‘Noise will be an issue’: Penang elevated highways will pass near highrise apartments


“Noise and vibration from traffic movement” will be an issue for residents living in a string of apartment blocks, according to the environmental impact assessment for three proposed highways in Penang.

The tower blocks affected are:

Package 1

  • Taman Leader Condominium
  • Surin Condominium
  • Taman Tanjung Bungah
  • Waterfront Condominium
  • Coastal Tower
  • Desa Mar Vista Apartment
  • Beverly Hills
  • Sri Sayang Service Apartment
  • Ferringhi Delima Condominium

Package 2

  • All Season Palace Condominium
  • Boulevard Condominium
  • Greenlane Heights
  • Delima Palace and others

The visual landscape will also change. “Residents in the highrise buildings will no longer see clear sky but in place an elevated road passing their homes”, which will “change the visual aesthetics in the area”. 

Check out the impact of the noise in visual form.

See what the noise levels mean in this chart.

Wildlife in forest reserves will also be affected:

About 38 hectares of ‘state land forest’ and forest reserves will be damaged or cleared:

Is this the future that you want?

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Have you not heard noises from rakyat pertaining to high cost of living?

Ringgit is plummeting. Is Bank Negara printing more money?


A good relief from noises/stress from Barang Naik:

Cartoonist Zunar is holding a “Ketawa Pink-Pink” roadside exhibition in Lebuh Pantai from 8am till noon on Sunday.

The exhibition is named after the RM117 million pink diamond mentioned in a US DoJ suit, which alleges that the jewel, set in a necklace, was purchased using money stolen from state investor 1MDB.

This Sunday’s exhibition comes 8 months after red thugs wrecked Zunar’s last show in Penang and his artwork, which were then taken away by police.

Please show up to lend your support.


Zunar has cancelled his first street exhibition in Penang, after learning that troublemakers from Penang Umno Youth was distributing posters to get members to “visit” the exhibition.


….Good jobs!! Hope federal and state gov build more wide roads and highways in the future

Please demolish all old houses at heritage site also(those were an eyesore for we youngsters), if possible…..


Stupid statement. Will you abandon your aging parents when they are old, fragile and weak?

Many youngsters are eyesore today with their hairdo, dressing, poor manners and behaviour. Your writing certainly reflect that. Maybe you are blaming your old parents for your poor upbringing.


I think you are the one who are really stupid…..I’m saying demolish old houses at HERITAGE SITES, did you get that? We don’t need the so called “UNESCO blah blah heritage sites” title….and i’m not interested in talking about anyone’s parents…..thank you!


Penangites will make noise when they read today’s front-page headline of Kwang Hwa Jit Poh (quoting Numbeo report) that the cost of living in Penang is 2.4% higher than that in KL.




Cost of living in Penang … Up up up



Brace yourself for another round of barang Naik:

The Energy Commission (EC) has warned Malaysians to brace for possible imposition of an electricity surcharge as rebates will not continue forever.

Acting chief executive and senior director of Electricity Industry Development and Market Regulation Azhar Omar said the rebate would not last long and Malaysians needed to be prepared for the inevitable and use electricity prudently.


Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysis (KR1M) is not sustainable and has been a massive loss-making CSR (corporate social responsibility) project for Mydin.

The KR1M stores were launched in 2011 as a BN government-backed initiative to mitigate rising costs of living.


Barang Naik is real!


The consolation is that Klang Valley folks are less happy living in the city compared with those living in Penang – according to TheEdgeProperty.com-Lafarge Happiness in the City Index 2017 survey.



Penang people can live within their means and stay happy and not being influenced by branding of premium goods as advertised and commercialised by the media. This will include those overhyped and overpriced hawker food.


How well Prime Minister Najib Razak addresses the rising cost of living and other bread-and-butter issues affecting most of the electorate will be crucial in determining his chances of victory in the 14th General Election, which must be called in less than a year, reported Bloomberg.


While Barisan Nasional secured strong wins in state races last year and has benefited from opposition infighting, the rising cost of living could now chip away at Najib’s support.


The impact of the current economic downturn would be greatly felt by the B40 group which was already struggling to make ends meet, in part because of the loss of jobs to cheap foreign labour. This was an example of a structural issue affecting the Indians which the government has failed to tackle.


An opportunity for PSM to launch its own blueprint for poor Indians?


Why no new posting on this blog?
I rather go play Mobile Legend instead of coming to this site.


Anil needs to take Sunday rest to recharge his mind and body, hence no update so far.


Sunday is Sabbath Day – In Scripture, Sabbath is given as a day of rest, every seventh day (Exodus 20:8)

Wonder Woman

he visual landscape will also change. “Residents in the highrise buildings will no longer see clear sky but in place an elevated road passing their homes”, which will “change the visual aesthetics in the area”.

When GreenLane Heights was built, residents of Island Park could not see clear sky and get TV reception. I welcome the road.

Khun Pana

What noise? In most parts of China’s towns and cities,their motorist honks almost non-stop. Now, that is noise but they can live with that. Anyway, modern and futuristic cars/bikes are going electric. In the near future , the only noisy vehicles are diesel powered vehicles ,the die hard “mat rempit” and those very kiasu VIP motorcades with all sirens wailing for them. It was the car owners that clamour for more roads and more parking slots. It was them who jammed up the roads nearly all the time. Small price to pay in exchange for more roads. But of course,… Read more »


Go to Hanoi or HCM, live in inner cities you absorb the motor kapcai atmosphere, then comparatively you can bear with what’s going to happen surrounding LRT Penang.


Penang island is a congested cosmopolitan city with high volume of personal vehicles on the road. Noises from the road is inevitable For peaceful and cheaper retirement living, better retreat to mainland small town for serenity and fresher air.


Speaking of ‘noise’, Malaysia has banned the sexually-charged song ‘Despacito’ after critics labelled it ‘un-Islamic’. The Muslim-majority country will no longer air the popular tune on its public broadcast stations after the government received numerous complaints over its racy lyrics.

One politician went as far as to label the words as ‘porn’. Communications and multimedia minister Salleh Said Keruak said the lyrics were ‘not suitable to be heard’ and added that he hoped private broadcast stations would follow the government’s example.


I think RTM should ban Dr Vida’s “I Am Me” viral song instead for its suggestive lyrics that could arouse the desire:

I want i want i want i want you
muah muah muah muah muah x2
I am fun
I am pretty
I am beautiful
I am a queen
I inspire Your desire


Khun Pana

Ban this and bans that. But what does it actually means?
Banning songs, movies ,books,dances , performances etc are all tell tale signatures of communism system.
Or it shows the rise of religionist encroaching into our society and life.
We should “bans” such silly politicians or such group/s instead.
Never expected such silly rabble-rouser coming from PKR
Typically “umno-ist” of that politician.


Let us all become Nusantara …
See no evil, hear no evil (including songs), speak no evil, wear no short pants.
Then the world of BolehLand will be idiotically peaceful cos there’s no more evil to blame & then to ban anymore.
Did the ‘Gods’ created us as idiot monkeys?
Charles Darwin could be right after all! – The Origin of Stupidity (of 1 Species).


Be the lucifer the resistor and spilling vermon like serpent the great? God create so smart and orso think evil and scheming? Of course one can be yang the other the yin. One lim kopi the other teh. We say something you can disagree. You say something, we too can say the other to show the stupidity of the originator.

Ong Eu Soon

Money paid to CCCC can (be) channel to foreign bank account(?)

Ong Eu Soon

CCCC was banned by world bank for corruption deal

Ong Eu Soon

Why STP2 use CCCC?


Stp2 private or tax payer penang Lang project?

Ong Eu Soon

Why ECRL use CCCC?


Our Calvin can enlighten us with his profession research? Or he is true blue saga seed?

Ong Eu Soon

Why cccc is banned by world bank?


Planting trees to serve as green wall along the road can cut noises and beautify the city. No need for concrete walls.


Every day people will keep blaming this or that. Been travelling almost half of my life like a rolling stone month in month out. Comparatively, Penang is for sure not bad at all !


Another side track from star paper which said properties are most expensive in the world. Even more than New York or Tokyo. Main reason is supply of land. Land for housing, airport, hospitals, fans etc.
No worries, penang have plenty of untouchable land. Cannot cut hills, cannot reclaim from sea or demolish old bldg and rebuild new houses. Must be widely spread and not congested


Instead of worrying about the noise, I think Set back and pedestrian walkway with trees are the main issues of these three expressway projects. The width btw the elevated expressway with the buildings along the alignment is an issue that we shouldn’t compromise at all, because it will create a lot of problems for our city. We might cost more in land acquisition for the expressway, but at least we can have a better living environment and economy effect for long term. I have the biggest concern for Package Three, from Gurney to LCE expressway, double decker elevated expressway along… Read more »


Star gains ad revenue from property developers, sure say price is right and no oversupply.


If developers are cronies of dap and the star newspaper is orso a crony of dap for promoting developers and building more properties?


Now, it seems everything is turning political ? Comparing around Penang is getting “narrower and narrower” day by day !


Penang old roads are built for 1300cc cars and kapcai hondas. Now cars are bigger and wider, so such roads look narrower.

Better walk more for healthy living to burn away the excessive fats.


Constant noise from any source including airport, factory, etc. leads to high blood pressure. Proximity to a highway leads to low intelligence in schooling children. The claims of all the major car and lorry manufacturers that they comply with the tightening laws elsewhere have been exposed as false. The exhaust brings more than poisonous gases and particles that cause lung diseases. PM 2.5 particles enter the bloodstream and cause “non-communicable” diseases that are now common. The smallest particles cross the barrier into the brain. Urban areas are already about 10 degrees C hotter than elsewhere due to (a) paving that… Read more »


Very good point. Drive or take mtr or public bus less, walk or bicycle more. Most of all use computer less and comment less to reduce electricity consumption. Eat cooked good less, eat salad or fruits more. Oops, if eat more raw vegetables, we need more water to wash them. How can we use less water?




Problems solved if Penangites choose public transport or e-hailing cab services and don’t own private vehicles. Productivity, connectivity, punctuality, affordability not issue as all gear towards such environmental moves.
Anilnetto.com then focus on delicious Penang food when CAT transport expenditures diverted to feed the mouths of rakyat.

But then, cannot discount BinChui factor the evil of all.

YS Chee

Of course, Pg needs these systems to improve the present traffic situation but some guys just want everything in perfect 10 condition. Go to stay in the jungle , swinging from tree to tree as there will be no noise there.


Honestly, noises from PCM’s Huan and Gerakan minions are more irritating.


Well said.

Felix Cat

Noise from cars, reduce car population is the way to go.


The Impact Of Noise Pollution On Your Health

Compared to ringing in the ears, noise pollution from highway vehicles is worse.
Unless one is staying in serene Jalan Pinhorn!


Article here highlight cars contribute noise pollution. Serene Jln Pinhorn means less noise pollution also means less cars? Most residentsresidents including cm must be walking or riding bicycles?


Traffic noise pollution Chris and Joe

Ayan Leo

Penang need LRT kind of public transport.


LRT still produce that rumbling noise when a train passes. However, its good for pedestrians only.
A Highway can take heavy traffic out of the congested town area.
Heavy vehicles can avoid being the cause of traffic jam.
However, it would be good if these proposed highway need not cut through residential and business areas.
In KL, one raised highway cut across Kg Pandan to Jln Chan Sow Lin, and businesses along that stretch died.
From Batu Ferringhi, to the north, tunnel it.


Being an island in one corner, heavy vehicles will be less than Lumpur unlike Lumpur where factories are all over the places and criss cross Lumpur. Make sure the Enginner who used to give dap ~ dam arrogant points do not over design due to less heavy vehicles unlike Lumpur and plus road.


Pls don’t waste space with too many identities: zoro + Zororr!

Wonder Woman

LRT is expensive and noisy. Cut hills more useful