Penang Botanic Garden horror


Himanshu Bhatt has come up with a piece that describes the appalling “upgrading” project (mostly concrete) at the Penang Botanic Garden.

Horror at the Botanic Gardens

SINCE early this year, a scene some may well describe as one of utter horror has greeted Penangites and hundreds of visitors as they approach the island’s beloved Botanic Gardens, one of the oldest colonial-era parks in Southeast Asia. A huge swathe of land in front of the magnificent century-old raintree that looms above the gardens’ famous gates has been turned into a monstrous dusty scab, with two gigantic phallic structures built on it.

Most people have been left aghast and bewildered at what on earth could be going on. It is not just that the structures – which would eventually comprise huge concrete arches and some fountains – are completely out of sync with the lush vistas of the area and the surrounding green hills. The entire RM7 million project by the Tourism Ministry has been rushed into without any consultation with local communities, nature groups and experts, on what the development, officially dubbed an “upgrading”, is all about. Full story in theSun here

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Soon it will be known as the Tilting Garden of Penang. Report by local chinese daily …

Gerakan K

LGE do something now before too late. It is not about YOUR face. It is about our pride in this garden.

kacau kacau

Gerakan K changed name to Iron already ah?…
These bunch… sigh… leopard spots…


We got to bear in mind that Himanshu is a die-hard Pakatan supporter and only criticise when it doesn’t involves his beloved Cheap Minister. To say that this was due to the Feds is highly misleading since only the funds came from them while the plans were drafted locally. I think this was already disclosed by Anil some weeks ago in his blog. BTW I wonder why Himanshu did not highlight a far more serious issue that has far reaching and more serious consequences. I am talking about the raising of density for property development. The whole of Penang is… Read more »


The Ministry? That infamous (ex) Australian PR cum Malaysian minister involved? Where is the state government in all this?


Why you only blame that (ex) Australian?

What about DAP? They’re the one who WELCOME the money, ahem, investment wat …


Iron, don’t be naughty. You know quite well that your UMNO masters are the ones destroying the Botanic Gardens in Penang, they are bypassing the Penang state govt using their big bully powers as the federal govt.


Now who is notty?

It’s ok if you want to say good words to your master Lim Guan Eng but lies can only go so far.

LGE is the one who ALLOWS the destruction to happen.

The Botanical garden is technically under the jurisdiction of the STATE GOVERNMENT and the federal government can’t do (anything) without the okay from Lim Guan Eng.

Ah BEng

Sadly some people have no taste & class.


Pls provide pictures for us all to see… used to be my favourite haunt during my younger days, a place just to relax.


Oh btw, Anil, Read this news — > Taiwan government to invest NT$37.39 billion in green industry development The Taiwan government will invest NT$37.39 billion (US$1.18 billion) in the development of green industries, in hopes to encourage more than NT$200 billion in private investments, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The solar energy, LED, smart grid, electric car and green architecture industries will play key roles in the future. … In comparison, South Korea’s “new green policy” invested US$7.7 billion in clean energy, US$6 billion in energy-efficient architectures and US$1.8 billion in renewable energy for a total… Read more »



If what happens in the Botanical Garden is horrible, wait till the PICC is built, the PORR becomes reality and that last piece of green lung of George Town, the Penang Turf Club turns into yet another concrete jungle.

All these will happen, if the Penangites don’t do something.

Richard Loh

How come the Federal Government projects can by pass the local authorities? Who approve the plan and commencement of building works? Or as the tourism minister claimed that it was already approved in the 9th MP and all approval being given by the previous state government. The new Penang Government have no say at all?


Frankly, this (looks like) another Crony-enrichment project, with the main objective to line the pockets of certain “First-Class” connected citizens. The efficacy of the project itself is of minor importance.
The Federal ministry’s line with the Penang State government’s concerns – “Its a pre-agreed project, you have NO right to object”.
Nowadays, the Federal government’s attitude towards the Penang State government sometimes borders on treating it as “the enemy”.

Ong Eu Soon

The Penang state government just want money disregard what will happen to the botanic garden. LGE has no gut to question BN when come to DEVELOPMENT, any thing call DEVELOPMENT is most welcome. LGE is so desperate for DEVELOPMENT to the extend that he willing to close both of his eyes. You can do (almost) whatever you want in Penang if you have tonnes of money, LGE will allow you to do (almost) anything in the name of DEVELOPMENT. This speak volume about his competency as CM of Penang.