Minden Heights hill-top clearing above 250-feet threshold

Cangkat Minden Lorong 14/Cangkat Minden Jalan 1 hill scarred

Another hill in Penang, this time in the Minden Heights area in Penang Island, appears to be badly scarred, satellite imagery shows.

The hill lies between Cangkat Minden Lorong 14/Cankat Minden Jalan 1 and Jalan Bukit Gambir. The hill-top clearing appears to be above the 250-feet above sea level contour threshold (depicted by the thin white line in the image).

A smaller clearing above the threshold can be seen on the hill behind that along the slope on the other side of Jalan Bukit Gambir.

The Penang state government and the MBPP must explain the scarring visible in this satellite image, which is dated 8 February 2015 as well as the clearing on another hill in Sungai Ara, previously highlighted in this blog.

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peter wong

Is this not a very old project ? Its been going on and approved before CM Lim Guan Eng took over ?

LGE tak boleh

Hi Anil,

Could you list out the hills in Penang Island that have been affected by hill clearing activities during the administration of Lim Guan Eng?

Thank you


Asking dunggu to do dirty work? Where are new houses, factories, banks, schools going to build? Tearing squatters, relaim from the sea or new areas? In the past during gelakan’s Gomen all the good land has been used use. Now like the Yankees we have to repeat 3000 years old wild wild west.

Minden Heights resident

The new botak hill is another condo development Middleton by the … BSG GROUP.


I believe it will be another hogh end confo just like Raffle Condo

james k

It seems that the hillside land on either side of Jln Yeap Chor Ee has been earmarked for high-rise residential projects by various developers.
Any evidence that they are above 250 ft?

On a side note, any info on a planned tunnel under Mt Erskine reported in the Chinese press?


James is most probably pin pointing Yeap Chor Ee and Jalan Bukit Gambier as the same road and they run on the same stretch. From Yeap Chor Ee after botak hill and before USM, you see concrete being pave on the slope of the hill opposite the above location. You cannot see this location as it is being covered by trees. You need to go in by the Raffle Condominium and you will reach a Malay school. The road leading inside is also under locked with a gate


If you pass by this road (Jalan Bukit Gambier) leading to the construction site, you may encounter speeding lorries bringing earth from Farlim.
The road in front of the construction site gate & further down opposite is often litter with debris & posed a danger to cars as flying pebbles lobed from speeding car tyres can shatter car windscreens or even hit motorcyclists.
Where is the strict monitoring by relevant authorities?


All traffic speeding and road regulation are looked after by mata2. As it not under the state Gomen, everything has been kautim. It is very easy with such matters with mata.