Now it’s 1Sarawak…


From 1Malaysia… it’s now 1Sarawak… Or is it from 1Sarawak towards 1Malaysia?


I just wonder what “1Sarawak” would mean to those struggling to protect their native customary land from encroachment by plantation and logging firms or to those being displaced by the state’s dam-building frenzy.

Excerpt of a report from The Borneo Post:

Promoting 1M’sia with 1S’wak

Concepts vital to thwart effects of new-style politics which could be detrimental to progress

SRI AMAN: Sarawak is ready to lead the way in realising the 1Malaysia concept by developing its own version called the ‘1Sarawak’.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said in Sarawak, social and cultural unity among its multi-racial population is as important as its economic achievement.

In view of the many bad influences brought about by the current political trends in the country, he said the 1Sarawak and 1Malaysia concepts would be vital to thwart the effects of these new style of politics which could be detrimental to the state’s and nation’s progress.

“Racial tolerance and inter-mingling of races in Sarawak is evident to everyone. In Sarawak, we are happy to mix with each other, be it in school, at work, at play or in the coffee shops. We work together to develop the state.

“Let us now work towards a ‘1Sarawak’ concept, to lead the way and be a shining example to the people who are “memperjuangkan” (struggling for) ‘1Malaysia’,” he said at the state-level Teachers’ Day celebration at Sri Aman Civic Centre yesterday.

Taib said the 1Malaysia concept, coined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, should be used as the guide to develop the state and the nation.

If there was no social and cultural unity, he feared this could lead to people being unhappy because they were being left out of the benefits of economic achievement.

Referring to the current political goings-on in the country, he said these were bad elements that could disrupt the development and progress of the country if no efforts were taken to stop them.

“If these bad elements (from the current political goings-on) are not being stopped and left to prevail, our nation’s progress will be interrupted and we will not be able to reach our targets and enjoy the successes that we deserve,” he said.

He, however, conceded that politicians alone would not be able to realise the 1Malaysia and 1Sarawak concepts, saying that people in other professions, including teaching, could also help out.

He said teachers in Sarawak especially were used to handling classes with students of diverse racial groups, and able to connect and bond with their students despite ethnic differences.

“The teachers realise the importance of social and cultural unity, while this awareness is still lacking among some politicians.

“I must applaud the good work done by our teachers to create bonding among students (irrespective of their ethnic groups),” he said.

On another matter, he advised the teachers to be innovative in their teaching methods, saying they should strive to learn about new technologies that could make their classes both fun and educational.

“I have been following astronomy programmes on television’s Discovery Network for quite some time now, and I found that it is easier for me to learn astronomy while watching the documentaries on TV rather than reading the books.

“Maybe this is one area the teachers can look into, so that learning can be made easy without the students being felt pressured or forced to learn the subjects,” he said.

On development in Sri Aman, he said the people here would be able to enjoy broadband internet services soon.

“With the help of the federal government and the completion of infrastructure, many people in Sri Aman will be able to enjoy broadband internet,” he said.

He also said Sri Aman town was no longer a “sleepy hollow” as it used to be in the past because many development had taken place in the area.

He said he was confident the many land development programmes involving commercial crops nearby would fast-track the progress of the town.

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hmmmm, when they can’t even have 1Perak, go about grabbing power, anyone in their right frame of mind will know “1 Malaysia” is nothing but to deceive the people. It’s truly a joke!


ISarawak has long been achieved ie. the raping of the land by 1family. What needs to be done now is further intensification on that, except that there are others who want a share of the pie.


1Sarawak means “1Sama Sama Sapu”
Like white ants, they eat the core, leaving only the bark when they finished their dirty business….end of the day, the high sounding slogan is not that beautiful sounding anymore….leaving the bumi natives true suckers!


1Malaysia = 1Malays, 1Chinese, 1Indians, 1Dayaks, 1Kadazans, …

Status quo, in other words.


PKR better move their “a***” & “buck up”……!!!

Don’t wait till the last min…..!

I thought Sarawak is part of Malaysia. Why 1Sarawak…..??
Then can we have 1KL, 1Perak, & so forth…….?????????

These goons got nothing better to do & say.

Why bother……………………..?
Got “FAT” salary, enough lah…………………!!!
And extra “ka cink, ka cink”…………!!!!!!

Till today “nobody” has actually explain what “1Malaysia” is all about & where will it lead us to…………..!!




Today is exactly 2 months after I left my comment in the above thread. I am doing my duty to give you a reminder on the outcome of the response by that Pee ADUN of DAP regarding the TBRA issue.

Any feedback from PEE or Lim Guan Eng?


A nice sounding distraction from attention to his pillaging of Sarawak? Sarawak’s problems are not racial in nature like on peninsular Malaysia. Theirs is about the daylight robbery of those who rule over them! It would do well for the PR well to understand this before making a concerted foray into Sarawak for the next state elections! Come PR, you have to learn and learn real fast since state elections are due next year. I’m rooting for PR to change the ststus quo but you have to play your part too. Sarawak is unique in the Malaysian context of politics.… Read more »