Odds and ends on World Press Freedom Day


I was about to wish you Happy World Press Freedom Day, but…

…they are at it again. Harassing Raja Petra, that is, over his posting on Altantuya. What exquisite timing. Come on, give the guy a break. And give him back his laptop.

Anyway my choice for quote of the day has got to be from the man himself as reported by Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, Raja Petra, when asked if his posting contained seditious elements, replied: “The whole website (is seditious). The whole Malaysia Today (is seditious)”.

So there! What a guy…

On another note, someone sent me this link with the message:

Lim Guan Eng spotted by Ning Baizura’s manager/agent at the airport and on a plane. Click here.

Have we have finally found a Chief Minister truly for the People?

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. To the other CMs in Malaysia, watch and learn.

Finally, blog reader Maliku has highlighted the latest threat to Penang’s hills:

There is a piece of land on a slope just behind the leader garden condominiums in Tanjung Bungah, Penang where we saw surveying points and cleared brushes/trees during one of our runs in the hills. It is located just beside a catchment area and about 200 to 300 feet high on a little valley in the hills. Could it be earmarked for residential development? Can Ms Anil (err, I’m male!) check this out and bring it to the authorities’ attention because we need to preserve the remaining hills before Penang Island become a barren land!

Can anyone verify this? Those living around that area for instance?

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7 May 2008 9.23am

Here’s a new one. LGE is now an MCP. Betty Chew should put that woman in her place.

6 May 2008 5.47pm

I don’t see why guan eng flying economy class is such a big deal. Him being someone new, he wants to make an impression, and hey, what do you know! Fly economy class and your face gets plastered in the papers and you appear to be “humble”. It’s called conditioning people. But we’ll see in a year’s time when he’s established himself, will he STILL be flying economy THEN? If he is still, THEN he’ll get my respect.

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim
Dr. Hamid Ibrahim
5 May 2008 9.09am

Thank you Anil

The BN knew very well that the moment they lift any press restrictions, that will be their last day in Putrajaya,

We are long way from OSA and the Press Acts etc.

4 May 2008 11.18pm

I meant to say ‘ We are Wonderful M’sia, like no other. Unique & Original

4 May 2008 2.39pm

Dear Anil, While the going is good, the new Penang Govt must be encouraged to come up with a well-thought MASTER DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Issues such as densities, green lungs and parks, limit on high-rise buildings & hill-side developments, etc should be well-defined and regulated. We do not want the BN type of despotic pronouncements to be the norm. Issues such as not rejecting forthwith development proposals that contravene existing laws, but instead convening public inquiries where developers (supported by City Hall)insist that increasing densities from 30 to 500 will not put a strain on existing infrastructural support. When one has… Read more »

Juan Taman
Juan Taman
4 May 2008 12.17pm

It is rather interesting to note that the chief Minister flying economic class becomes a great news. Should all the chief Ministers in the country be denied flying first class which is a privilege accorded to them as being the CEO of the State Government? (No difference from CEO from the business sector flying first class). Shouldn’t they be judged by what they can contribute to the socio-economical development of the State. If CM LGE can turn Penang into another economic power-house for the country in the next few years, he should not be worried about saving money flying economy… Read more »

4 May 2008 11.32am

Of course our d***head politicians will feel threatened by LGE and Nik Aziz who continue living like normal people, despite being elected heads of state. I actually got this response in a discussion on corruption: If you were in a position of power, wouldn’t you take as well? With this kind of attitude, it is no wonder things can’t improve. Corruption is just another word for stealing.

4 May 2008 9.56am

News we hear News we listen News we read News we feed And BN leaders say It is okay; you don’t have to worry We feed you why you grumble? We can’t give you press freedom You can’t differentiate racial sentiments So the one sided story It keeps rearing up in our eyes We are fed from sunrise to sundown Even at night we don’t get our freedom news It is suppressed only fed us the coated sugar cakes We tasted it we don’t like the way it is done So we make our news In cyber-world we make our… Read more »

4 May 2008 8.54am

All those who don’t trust the MSM and politically appointed Editors, must work hand in hand for our next move: let’s wash those who stand against the FRREDOM of PRESS away. We don’t want any political parties to control the PRESS and we want the true spirit of journalism to return.Have conscience, those who are up there.

3 May 2008 8.30pm

LGE, has done what many other ‘public servants’ are not prepared to do.. Many politicians will decry his moves as political stunts. Just you wait till they come on to the blogsite. Hope Guan Eng would not allow their negativeness to side-track and demotivate him. He should just stay devoted to his commitment to want to help those who need help.

3 May 2008 7.44pm

Any government which has a Printing Presses and Publications Act, can shout at the top of its voice, for as long as it wants, that it has press freedom, no one is going to believe it! Why do you think Mahathir has always find this an albatross around his neck, all these years?