Malaysia’s slow Internet download speed


Malaysia has been ranked 102nd out of 152 countries in Internet download speed.

102nd? That is about right.

We are behind Singapore (31), Thailand (63), Philippines (90). Check out the rankings based on data here.

Internet connections for downloading websites hosted abroad have been excruciatingly slow of late.  At least, that’s my experience.  From what I hear, it is another one of those so-called cable faults.

A lot of people are probably growing old in front of their computers. (Picture a skeleton in front of the PC, fiddling with the mouse.)

So much for the billions wasted on the Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya and what-have-you. Another colossal failure by the Mahathir adminstration in focusing on buildings and property development in these areas instead of improving connectivity and narrowing the digital divide across the nation.

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darn it…normally my speed is 180-190….now the speed decreased 50%..around 90-100…..hell…

Anonymous is controlled by the government = The government controls the internet. Most broadband or internet provider in Malaysia has to go through MIMOS (Government AGAIN), which basically controls every … thing including the internet.. so yeah blame the corrupted government. If stilllllllllllllllll won’t upgrade their service, neither will any of ISP in Malaysia. The fastest in Malaysia so far is 20MPBS (Unifi) and 50Mpbs (Time Fibre, Only through turbo Boost). In Singapore they even have 100Mpbs. In korea.. ha, don’t have to explain. they have the highest broadband/FTTH/VDSL penetration in the world. They even have 1 Gigabytes connection.… Read more »

MY idiot!

We pay monthly fees for our internet services but the stupid TMB throttle our download speed! Is this the way you treat your user or customer? Do you know your company profit is from us? IDIOT!! I will terminate your stupid internet services very soon! TMNUT!!!!


TM fibre optic Uniflo ? .. packaged as a bundle which includes all the TV Stations !! Who the heck want to watch Malaysian TV on the net ?? They refused to unbundle the package to bring down the subscription fees .. go check the news few months back. And also putting a cap on downloaded data to xx GB per month ! BTW, the optic cables had been installed at the back lanes since Jan 2010 , but no takers so far. Anyway, optic is old techno… wimax is the way forward. Guess they are stuck with the 6000… Read more »


in my opinion, i think malaysian’s internet speed will always slow if the goverment not rebuild back MSC (multimedia SUPER corridor, not SNAIL). what we can do now is only hoping any idea from pm and TM….


bla blu da bedi di dabeda….just visit south korea..wehaaaa….sounds good to me…lol


The cable problem is just a bad excuse.
It has some effects, but is not the main culprit.
The main problem is the STREAMYX servers and the ‘filter’ applied.
This page loads at the moment at about 1,5-3 Kbs, and quite often I have to refresh to get it load at all. That is on a 1Mps line.
However if I go through a free proxy, and by-pass the filtering system, it all of a sudden loads with 30-50 Kbs.

Ah BEng

Typical BodohLand Boleh. Crony TM has the monopoly on the only submarine line in/out of BodohLand. All other telco have no choice but to go through TM for incoming & outgoing telecommunications (be it voice or data). No choice cos’ they are forced from day 1 to use TM or else no licence from the big brother G. If this is not monopoly, then what is? Yes, Gerakan K can say we have fibre yada yada yada but he is not good at looking at the big picture. Another typical M’sian trait. “What is it in for me” mentality. Typical… Read more »


Sometimes I don’t know if I’m more stupid or Gerakan K is when I reply to him! Never mind, I’m not egoistic and I don’t mind being called stupid so long as my message gets across to the public at large. I’ve just visited and those who are able to subscribe to such high speed access are from Bangsar, TTDI, Subang Jaya, and Shah Alam. Not only that, the costs are as follows; 5 Mbps = RM199/month 10Mbps = RM599/month 20Mbps + RM899/month In unifli’s packages, none of those highlighted are for the ordinary individual consumer who are of… Read more »


Romerz, Gerakan K, always like to spin and provide half truth to readers here. Like Gerakan, Gerakan K will never accept your challenge as usual. He will conveniently ignore your comment and challenge. You can read his comments, on the same subject, he will say, crime rates has increased and then a couple of hours later, he will say crime rate had decreased under his 1Malaysia PM. The slow internet download speed is because of the NEP and monopoly, and those people are sleeping on their laurels because they know they enjoy the monopoly. Gerakan K, thrives under such conditions.… Read more »

Gerakan K

Hi O,

please read my comment again if you really understand english. OK, I know my english is terrible but I understand what you have written.

Following is my comment:

Go to and you will find 20 mbps internet connection package.

This is TM product using fiber connection.

Can you find any false info ??? Any spin ???

Please lah O, be a gentleman when commenting in this blog. I know you must be very angry when I made the “PAS FOR MUSLIM” conclusion. But that is my practical observation.

Gerakan K

See, you just attack me without any valid reason. I just help Tony by enlighten him that there is faster connection in Malaysia using fiber optic connection.

Anything wrong meh ??? Stop the discrimination against me OK.

Also, the price for consumer is far cheaper than listed by you. Please enlighten. There is no free lunch in the world. You need internet connection, then pay for it. You need free internet connection, then please visit McDonald.



Gerakan k,

Oklah, do not attack you anymore la bro, ok?

Tomorrow is a good day for you as you need to go to pray.

But, do not be naughty, if you are, I will not give you your Chupa Chups again.

Do not wish to argue with you whether PAS is for Muslim or for All. You failed to understand modern politics most of the time. Keep on to your old ways and be left behind.

Cheers and Salam Reformasi!

PAS for All


Another classical example of first world infrastructure & third world mentality? No, this time even the infrastructure is third world. Well done, you’re a joke.

Slow corridor

I started with Jaring broadband 4 years ago. After 12 months of good service suddenly the service dropped to slow band – reason given – they have more users so the service need to share – their recommendation – terminate the subscription if I am not satisfied. I then tried maxis – after 3 months of good service the speed dropped and their reason -the tower had to be removed because of complaint from residence. I had to terminate maxis. I then tried digi – after several months the service also dropped in quality – So folks if you need… Read more »


Pay expensive Internet fee to use below sub-par service. The only thing consistent is the monthly billing fee. Tak bayar, potong terus !


Slow connections, effecting European Websites downloads, due to Colombo/ Dubai under sea cable problem, may be resolved by May 29.


Cables problem has been TM standard excuse for nearly a decade. What happened to our millions spent on MSC IT projects,a real sham indeed.


We’re even behind Vietnam … yesterday they launched fibre optics internet connection, we’re still stuck with copper based cable which runs for the last few decades. TM sucks BIG time!

Gerakan K

Go to and you will find 20 mbps internet connection package.

This is TM product using fiber connection.


I don’t know anyone who uses this unifi service, so I can’t comment on the actual speed.
What is obvious, is its just a pilot project covering a very few suburbs in the Klang Valley.
And it costs a bundle.
Definitely not for the whole country, and not for the average person.


Everyday at approximately 2am, my internet dies… and i live in Cyberjaya.


OMG! What a shocker! Not!


Internet connection has been very slow in the past week. Must be the underwater cable in Taiwan again.