities. Young pg youth can only look to become waiter or housekeeping in hospitality like backpackers


Build the airport in kedah and turn the airfield for housing. Like singland, imposed extra toll for cars and kapchai entering or exiting penang island. Only those on two, three or four legs are exempted. But are not those who are win. This will reduce consumption in pg resources

Btw, why no one mention about flood in prime area in bangsar even putra j spending millions in flood mitigation whereas pg spent thousands?


Foe long term, should build a new international at Prai to replace current Bayan Lepas one, to serve people all the way from Alor Setar and Taiping.


Pg lang wants convenient to have airport in island. Otherwise pg lang have to spend half day just to get to airport. Pg forum cares for self interest. Remain quiet. If build airport, pg will also complain about Hill cutting? Where to get earth? How can pg has 2 airports in seberang? One former Raaf and now another one? Umno will not give money and pg how to get money to build one? Better to have in kedah since they asked for it.


Penang Forum should become a political party to effectively deliver their agenda benefiting Penang?


Emotions ran high and DAP Pulau Tikus’ State Representative Yap Soo Huey was not even allowed to express her opinion and suggestions as she was harassed by the crowd.


“What we learned is that annual rainfall over the last several years… We have to look at all the causes of floods – eg erosion, run-off, debris in drains, and reduction in permeable surfaces – and then tackle each of these causes at source. ” What the people of Penang(myself included) has now realised is that, we have voted in a state government that is not running the state according to our wishes and aspiration. The DAP are always talking about how they are within the rules and regulations and specifications of hill projects, All we read about immediately is… Read more »


Is the rule of law (environment, land zoning & use, land monitoring, safety, accountability, etc) atrophied while the people suffer? No blatant excuses to compare with other states where development rules are applied different, nor the perennial cry baby of previous gomen’s project approvals termed as misdeeds which contravened present set rules, so to commit the same irresponsible acts justified by such excuses, while knowing full well the danger. What CAT Gomen proclaimed to make Penang an example of a well-managed state in the whole of Malaysia should be followed to the letter, not to break the rules or find… Read more »


NGOs moot jail term for developers flouting hillslope laws

A good proposal which should include the sea reclamation for development, BUT what about those who approve (behind doors) hillslope projects?
Penang State Planning Committee (SPC) & MBPP power-to-approve personnels are also to be held accountable & sentenced to ‘makan nasi kari’.
GET REAL: No irresponsible developer-friendly personnels in state gomen, no greedy + irresponsible developers.


Where is Zairil Khir Johari, Member of Parliament for Bukit Bendera and vice chairman of DAP Penang.
Or Ramasamy?
Dare not face the truth of the matter face to face with the public or just being Arrogant?
Understand Mr Chow Chow was overworked as a tha cheng-chi (take the bullets) at every issue.

Awang Selamat Ori

Zairil? Where is he? …

Generally the people are fed up with this mediocre State Government.

When is the corruption case … schedule to commence?


Who is shooting bullets and yet they contribute to climate change with intense rain and enjoy driving 4wds and buy and stay in condo? Of course pg forum has no worries about jobs and income. Yet many pg lang has left pg and go south and overseas for better prospect. When they earn enough they find that they cannot find any house or apartment to buy. In the end, pg lang has to leave pg for good.