Residents groups plead with Penang government to halt Batu Ferringhi hill project

The site of a hill-slope project above the 250-feet threshold

Candidates and representatives of various contesting parties in Tanjung Bungah turned up in full force for a press conference this morning organised by the Management Corporation of Miami Green Resort Condominium and the Batu Ferringhi Residents’ Association.

The two residents groups issued a joint press statement urging the state government to stop the private project consisting of two 34-storey service apartment towers and a 28-storey block of 197 ‘affordable’ homes that would provide a total of 869 homes on a 12.26-acre plot. (How can such density be approved when it is much higher than what is allowed under the Penang Structure Plan 2007-2020, the main legally enforceable planning document in the state.)

This is our fourth press conference. Our second and third press conference last November has not yet received any response from the state government and MBPP. It has been six months.

The residents of Miami Green Resort Condominium, which has 557 households in five 29-storey blocks, have since then hired a geotechnical consultants firm, Zeezy Global Sdn Bhd, to conduct a peer review on all the geotechnical reports and environmental impact assessment reports (on both Lot 62 – Malim Jaya and Lot 650 and 652 – Miami Green) that were made available to us.

The residents are very concerned that the project developments studies have been overlooked by the authorities; therefore we today invited all the state assembly hopefuls and officers to come on-site to have a look at close hand.

The residents from 557 households are currently living in fear. If the project is pushed through, the consequences could be catastrophic. Destabilisation of the slopes could happen within a relatively short time as in the case of the Tanjung Bungah landslide (October 2017) or it could manifest over a period of time, as the case of Highland Towers (December 1993). It poses grave threats to the surrounding buildings and lives.

This is the “proof” that there are still hill-slope developments being approved in Penang. The project area is classified as “Class 4” hill land – areas or hills with a slope of 35 degrees or more (based on the classification from the Safety Guideline for Hillside Development 2012.

Objectives/Our demands:

The main objective of this press conference is Miami Green would like to plead with the incoming state government as well as MBPP to halt the development behind Miami Green.

The public (the voters and residents) of Tanjung Bungah deserve to know which parties have the determination to protect the hill slopes of Penang.

On the grounds that:

  • even with approved designs and planning permissions, the state government/city council/developer are unable to guarantee that sensitive slopes would not fail and pose a risk to the lives and safety of the residents of Miami Green and surrounding areas during construction, upon completion and years after completion.
  • 50% of the development is on slopes of more than 25 degrees
  • according to the Penang Structure Plan 2020, the area is classified as KSAS BB or Environmentally Sensitive Areas with Disaster Risk. The Structure Plan was gazetted in line with the Town and Country Planning Act, 1976 and clearly states that there shall be no development in KSAS BB areas.
  • the existing slope of Miami Green Resort Condominium is in critical condition; it is not designed to take such loading.
  • as required by the Safety Guideline for Hillside Development 2012, there is an insufficient buffer zone between Miami Green and development site. Presently, the area for proposed development does not meet the above buffer.
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John T

From FMT 29 April 2018…. “at a meet the candidates” session, a resident had asked Zairil if the project would be cancelled, to which he said it would be “re-evaluated”. He said the Penang government would review the guidelines on hill slope development in the future. This is as good as a death sentence for Miami Green, and Paya Terubong. He is telling us we are We are Dead Man Walking… Do PAya Terubong and Tg Bungah residents, just lie down, and accept the inevitable., and slip into the DARKNESS. while their “lackeys” write all sorts of comments to demonise… Read more »


Similarly a break from couple of seats held by dummo fortress will not cause dummo collapse of dummo central gomen.


According to fmt, high density maimi green condon of more than 100 units were approved by former gilakan dummo gomen. So far dummo has not built a single house in penang. Dummo can find land in pg island cost few hundred ks but sell less than 49k? Or build in mainland, tunglang and john can go there and by faith no need to move the mountain?


Miami Green residents do not wish to have low cost housing in their vicinity for fear of devalue their properties?


Who has the overriding power to approve or disapprove any housing scheme application? State Planning Committee (SPC), MBPP or Land Office. This we Penangites want to know. Hill land development laws are there but it is ignored & circumvented in hush-hush manner to push thro’ some housing plans + applications until we know after the fact of impending dangers of piling works in botak-ed hills. As it is now, we are chasing after the ball-passers round & round the field of exasperation. Q: Who has the final power to ‘veto’ any hill land development without resorting to publicly-untouchable special area… Read more »


Whether is special or simple terrace housing projects, the land has to cleared and partly levelled to bring lorries and cranes up. Result is almost like what you see, clearing and levelling of land. The terrace houses will be even more expensive. Few houses but the amount of infrastructural work almost same as highrise. So either build mid rise or totally no building. Of course gilakan can promise heavens and earths as they are very desperate. But like their central dummo counterpart, demands from powerful warlords like many telling if teng does not like he can leave. Like even if… Read more »


Who owns the hillslopes land? How did they originally get the land or given by previous state gomen? Why they sell the land to developers?


Who is more greedy? Land owners or developers? Pg forum knows how to kau beh kau bu. Hilly land owners are no difference to heritage home owners except heritage houses are cared by historical society


Gerakan Teng is trying to capitalise on the issue to gain a state seat. Deny him!

PolitiScheiss (a.k.a. IT.Scheiss)

To add to my earlier post, that video “Who Owns New Zealand Now?” harks back to an earlier period when social democratic parties such as Labour in the U.K., New Zealand and elsewhere actually implemented pro-people and pro-working class policies but neo-liberalism took hold, even amongst these social democratic parties since the time of Reagan and Thatcher. The DAP claims itself to be a social democratic party with a youth wing called the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) for a long time now, I have not heard anything about what the DAP’s “democratic socialism” actually means, apart perhaps from a Malaysian… Read more »

Luisa WanLu Hung

Orange line is NCPR !?

John Tan

Are we Dead Men Walking?

John Tan

The BAttle to save the Unfortunate Prospective Burials is Under-fought. Prospective Buyers should also be reminded. We die, they Die. They will be the Ones Come Crashing down to bury us.


Penang needs no more land tearing activities. Pull stop. Neither gerakan nor dap should treat penang like hong kong.. This is the pearl of the east. Enough is enough with land degradation. The supposed tunnel link should only allow rail line connecting tg bungah to bayan lepas and into Kulim Kedah. State govt should champion public transport not private cars. Unless and until this paradigm shift grained into PH leadership there wont be a stop to environmental disaster on Penang Island.


Public transport under central dummo. They control everything. Even free buses and shuttle is not from Dummo but state gomen pays millions every year to rapid owned by central gomen. See the ferries, taxis. airports all under dummo


Why hillslope land owners are selling the land to developers? It is similar to selling heritage shophouses. Land clearing is dummo no 1. Always hear dummo saying they will bring development.see how much jungles and forest for planting oil palm making world no. Johor has more land than penang and yet they wanted to reclaim more resulting concern raised by singland.


Tanjung Bungah project not on hill slope above 76m, says Jagdeep


Don’t be one-sided.


If less density then more houses will be built elsewhere. Then more clearing around the island and more waste treatment to be build and more flood mitigation required to those places. Then one see the dark green penang becomes brown all over.


Want to live like yanks and ozzies. Each block with backyard garden? Aussies scientists examine aerial photos over 10 years. Cities like sydney is no difference to amazon jungles. Green areas become brown or light brown sign of development. Dont believe? See satelite maps. Virgin are dark green. Brown signs of human activities


The unbelievable is:
more densities allowed & yet price remaining at sky-high also allowed. What the hell is this??? Doesn’t make sense to increase densities, unbelievable!
Is this not greed, developers pls answer.


Complain to dummo housing minister.. Price cintrol under dummo. If ah pek raise his sundry price, it is job to superman aka dummo gomen. Not job for tokong.
Dont buy if expensive. Tun lang someone pointing a magmum at your head to force you to bug? You claim lah, towers of units but all blackout. Why developers still throw millions if no buyers? Why landowners want to sell to developers? Everyone is greedy. Landowners, developers and homebuyers


Lone Ranger Teh laid the foundation then left Tanjung Bungah for PSM, Gerakan Teng seized the day capitalizing on the frustration of certain Miami Green residents, notably Ms Janice as widely reported on TV3 news.


According to pg exco in freemalaysiatoday, gilakan are hypocrates. They are the very ones approved the project. Yet some in pg forum orso jump in the fray without checking and wrong point at others. 0n the other hand, the bugis promise peoples housing. So where in penang? With scarity of land, beside pg hill or reclaimed like in malacca?

Ken Yap

Thank you for posting this.

Awang Selamat Ori

Vote independent or other candidates from new opposition parties, let us start building a third force so that Zairil has more time to spend with Diana Sofia. Let us retire him and the DAP candidate for Air Putih. The arrogance, the irresponsibility when dealing with the rakyat’s problem is unbelievable. I pity the plight of the Tanjung Bungah residents and fully urge them to retire Zairil. Do not vote the BN guy Teng, he is just a puppet. Vote candidate of the other contesting parties. These people have to be taught a lesson. Their arrogance is unbelievable and what better… Read more »


Same with mo satu. Why must be bugis mari and not ipoh mari? No wonder history books mention celebes are well known for sea faring and pirates and penang on the other side cannof escape and gets plunder. Where are the promises of a transport system and peoples houses? Penang gets robbed with awang and the empat puluh pencuri. Claim about fulfilling promises but talk like pirates. Can orso send back to celebes and mug all the boats and ships. Fast luxury ship in bali waiting and ready. Can speedy gonzalous to celebes. Space for awang and empat puluh pencuri


Same with mo satu…

Where are the funds for flood mitigation and pg transport? Tell rakyat to tightened belt and eat kangkong but own eat rice from half way round the world. How much Co2 footprints? All in the family using taxpayers for overseas trip. No wonder, rakyat are suffering..