New bald patch spotted on Botak Hill


A new bald path has emerged in Bukit Relau raising fresh questions as to whether the hill is being properly monitored.

new bald path on bukit relau

Thanks to blog reader Sam for highlighting this.

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Go and see for yourself. Further down botak hill, development has already taken place with 3 store building up. A sign that the 30k fine is just a farce.

2nd fidler

Within DAP Penang there’s not even a single one with conscience except YB Teh Yee Cheu !


Absolutely right, 1 thumb for you

gk ong

Thumbs down when 7-11 in BN-controlled Melaka is not allowed to sell liqour.


gk ong, don`t side track, you are off topic


Palau Tikus free shuttle service not able to be executed by other YBs in Penang at other districts ?


Nars n SuperC not getting Gerakan Teng to seize on this issue to get CAT to respond? Opposition in Penang picks on naive issues no wonder credibility doubtful so how to win back Penang?


The hills are being continuously stripped and cut as development gets closer and higher up the slopes. We living downstream face the wrath of flash floods and muddy waters

Lord Jim

Bukit Bendera should be restored to its tropical forest condition.


Bald patch on Bukit Relau is a big contrast to the thick black mane on Sammy Vellu’s head.

Lord Jim

Sammy should patent the technology behind his thick black mane.
Donald Trump should be interested.