Not even one Malaysian destination among TripAdvisor’s Top 25 in Asia


We take great pride in getting into any top 10 list of places to visit or live in.

But here is sobering news: never mind being among the top 25 destinations in the world, no Malaysian destination is among the top 25 even in Asia in the influential TripAdvisor’s 2018 Travellers’ Choice ranking. No Langkawi? No Penang? No Pangkor? No Malacca? No Kuching and KK? What went wrong there?

Instead the top five in Asia are Bali, Phuket, and Hanoi, Siem Reap (Cambodia) and even expensive Tokyo. Globally, the top five are Paris, London, Rome, Bali and Crete (Greece).

Something to think about, yes? Meanwhile, let us continue building like crazy and covering as many open green spaces (and even the open seas and eco-islands) as we can find.

Never mind, at least we are probably the most generous people – not claiming back cash from Australia and Switzerland while bequeathing a superyacht to the United States.

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Roger Teoh

never trust trip advisor – it is commercially driven.
need to pay them money to get featured and promoted.

anyway good news for many Penangites not wanting influx of tourists to drive up hawker food price.

Ho Wan Lai

Hopefully comments in not being paid.


Penang hawker food is just so overrated. Don’t think Penang hawker food is that great and certainly get zero stars from me. Some hawker stalls are quite dirty, especially the so-called Penang Laksa stall near Kek Lok Si temple. The stall is situated near the market area selling chicken. It smells chicken s*** everytime, so I don’t know why so many stoopid people sitting there to eat the overrated laksa, yuck!!! Tourists should head to Ipoh instead. The food in Ipoh is much, much, much better. It was recently featured in New York Times. Obviously Ipoh in Perak is a… Read more »


Engineer is telling rakyat to buck up lim kopi in star buck and not in ah pek kopi tiam. Ah pek tun lang as nothing to defend when the culture and social habits if eating laksa is going to change by engineer? See if BN is back to power, engineer will be telling bn to change pg hawjer style

Ho Wan Lai

Engineer, your comment above infuriates Penanglang and does not help Gerakan effort to win AirItam or AirPutih at all. Or this could be your strategy to sabotage Gerakan on behalf of MCA?


One word for Engineer: Obsessive Jealousy of Penang Street Hawker Cuisine! My Invitation: A FREE treat of Penang Street Hokkien Mee fill to the top with Bak Iu Pok (Fried Crispy Pork Lard cut in small pieces) + Bak Kut (Pork Bones) & you will never give up Hokkien Mee for life! If you want to get rid of pork lard smell (in case you want to avoid imagined prosecution), a cuppa of Kopi-O kau kau added with a tea spoon of Apple Cider will help bring peace of mind or calm the guilt. I really pity those hungry souls… Read more »

Sandra Jen

How pathetic u sound…the Penang National Park, the lush jungle and the beach along Gertak Sanggul where u get a kilo of big size jumping sea prawns for less than 10 US dollar…n get the nearby seafood restaurant to cook for u…the heritage walks round Georgetown with a bowl of nice noodle costing not more than 1US dollar, happening night life in Chulia street where u get a bowl of famous wantan noodle for less than US1 dollar…come on…you sure don’t know that Penang is the biggest China town in the world


Eventually the people visiting Malaysia are those who previously migrated overseas.


Penang International Food Festival


Though Bolehland has many faults, consider these:
– Is there any evidence that this implied survey is genuine? Try to look for genuine comments that tourists who come here make, e.g. those they write at back-packer lodges or homestays.
– Do those who rate Phuket and Tokyo high apply the same standards and demands to Paris and Rome? Do they behave as they do back in their own countries?
– Mass tourism has trashed SEA destinations, e.g. Phuket some time ago. The latest to suffer include Bali and Borascay.


Nazri will tell you PRC chinese tourists do not depend on trip advisor for recommendations. They use Alibaba’s travel booking website Alitrip (去啊) .


Anil is quick to switch to tourism topic. Many foreigners May opt to stay away from Malaysia until GE14 is over? Below just a fictional account of what’s happening : Anil’s cyberspace meantime is gearing towards marvellous infinity war of words with looming GE14. 308 and 505 Avengers facing the corrupted Thoronious 6 stones to put an end to Hope renaissance to boleh landscape. Soon seeking remaining Penanglang stone to complete the six collection having secured the other engineering stones under shrieking hostile environment. Could be the Margie’s prayers that bring back the true senses of Penanglang and frustrate the… Read more »

Chevalier Délaissé

We should repackage our destinations.. Mesian Parliament… where democracy goes to die… Selangor…Co…


Yes, BolehLand provides plenty of comic relief: MACC investigating CID chief’s frozen Aussie funds, PDRM investigating MACC chief’s Bali sexcapade, Ex-PM crying foul investigating PM’s billion-ringgit bank account, Penang CM-wannabe kaupehkauboo investigating Penang CM’s undersea tunnel plan, whistleblower goes to jail investigating cow-condo bank account, NS CM ‘jokingly inciting’ flip kopitiam tables, while many constipating with undigest dedak !


For sandiwara only. But opposition, find every lobang and oness to pin up. See tunnel. What happen to env engineer and tan sri boss?