New roads lead to more traffic


Here’s a good reason for moving to public transport: we are not going to significantly reduce traffic congestion anytime soon by using improved traffic modelling and management methods.

Traffic congestion, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Traffic snarl in Sao Paulo - Image via Wikipedia

Building new roads is not the solution either. The Wall Street online quotes Martin Wachs, director of RAND Corp’s transportation, space, and technology programme, as saying that new roads lead to more travel (traffic) due to an effect known as ‘triple convergence’: if new roads are built, many drivers who had shifted their trips 1) to off-peak hours, or 2) to different roads, or 3) to public transport, would resume their previous pattern and converge onto the new highway. See Wall Street article here. Another reason to move away from private vehicles is to reduce fuel emissions that contribute to global warming and to conserve rapidly depleting fossil fuels and natural gas reserves.

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Dalbinder Singh Gill

My 2nd week on public transport/walking – Rapid Penang. Cut down car usage by 60%. Public transport quite efficient. How about you Anil? Still driving alone? 🙂

Andrew I

We’re competing for the largest car park in the world. 1CarPark.


A foreign transport specialist had said Putrajaya is a failed project, because to walk from one block to another one is forced to drive! He strongly suggested it should be pedestrian and environment friendly. If someone here had a bright idea -that this is one way to make the PUBLIC (current account holder) buy Kancil (Proton), then our welfare was not the government’s priorty and we had been fooled! That explains why, traffic congestion which should have been addressed more than a decade ago, is still left unresolved. Today, we are doing nothing but talk and talk at length about… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

The most successful and widely studied example ins Curutiba in Brazil. As long as we tolerate institutionalised secrecy, we will continue to be restricted to superficial discussions like this.


Malaysia will never improve piblic transportation, because the givernment wants you to buy cars especially Proton (dependent on local market as it cannot compete beyond the shores), so that they can tax you for revenue.

Pak Lah has conned us once when he increased petrol price in the name of improving public transportation with the reduction in subsidy.
he is laughing in his retirement now.

semuanya OK kot

Rand failed to say this is old news, discovered by a British mathematician. Of course USA claims to have invented the airplane, the light bulb, etc. Traffic reduction by closing roads was implemented in London around 20 years ago. Modification of roads for trafffic calming is another approach. The most important is public transport which is far less destructive.

Major sources of illicit income: roads, private vehicles, petrol/diesel.


Anil, obviously you know why new roads and highways are made.

It is said that our highways are one of the most expensive to be made ie most expensive per KM.


Our highways are made of gold!
Its value topped up even before road works begin.
Yet with such highways of gold, we are nothing near to a nation of gold (wealth)!

Gerakan K

As usual I found your idiotic statement ie:

Our highways are made of gold

Are jealous with the contractors or what ??? Or are you anti-development ???

Gerakan K

Really ??? Any comparison with exact example to back up your claim ???


You are the most idiotic dunggu who don’t understand metaphorical English. You are like an illiterate … who swallow a word for a word without using your God given tiny brain to think, evaluate and discourse intelligently.

Too bad you are always lambasted by others on this blog.
Go get your English education right. My suggestion you take tuition at Cambridge English Proficiency Course (for secondary students)!!!

Discourse with dunggu like you is a waste of time and space here!

Gerakan K

kah kah kah kah kah kah

don’t angry and be happy !!!


Never knew Gerakan K could laugh like a hybrid …
What a mutation of ……(no better words to describe) years in Gerakan.
My guess is K stands for the … Katak species…


Well… if someone told me that Malaysian highways are amongst the most expensive per km, I wouldn’t immediately dismiss it either. Like Gerakan K, I would also go “Really??” and ask if he/she had come across data to back the statement. But I think my response would be more a reflection of the sorry state of affairs… I wouldn’t be too surprised if our highways were amongst the most expensive per km per year. If you consider the excessive amounts allotted for construction, which somehow still ends up being insufficient and having to be topped up, and then contracts to… Read more »


Went to read comments on the tram post I mentioned above. To clarify, trams are wonderful!! They are not trash. But having trams on our presently hectic Penang roads will require careful planning and forethought, and my view is simply that it would be more immediately effective and cost-efficient to pursue a better bus system if the intention is to address congestion (Tourism is another matter). Of course, buses alone is insufficient… There needs to be creative “incentive” for people to take buses too. I once had a thought/plan, but no space to elaborate here. Another consideration – The antique… Read more »


Trams can work for the Inner City of George Town area for the: 1) enhancement of tourism attraction/value creation to Inner City 2) benefits of business spin-off in these areas 3) tourist commuters looking for more laid-back / heritage ways to sight-seeing around the Inner City 4) reduction of carbon monoxide from less motorized traffic 5) alternative choice of transport to bechas (which have reduced in number) 6) increase in commuter usage due to its attraction value, thus conversion to trams as alternative transport around the city 7) favourable cost-benefit ratio in the long term 8) exception of over-hanging power… Read more »


Yes Gerakan is one of the most dunggu around. He just couldn`t understand simple English