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The last two postings on the environment appear to have struck a chord among some of you:

Blog reader Adam and the Ants says the problem isn’t confined to Penang:

The whole country for that matter is being raped. Try coming down to Seremban, it’s even worse. Nobody cares.

Orangutan in Perak is concerned about the waste discharge from a coal power plant:

The coal power plant in Manjung, Perak is flushing million of tons of sulphate, nitrate, chlorine oxide residue, and other toxic waste into the sea for the last five yeras. All this waste can have a damaging effect on the sea and the environment…. Tons of sea water is used and sent back polluted. This plant has another 20 to 25 years to go. Think what can further happen to the sea by then.

Over in Pahang, Phua Kai Lit is appalled:

In my hometown of Kuantan, the hill (Bukit Pelindung) near the beautiful Teluk Cempedak beach is being deforested step by step.

Some of the culprits (appear to be) government agencies that build offices and housing for their staff!

Andrew shares with us his experience of the floods in Penang:

I experienced the (floods) on the way back from Chulia Street to Gelugor after supper.

Just like a scene out of “The day after tomorrow”, the roads were filled with angry rushing water. Poor motorcyclists were being splashed full bodiedly by passing cars.

The surprising thing was it took such a short (duration) of heavy downpour to create such a scenario.

From Anson Road, I tried turning right to Macalister Road. No good. After a U-turn back to Dato Kramat Road, the road was only good until Seh Poh Kiao. A right turn into York Road was also a mistake. Took a risk on the road behind the GH which was flooded, but kept praying the car wouldn’t stop. Only after that was it clear, though cars coming down Scotland Road were making U-turns over the pavement dividers since, presumably, the part outside the Penang Sports Club was also flooded.

It’s beginning to look like flooding, like disease, is no longer discriminatory.

T H Sim pins the blame for the degradation on the government for not enforcing environmental regulations on industry:

The pollution of seawater and river in Penang state is the fault of the government departments which did not plan, manage and enforce to the utmost of their abilities from the beginning of the industial era.

In the Juru light industry estate, how many plating plants which operate in small scale have a waste water treatment plant?

No wonder Sg Juru is at the top in South East Asia’s polluted rivers; the recovery work until today has not yet shown any positive sign.

Sg Prai, a decade ago, was the dirtiest river in Malaysia; millions of ringgit had been put in to recover it; till today, when the tide is high, a lot of rubbish still floats in it.

The quality of the river is not yet suitable as a fish habitat…

In the Prai industrial estate, the smell and colour of the water at the stream will show the public how polluted the area is. It’s been a long time; has action been taken?

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Is’s time for the state govt. to propose a master plan to Penangites for a qualities envviroment.Every Penangites is the victiims to the basics of the enviroments such as; flash floods,polluted air,limitted green lungs, that’s the greeds flers destoy the Mother Nature?

All Penangies will come 2gether if te master plan is a basic,simples to accept for the recover of the enviroments.

How abt. this,a simple plans,not like the big bang at Esplande?

Penang promote tourism,without a clean enviroments?How the tourists
wiil comments when they are at home?


I was just overseas and picked up the November issue of National Geographic which has a very good article on how the island of Borneo is being devastated by the clearing of land for Palm Oil. The article does not speak highly of the Malaysian politicians responsible for the rape of the land. I am sure the National Geographic November edition will not be allowed in or the “offending” pages will be torn out of the magazine if it is allowed to be circulated.


THE WORLD faces the horrifying prospect of major climate change with its potential for catastrophic impact on food production and living conditions across the world. —>


These corrupted bums are trying to milk the country resources dry before they are kick out by PKR.
They do not care about the rakyat future.
They are only interested to become rich and evil at rakyat expense.
Hope the rakyat to unite and do not gaive these greedy bums to ruin our country.


Environmental terrorism and crimes against creation.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil

In my hometown of Kuantan, the
hill (Bukit Pelindung) near the
beautiful Teluk Cempedak beach is being
deforested step by step.
Some of the culprits are government agencies
that build offices and housing for their staff!


Seems everyone concern about Malaysia’s health. But is there anything they do rather than just complaining??
Razak-Next Prime Minsiter?


Just to bring some attention to how the Malaysian government is being viewed by Kiwis, especially about oil palm plantations and their total disregard of the natural habitat of the orang utans.

There are activists calling for the boycott of all food products that use palm oil, and saying that palm oil is the one biggest threat to orang utans. The authorities are giving all sorts of excuses, but none of them really address what they are doing to remedy the situation where the number of orang utans are diminishing at an alarming rate.


Its happening everywhere for that matter! From Ulu Muda in Kedah to Bukit Gasing in PJ! There is soo little being done for our resources! Do you know that there is money coming in from the rest of the world to conserve the our resources while our guys here seem remotely interested in doing the work!

Its a sad situation but if we don’t improve ,we are going to have a pretty crappy situation!