Moment of truth for Kg Buah Pala (updates)


2000: The Penang Government Officers Cooperative is adamant that it wants to demolish the Kg Buah Pala houses tomorrow, reports the NST/Bernama here. “We are not cruel, but our decision to demolish the village still stands because the court has decided the land is ours,” the cooperative chairman Abdul Razak Mansor is quoted as saying.

This effectively throws a spanner in the ongoing talks between the state government and the developer, Nusmetro, to resolve the crisis, according to a source.

Meanwhile, villagers reportedly have taken a week off from work to protect their homes from demolition. They are also expecting many activists and sympathisers to turn up tomorrow to lend their support, reports theSun.

1500: The developer and state government leaders are believed to be holding round-the-clock talks to resolve this crisis, a source informs me. The talks, which could continue tomorrow, may be extended if they fail to come up with a solution.

1300: The villagers are now waiting for a detailed blueprint from the developer/state for them to evaluate the proposal that they could co-exist side-by-side with the condominium project, says  Sugumaran, the chairperson of the residents committee.

The villagers are in the midst of a heritage festival in the village.

0058: Today is the the day – the deadline given for Kampung Buah Pala residents to vacate their land.

There’s still considerable uncertainty over what will happen tomorrow.

According to one activist, as late as yesterday, the villagers were still hoping for the state to intervene and save their land by acquiring it.

Today, the villagers will be holding Ponggal celebrations with mixed feelings.

They will probably issue a press statement as well.

And then, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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This issue has been settle, but this is my little comments on this issue. people like us, a rootgrass people living in the bottom level of the country. we have been left behind for pass 50 years. The only things can changes is invest in to education, to gain more opportunity in carrer and better living in the future. I think the penang state government is done the right things on this issue. The penang state government compensate so much money to the people. some more provide the people a double story house to them. I believe this is the… Read more »


the fact to be consider is that according to the national land code, all prpoperty is vested in the stste and only the state authority has the power to dispose the land. the second vital element is that the concept of adverse possesion is not recognized under the national land code-s.48. yet the are continuous demand sbeing made by various quaters for right of ownership of land on the ground that they had been for a long time and had worked on the land, through the said land not anytime being alienated to tehm. according to the law they are… Read more »


PR- Peoples govt??? B……t govt. On d 13/8, when d devil lopers assisted by a group of gangster look alikes gang tried 2 demolish d Buah Pala houses, all d so called CAT ADUNS of Penang have switch off their H/P’s??? It seems tat all tis idea 2 demolish d village were well planned by d devils & (who else?) Is tis u call as a peoples govt??? D rakyat, inmaterial of their skin color r suffering but tis B……s completely wash off their hands & it is very2 sickening to note tat d govt v have choosen is worst… Read more »

Song Sia Wei

I am no from penang, but if they can get 3.5 million and a palace for each family, I will sure resign my job and come to Penang to be historical squatter 😉


Thank you LGE, CM of Penang that u hv done an excellent negotiation for the Kg Buah Pala “squarters”. One BN lawyer told me that even the BN govt cant negotiate such a big bonus for the squatters, even though the whole problem have been created by bn, what can bn do as armno is the boss, the land deal gets involved with armno YBsssssss. Congratulations, our esteemed YAB Lim Guan Eng, our Chief Minister of Penang, we will definitely support you. You are still the best. For the by-election in Permatang Pasir, PR will win with more majority compared… Read more »


August 3rd, 2009 at 11.48pm
it really showed the ‘weakness of LGE’. untill now still not settle! now we see his true colors….

please resign and go back to Malacca!…


Don’t you think those residents are lucky this time around having PR as the state government? I was only wondering, if this is still Gerakan/BN state, would they have all this leeway? Most probably, demolishing squad would have done their job weeks ago.
LGE should get on the job of governing Penang,period.


The land has been occupied for longand there are people living there. They are voters and they are citizens of this country. I wonder how come big and greedy shark able to land on that particular land? Can this big shark move on to other estuary? Secondly, if a deep fishing vessel can catch bigger fish why not share it with little fishing vessel? You cannot share with them just because they are ‘little fish’ that have no market value? Don’t be greedy guys. God created land for every body to live in and not only for the greedy lords.… Read more »

ordinary folk

to the villagers, pls move on and just take the offer now and and to show u all were ready to negotiate. all details can be worked out. whether or not u accept, the houses will be demolished. There are no 2 ways abt this. the land was sold during BN ruling in PG, plain n simple. LGE tried his best to help but he CANNOT go against the law or refuse to issue permits to developers without clear reasons. It was very easy for LGE to sit outside the ring for this one but he chose to intervene and… Read more »


Kampung Pala people deserve it.

Squatters being given house that easily worth 500K on the island and temporary shelter during construction

what could they have ask for more?

if under BN, indians temple are being demolished without giving any chance to nego

maybe under PKR also should do the same to their squatters home.

No mention made about “temporary shelter” in the offer letter to the villagers – Anil


Give each family a luxurious bungalow and a mercedes which they deserve and offer their children scholarship to study overseas. They really deserve these perks, dont you think so ?


The villagers had already lost in the trial. People took this opportunity to create politics. In non politically view, it is GREED. They had asked for too much. I remembered my old grandma’s home had to be given up because of development. We knew it is not ours. We only rented it from the government. What the villagers are doing now is ROBBING!


every pls behave like human.why cant bar council help this people if there is evidents of wrong doing.

ur sister

Hi my dear skydiver….perhaps you must have not been deprieved of anything b4…greed is what u have described the poor villagers…what u mean by follow the rule…we are born not to rule but to live…u n me!!!!!!!! Rules n laws man made…cant you smell any fishy n foul out of this whole transaction…everything seems 2 b very blurr. From KTK to LGE…earlier LGE was making noise of his so called discoveries on land scam in PG then what happen? His mouth shut with what..n this particular land transaction completed during his term….r u going 2 say things taken place right… Read more »


Like it or not, we all have to follow the rule of law. The residents (squatters actually) had lost the trial and the high court had ruled that they are squatters. They do not deserve any compensation, let alone rm200k and now a terrace house. If we were to conduct a poll, I am sure 99% of Penangites would throw LGE out if he were to buy the land using the state coffers and give it to the squatters. I sincerely hope that the squatters would come to their senses and accept the generous offer of a terrace house from… Read more »


Like it or not, we all have to follow the rule of law. The residents (squatters actually) had lost the trial and the high court had ruled that they are squatters. They do not deserve any compensation, let alone rm200k and now a terrace house.

If we were to conduct a poll, I am sure 99% of Penangites would throw LGE out if he were to buy the land using the state coffers and give it to the squatters.

Enough is enough! I said throw them out if they are still living in fantasy land because of their GREED!

anna brella

For those who want to evolve from ignorance or prejudice at their own will/volition, here is some clarification on minority rights and the protection of such rights from the otherwise tyranny of the majority.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


where is mr rayer and mr karpal? very quite…..or still sleeping?


Guan Eng should taken the lead but not follow the developer. Who is in power?

maybe Guan Eng don’t know the meaning ‘win win situation’.

He is playing ‘taichee’. Pointing at others. No guts as a CM!



it really showed the ‘weakness of LGE’. untill now still not settle! now we see his true colors….

please resign and go back to Malacca!…


Eagle eye,
The term “It’s economics! Stupid” was coined during the George Bush Senior era. George Bush Senior won the gulf war but lost presidential reelection. And it’s really economics.
I think you should watch Yes, Prime Minister. Humphery Appleby spell it out very clearly on this. Talking about civil servants. Nobody seems to point finger at the top civil servants


How long can they wait and camp there? especially the outsides 😀 1 week? 2 weeks? Eventually they need to go to work, eventually the bulldozers will come 😀

Ong Eu Sooon

I still like to repeat this same old question. Who chaired the Land Committee that gave recommendation to the Director of Lands and Mines for approval of the land title transfer, with prior knowledge of the alleged fraud in the sales of the land.
Why not declassify the documents, prove that you are friend not our enemy. As for those who can not see injustice, who can see only empty development that void of humanity, you deserve the Cheap Minister you vote for. One day, I will have a good laught at all those bodek kaki.


What the hell is MIC doing there? They started it and stayed on to watch it. Till to date, Gerakan, MIC and MCA as well as UMNO are the culprits. They must answer.


I do agree with you very much. I pray that if those guys are bent on the villagers, do think twice.
But I believe if they move in to do so, I hope the police be there to maintain a neutral stand and not to take side.
I pray that this will not happen.