More trees chopped down

Photograph by a concerned Penangite

These are trees chopped down a couple of days ago in the Peirce Road area not from from Island Hospital. How many more roadside trees do we have to lose due to road widening or massive property development before we realise the intrinsic value of our trees?



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BB library chopped off for GBS, and Anil should cry foul also since Sim once promised via Anil a replacement BB library.

Ho Wan Lai

Sim TT could be waiting for DAP’s led PDC to replace the library IDEALly elsewhere nearby, or he could be waiting for his fellow minister Saifuddin to work it out.
Whatever in progress Sim TT ought to fulfill his promise else deemed irresponsible.
Anil may have insights that he keep silent until bring unveiled?

X Man

You also have no idea why the trees are chopped.
Get the facts. Do not just speculate it us for road widening.
Just my feedback, no offence.

ghee kiong

Can you please help to find out why.
Also is there a replacement library?
Please recommend D’Piazza shop lot as a new site to Sim.

V Ramesh

Must not blame the road, but the high number of cars on the road.


A senior editor of Utusan Malaysia has said that the Umno mouthpiece must repent to ensure its survival.

Its deputy chief editor Mohd Zaini Hassan, who has served the daily for 30 years, said Utusan had been wrong all along.

“By right, as a newspaper, it should be neutral although it was owned by a political party which had been in power for more than 60 years,” he said in a column that was published in the daily yesterday.

Ho Wan Lai

Today I saw many prayers items by road sides. There may be “inhabitants” on mature trees invisible to human naked eyes. So not sure those choppers did some ritual otherwise could have consequences even to the contractor/developers concern.


Trees beautify our environment but their values lie beyond the aesthetics. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, increase biodiversity in our environment, prevent soil erosion, as well as provide shade and lower the atmospheric temperature.


Studies have shown that when people are surrounded by greenery, they are measurably healthier and build better family relationships. Visual exposure to trees is also known to reduce stress levels in our fast-paced world.


If you are into meditation, you will connect with the trees.
I love walking in the forest which is full of meditative connectivity, some of which can relay calmness & mental pictures /voices, some for a purpose.
Be wary of spirits though.

Kenny Lau

Yeah! Cleaner, Greener Penang …

Ho Wan Lai

The tagline needs in depth definitions but the public care less about environment issues.


As trees are a beauty to admire,
one of my favourite admired HK actress of the 80s & 90s has passed away:
‘She was too young’: Fellow actors, netizens mourn Yammie Lam’s death
SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): There has been an outpouring of grief on social media since former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam was found dead in her home at the age of 55 on Saturday morning (Nov 3)….

Hillside Resident

The Contractors always work hard to find trees to massacre because this is money to them. Nobody is interested to maintain the trees. They just want to butcher them. Keep their projects running and $


Maybe the greedy contractors are paid by the kilograms of tree branches + leaves collected, so who cares about the survival of our trees! Also, there are no MBPP botanists to be seen around to strictly monitor the proper way of tree pruning + ‘culling’. Soon, there will be no more street trees to insanely ‘cull’.

Pulau Pinang Darul Habis Pokok!

Kandasamy Surendran

Will these greedy fellows never repent?????????????????


If you notice the tree pruning besides chopping down trees, these contractors cut off most of the branches leaving barely some leaves. Why?
Already, the air is polluted & the temperature unbearable, why suddenly cut down & prune trees like this manner of insanity? MBPP, pls answer.


Maybe MBPP wants to save costs using this insane + callous method of tree pruning once every 2 years? They should learn all over again from Pg Botanic Gardens on humane botanist care for trees.

X Man

Malaysia’s way of productivity?