No approval for Buah Pala road closure: MPPP


The Penang Municipal Council has strongly denied that approval was given to Nusmetro to block access to Jalan Kaki Bukit, the road that passes through Kampung Buah Pala. The Council refuted the claim by the firm’s director, reported in The Star, that approval had been given.

Said the council in a statement today:

The road that was closed is a public thoroughfare and any application to close it has to be referred to the Public Works Department and the Land Office for approval.

In this connection, the Council has directed Nusmetro to remove all obstacles to Jalan Kaki Bukit and to repair the damage immediately.

At lunch time today, workers removed the obstacles and Jalan Kaki Bukit was once again re-opened to traffic.

That’s it? No penalties for illegally shutting down a public road for a whole day? We get fined for minor offences such as parking outside allotted bays or if the parking meter runs out. It is simply amazing that the developer even thought it could get away with shutting down a public road.

This morning, the demolition crew returned to the village to continue where they had left off but the villagers told them they were still negotiating with the developer. The workers left.

Meanwhile, the state government, pre-empting any possible move by the villagers to relocate to an adjacent 2.4 acre plot of state land, has put up a couple of sign-boards prohibiting trespassers.

The remaining 12 households who have not signed up for the “double-storey-houses-worth-RM500,000” compensation are trying to secure a one-off payment from the developer. They are asking for RM300,000 per household, which will assist them in raising funds to secure another plot of land in Gelugor, where they hope to relocate their community and village. Negotiations could continue.

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Frankly speaking the 12 household can forget about the 300,000 cash compensation or the double storey. As for Andrew comments, pally or not we need development and these business people without which Penang would slide further down the drain. With a corrupted Federal government that will do anything to snatch power and their un-coperative attitude towards the state government, LGE has to do whatever it takes to give the people development and progress. Don`t just think of your own back yard, think of others too. Just for your info the land in Hamilton Road beside Heng Ee school has been… Read more »

anna brella

I find your gumption encouraging, and you too write well, Andrew. Keep that good show of courage going, especially when it may rightly point to an underlying and unsavoury truth about governments and politicians in general. It is also very refreshing psychological air to have in any democracy. And it is singularly necessary from constituents of the People to keep ANY government or politician from any political party or alliance/coalition on the right balanced side of a healthy reality check when it comes to clarifying and conveying what in real essence, in both letter and spirit, it is that we… Read more »


We are fond of self closure of road for kenduri and function at our terrace house. There is no such a summon in Malaysia although neigbours complained. I worked with a contractor before, and we closed road like we are authority. So, there is no “GREAT” offense related to closure of road. We go to any of the site, there will be closure sometimes although is not permanent. I believe there is not a problem in this developer closing the road temporary. Every offense must be forewarn. When we close the road, if the resident nearby lodge complaints, then Majlis… Read more »


Anil, It’s reported in Kwong Wah that certain KBP folks especially that Stephen fella is demanding for M$4 million for compensation. Yadda, it’s over the closure of the road thingy & some other thing Anil, Can’t you see that it’s always about money, money, money? Defending the indefensible ————– Check out this link From The Star – Anil GEORGE TOWN: Kampung Buah Pala villagers plan to file a RM4mil suit against developer Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd for demolishing 15 houses in the village on Monday. Residents’ association assistant secretary C. Thamaraj claimed that the company had no right to… Read more »


looes74, I think this Thamaraj is becoming more of an idiot day after day. Don`t they realize that the court has given its verdict and that they are squatters. Squatters have no rights. When any owner or Numetro take over vacant possession of a house or land after being vacated by the tenant or squatters what should they do. They should remove all their belonging and properties failing which the owners or Numestro has the right to throw out all their belonging and dismantle whatever renovation has been done to the house, property or land. Is Thamaraj telling us that… Read more »


Ppl like andrew can only spew hot air without backing it up with facts. Typical tin kosong..


Punish them. What right do they have to close a public road? I understand that they have removed the barriers and I understand that they were ordered to repair the road. But, what the rules say? They walk away just by repairing the road? They should be punished for negligence of civic rights and for causing inconvenience for the public. Where are we heading to? The high handedness of many government authorities and also now a property developer(?)do not augur well for a developing country like Malaysia. If things are not tackled from now, I can see a future with… Read more »


Daniel, You are right. I am from Perak too. My maternal grandfather for nothing when he’s asked to move. It’s in Kuala Kangsar. The area pretty close to the town centre. Guess what happen to that plot of land. It’s being turned into a car park I bet my grandfather’s village is even more heritage than KBP. Sultans’ car was serviced there since independence. Probably, one Malacca governer’s car. That I got to ask my mum about it. You what! Ever KBP issue is erupted, I asked my mum what does my grandfather got for that land. She replied. Nothing!… Read more »


To Andrew & all those PR bashers! KBP is not the only issue in Penang. There are so many things that needs to be taken care off. LGE cannot be sitting in KBP or MPPP office to Micro manage the situation.
Don’t tell me in your work place you have never missed anything?? Or nothing has ever gone wrong?? Be practical.


Qualify what you say here as well as in Tanjong Bungah. Say less but with facts. Pally – where were you went Penang was under the rule of BN for 18 years? Probably accepting faith as what it is and allowing projects at Batu Feringghi to go on. So grow up Andrew!


LGE is pally with Nusmetro. So, forget it-lah to even think of penalties on Nusmetro since LGE is only … happy, willing and able to do whatever they wish. Just like how he plays ball with Bolton over in Tg. Bunga since he is pally with them too. Heck, LGE is pally with Hunza as well and a few other top Chinese developers in Penang. He will soon be sitting pretty (with) all the various property developers in Penang just like any good old-fashioned slimey politician who cares more about the interests of big money and little for ordinary people.… Read more »


If the developer is not penalised for taking such an action without proper approval, then the State government and the municipal body are hopeless.

They HAVE to be seen to act against rrant developers, especially those who are a party to so much controversy against the rakyat!


Quote “The remaining 12 households who have not signed up for the “double-storey houses worth RM500,000″ compensation are trying to secure a one-off payment from the developer. They are asking for RM300,000 per household, which will assist them in raising funds to secure another plot of land in Gelugor, where they hope to relocate their community and village.” I have seen so many squatters and their houses being demolished. In Selangor, DS Khir Toyo is the king of demolisher. Can you ask the squatters what they get? Just a low cost houses buy at RM25,000 or RM35,000. I think the… Read more »


What is MPPP going to do about it? Close one eye and hope the issue will go away. It looks like someone in MPPP … (closed) one eye. MACC should look into this.


If the 12 households do get RM300k and pool it, what are the chances of them getting the 2.4 acre state land? (I agree with the state, no more trespassers!)

Will they ask for BN (Nusmetro) prices? Will the state’s refusal then be turned into another PR bashing circus?

Stay tuned for further development!