Missing fountain and Ipoh’s heritage


The Perak government is desperately trying to promote heritage tourism, but as one writer observes, there is no evidence that this “top down, bottom up” approach, requiring love and respect for our heritage, exists anywhere in Ipoh.

Saw this piece by Ian Anderson in the Ipoh Echo:

Once there was a beautiful Italian marble fountain on this site (in Little India). It was put there not by government, but by the businessmen of Ipoh in memory of the 8th British Adviser, E W Birch, who unlike his father had been good to Ipoh and Perak during his tenure. Indeed without his assistance, New Town would not have been built. However in the 1980s the memorial was removed by the City Council in the name of development.

Then, funnily enough they managed to find room to build a modern (some would say ugly) concrete fountain, which they laughingly called the Memorial Fountain. But then that fountain also had to go for development – of a toilet (a memorial toilet?) – an eyesore that, as you can see from the photograph, takes away all the aesthetic view of the old buildings.

Full article here.

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PPP was political party to be reckoned in the 60s. They were opposition to the Alliance (now UMNO/Gerakan) in those days. Ipoh town was like little Hong Kong in those days under the Seenivastam brothers until May 23 when they decided to join UMNO/Gerakan. Ipoh was well known for many things like rice noodles, herb tea and tin mime. Ipoh town was very lively.

just like Gerakan… they were stripped by UMNO and Ipoh Town is like a ghost today. Many Ipoh mari can be found in all over the world as UMNO/Gerakan Government did nothing


It is Perak,Penang and Kedah and not Selangor or Melaka or Singapore where i feel the roots of Malaysia as we know it really started. Perak in particular is so full of Malaysian history it is amazing that the Perak state government does not care a hoot about it. You can trace the earliest form of known human civilisation in Malaya back to Perak including some of the oldest Hindu temples found in Malaya that date back to the early Malay Hindu civilisation era. Lets hope when PR gets back in Government some serious recognition of history in Perak will… Read more »


Just like Gerakan in Penang this Zambry and his froggies will soon be making a mess of the situation in Perak. In less than 1 year they could not account for the millions lt. Yes PR must get back into the government or all will be lost again.


yes i agree


What happened to all the vintage machineries that pulled up the funicular trains at Penang Hill Railway? After upgrading, the heritage assets are ridden off in the name of obliterating any British colonial past?
Or written off / sold off for ‘hefty’ pocket money?