Messing with Melaka: the RM40bn Gateway project


The RM40bn Melaka Gateway project is set to turn Melaka from a historical jewel into nothing more than a shiny plaything for the international idle rich, warns Weezy La Boite.

Much of the information in the Melaka Gateway project website is also published in the glossy flier being distributed at the Melaka Gateway office. There is very little real information here. For example, the page “Who is KAJD Development” conspicuously avoids answering the question.

From what we can gather, this is going to be a massive island project designed to capture the cruise ship market. KAJD Development are publicising the numbers – RM40bn in cost and 609 acres in size (why 09?).

They have an information office on the (failed) Pulau Melaka. According to the representative there, the company had to take over Pulau Melaka and promise to “refurbish” it in order to win this contract.

Full article on the Aliran website.

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Mah Sing launched The Coastal at Batu Maung.
Is this a good location? At least RM800k, right?
Can someone comment on this development?
My son who is working as a financial consultant in Singapore is keen to buy it as he plan to return to Penang in three years time.

Eng Hock

Ah Lang can create a bikini meow for Sarawak Kuching Cat Museum ?

btw, a new model kit museum now at Bukit Gambier. Claimed to be the biggest in Asia, with many Gundam robots ! Flyers seen at tourism booth at Penang airport !

Now Penang got Owl Museum, Camera Museum, 3D Art Museum so when would Ah Lang’s vision of Street Museum to materialise ? Can get Penang Famous Chendol Mr Tan to sponsor now that he has been successful venturing out of the island with his franchise biz ???


Moral of the story: better be rich to enjoy the luxury in life?


Moral of daily life : Be simplistic & find joy in the luxury of the nature & not be burdened by the luxury of materialistic indulgence that create unnecessary super-go depression !

what say you, Mr Anil ?


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau, Priyanka.
But the CAT way to go CosmoKapitan Penang will make it a hard act to follow.
Just look around. Even Nature is not spared in “Cleaner & Greener Penang?”, a CAT hollow & lying pre-308 speech to gain a foothold in Penang.

Debz Lee

It would be a great hing to build, bringing jobs to the area but they should do it far enough away from Historical Melaka otherwise the tourists won’t have anything to see when they come ashore!


Tourists like the night market of Jonker Walk, but the local authority has a different idea of closing it.


I have been thinking about penang and its development of late, and i have no answer…

It has been quite stale here for awhile with all the kau peh kau boh… thanks to those forward thinking readers come in to share their thoughts.

liang liang

when you enjoy the food at SP, you can stop kau peh kau boh !

watch the latest episodes of Ho Chak and you will feel like you are in Penang of the 70’s & 80’s …


Penang PAS councillor suspended over remarks
Susan Loone | 10:46AM Sep 27 | 6

MPPP acts against Iszuree Ibrahim allegedly over comments on squatters at muktamar.

This what we called Pakatan freedom of speech


CAT cakap tak serupa ‘bikini’: Created Speakers Square to take punches at government, to shiok-shiok sendiri. Cry foul at Sedition Act. Still blame kau kau ostrich bo hoot for present land development & Gurney’s mud flat. Kampung Buah Pala for hero cowboy ‘target shooting’ at developer+gomen tryst for land grabs. Now, we are witnessing the exact opposite of what CAT stands for on 4 legs. Freedom of speech only applies to those who praises, bodeks & strokes the feline ego (slow & shiok-shiok) of Niau Kong to exhilaration. Freedom of speech as far as Sg. Petani!!! To those who aspires… Read more »

liang liang

8TV “Ho Chak” foodie show now venture as as as Sg. Petani – a new food heaven attracting Penangites and Ipohans to savour the fast disappearing “sentimental” dishes due to urbanisation ! 12 local food stalls/restaurants for getting the 8TV HoChak! honourable endorsement.

SP’s Uncle Fat Ice Blended House is the hidden gem unlike the over-rated commercialised Penang Chendol.

I enjoyed the coverage so much on 8TV last 2 Sundays. You can catch them in the web or

Go discover Kedah Food – delicious for economical for your pockets – so why wait wait ?


Ah Lang is beginning to have a soft spot for Sg. Petani?
Perhaps to give ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ a try?


That Penang PAS councillor should have made his comment at Speakers Corner in Penang, not in Johor.

so he langgar tata tertib, therefore lucut jawatan MPPP.


Very true.


Will the Niau Kong still make any speech @ Speakers Corner without the PPS?
Or did ‘it’ prefers to safely make blame-speeches behind the tinted glass of MercS300Lansi?
Tell me.


To the smart one, read this. Its just that many who go to Singapore to work, they save every penny they could and when they come back they find that with their saving and CPF, they are very much richer is because of the exchange rate. If you are earning and living in S`pore you are still just like your counterpart here, Hong Kong, Tokyo and cities around the world, Struggling because of the high cost of living …….. So this smart guy, I advise him to go to these place and do not whine in your 4 wall apartment… Read more »


Certainly those Malaysians working in Singapore do not have good life there as they are likely sharing a room they rent, while missing family members who are not with them. If they live frugally in Singapore, then they could return to Malaysia with good money earned/saved in SingDollar. They can then retire comfortably in Malaysia, no need to … blame cats and dogs for their misery.


Bitter first, sweet later.
That is how those Malaysians work hard in Singapore in early stage of their life, and enjoy the fruit of their labour later when return home with the hard earnef Singapore dollar and cpf.


So Ananars are telling us to work in US, UK, Australia, Spore etc where ringgit fare poorly in exchange. Work smart Safe hard there then return to Malaysia to enjoy your deserving fruits of labour betul betul lepak no financial concern!
Of course if you are a political crony with cari makan lobang in Bolehland, then stay put in Msia ignoring moral conscience to live Alibaba (not that of Jack Ma) ways.


abraham ; I am telling the smart guys who keep whining that our country is so bad and that Singapore is so good and that he cannot cari makan here,,, so ask him to go there


It is (possibly) only another avenue for the Umno dorkys to enrich themselves. Just you wait and see what a white elephant it would turn out to be and without a doubt out the original budget !


Honestly, the stupidity of this thing is unbelievable – and I am pro-development. Its one thing to develop, its another to be just plain stupid.. This thing has absolutely nothing to do with Penang’s development – the economics are completely different – its not even the same animal. Just because one pour cement, does not mean its the same activity..One is development, this is just stupidity..


Please remember Malacca has never being with DAP and the people have to look after themselves !


Looks like a scam to me. Will probably not be fully realized but damage to coastline imminent.

BTW don’t think just because other states do it we should not complain about Penang’s ambitions to build more high end Chungking Mansions.


Wow, that would dwarf Penang people’s Straits Quay ! No way can Penang compare with Malacca in the future !


If done tastefully, it’s OK. Trouble is these people have no taste whatsoever! What have they learned from ‘working’ trips overseas?


Penangites should not complain now that development for the rich is happening in other states too.


Read many Penangites comments in your blog that are fearful of latest developmental changes. My advice to them is learn to cope with changes. Your anger will soon subside and then the reality shall sink upon you. The earlier we get over the frustrations the better we able to cope and think of ways to overcome higher cost of living. If you are retiring and children already can fend for themselves, then i suggest move over to mainland to still enjoy yesteryears lifestyle of easy going. If you have children yet to join workforce; then life can be tougher. Just… Read more »


Xavier, thanks for sound advice !!! Do share more often.


Actually most Penangites earn more than typical Malayaians, yet still complain a lot despite the fact that Penang is a more advanced and developed state.

They should travel to other states to see for themselves. Melaka without CAT (may have Bersih Cekap Amanah instead?) also has development projects that are questionable.

I remember one reader highlighted the Melaka Gateway sometime back and only now Anil realised it. Perhaps Anil too focus on Penang? Go see more such development in Iskandar Johor and be thankful of Penang situation.


In the 80’s and 90’s many Penang graduates and professionals left Penang to work in Singapore. In the coming years these people will retire and are unlikely to stay in Singapore due to high cost of living. With their accumulated wealth (cashing in a HDB flat will net at least S$400K) especially with the 2.5x SingDollar over Ringgit, these people will return to Penang and easily afford the condominium on sale. Already many Malaysian developers are having property fair in Singapore to lure such potential customers. Xavier was right, Do not envy those who could afford. These people who left… Read more »


A survey by the Malaysian press revealed that 87% of the Malaysian respondents who have worked or currently working in Singapore do not have plans to get SGP citizenship. Their objective of working in Singapore is to earn the strong Singapore dollar and then go back to Malaysia and enjoy life.

Some respondents cited their love for Malaysia, the cost of living in Singapore, and strict Housing policies as some of the reasons for not getting SGP citizenship.

So they are likely to return to Malaysia after earning enough Singollar to purchase the property in Malaysia for retirement?


Anil Penang island folks if complain too much will look grumpy then visitors like us will miss the pearl of orient charms You guys are lucky compared to us in JB. No Rapid buses and got to tolerate inefficient public system. Kopi o here cost RM1.20, Plain Tosai RM1.80 at JB famous Nilla. I remember I paid only RM3 for such meal at Little India Penang. Char Hor Fun here not funny if you note the price adjusted to Spore consumerism. Anyway, I hope Penang folks must be happy it’s famous Chendol (Tan family 70 years heritage dish) has opened… Read more »

georgina t

Penang island plain tosai RM1.20, kopi o RM1.00; total RM2.20 still 80 sen cheaper than that served in JB.


Abraham should also add that the water tariff in Johor will go up by 10-12% next year.
So Penangites should be thankful for their cheap water.


Ken: So Penangites should be thankful for their cheap water.

Are you precisely referring to the greedy-not-enough developers who enjoy water subsidy from generous state gomen while Penangites are warned to save on water consumption???
Ridiculous, isn’t it???


Even Penang’s Ivory is now entering the JB property development at Permas Jaya!

Phua Kai Lit

Yes, Pulau Melaka is a massive failure.
The only bit of success there is the Masjid.
The shop houses there are all unoccupied.

When I was attached to Mahkota Medical Centre
(way back in the late 1990s!), they were building Pulau Melaka.
It is now 15 years later !


Do remember the Melaka government has planned to chase away the night traders along Jonker Street by opening the road to traffic.

Phua Kai Lit

Trying to outdo Dubai in terms of hubris ?