MPPP mulls new building – but where is Local Plan?


The Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) is mulling plans for a new building of its own in George Town – but where is the George Town Local Plan?

Shouldn’t we first come up with the Local Plan and put it on display for public comment and then incorporate the feedback?

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The proposed building is reported to be part of a mixed development on 1ha of land in Jalan S P Chelliah, Kampung Jawa Baru and Kampung Jawa Lama, according to a report in The Star here.

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Ong Eu Soon

A local plan will tell you how suck is the planner, when the development ignore the plan totally. A local plan will tell you how much the state government committed to heritage conservation. A local plan will tell you how LGe give in to developers in stead of the people.

Richie Hee


I cannot understand why you are insisting on a plan or masterplan, knowing too well that in Bolehland a ‘plan’ is only cosmetic and can never be realised. Grandiose plan only serves to inflate the cost, and notbody question how the money is eventually spent even though some features of the masterplan are not built at all.

Just look at Penang Times Square – in its ‘plan’ (on the glossy brochures, newspaper advertisements) there is a prominent LRT running around it. Where is the LRT now?

Pinang Boy

Tell me which area in Malaysia that is not haphazardly developed?

In Penang we cannot even have a proper and even-surfaced cement-topped walking pavement for pedestrain. Vehicles are even parked on walking pavement. Residentail homes can suddently be turned into a commercial shop-lot (mixed development?). Unlicensed traders can set up their makeshift (eye-soring) stalls in front of a coffeeshop sell food to steal the business, and mess up the hygiene and cleaniness. Old housed are now being kept dirty/damp for the swiftlets with artificial bird noises 7/24.


Even if there is a masterplan, will it be executed accordingly?

We all know the reality in this country.


Gelakan K, ask questions but don’t throw wild accusations. Highlight the issues but don’t hit the person. Then you may get respect. If State Govt & MPPP have a good reason then lets hear them out, first. Don’t shoot from your rear end everytime you wish to open your mouth


Who is the contractor? …

Richie Hee

Wait for the results of open tender?

Gerakan K

Why there is people still treat DAP government as angel government ???

What can you do when they want their way and not your way ???

Andrew I

53 years of my way compared to 3? I’d call that leeway.


If there was ever a tinge of high moral responsibility during those 53 … years, Penang would have been like The Little Red Dot, or even better.
If you have ever let loose a monkey in your household, imagine what unimaginable havoc it will create.

Andrew I

You mean like what someone is doing here?


You mean GerakanK = Gerakan Kaput(?)


DAP may want their way not for money but for the people development
UMNO wants their way and also your money
So who is the angel and satan


Gerakan K
… This the report is from MCA Star and not Gerakan The Star. Further Zulkifi says the Council will ask for feedback when the plans are ready. Then do not miss the opportunity … when the council ask for feedback.


MPPP takes up a good portion of Level 3, all of Level 13-16. So who is expected to fill up the offices in KOMTAR when MPPP moves out?
Waste of money when there is already office space available in KOMTAR?
What about the MPPP offices in City Hall? Will they also move out from there?


Let the Komtar ‘black cake and coffin traders’ take over Komtar Level 3 to be vacated by MPPP?

Wow, what a theme shopping experience it will become!

Chris Murti

Well, Kek Hitam is uniquely Penang original creation. I guess that Komtar vendor can turn it into a ‘Kafe Kek Hitam’ complete with coffins of all sorts as decor.

Then invite Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Food fame) to cover it on Discovery food Channel.

Sure can bring Penang to world’s attention!!!

Andrew I

What a brilliant idea. Up there alongside the longest buffet in the world.