The mess near Mount Erskine market

Near the Mount Erksine market - Photograph: A concerned Mount Erskine resident

This photo was taken this morning after about four hours of intermittent rain. The developer has built retaining walls, but what about proper drainage for surface run-off during a heavy downpour and internal ground water?

Anyway you can see below that this is an area where hills have also been cleared above the 250-feet threshold. This is an area that has also been overdeveloped with just too many high-rise towers on the hill slopes.

map near Mount Erskine market

And where is the Penang Island Local Plan?

Mount Erkine residents, especially those around Lebuhraya Halia, what do you think of the ‘development’ in your area?

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David Loman

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LGE tak boleh

Please don’t blame LGE and the CAT government. It is totally act of GOD…


you admit blaming god

Andrew Aeria

Well done Anil.


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Siapa CELAKA yang buat semua ni?
Siapa CELAKA yang membinasakan alam semula jadi?
Dari mana … tu yang menyilai siang & malam “Cleaner & Greener Penang”?
Harapkan Dulu Tak CELAKA, Sekarang Dah CELAKA main cakap tak serupa bikin.


Besides environmental concern, Penangites must safeguard uniqueness of Penang Hokkien before it disappears in 40 years time as oung kids speak Mandarin and English at home with parents these days.

I hope Anil can pick up some basic Hokkien in this link :


waste of time making mt penang out of mole. even std 6 knows water cannot run uphill. it has to run downhill..who is smarter than newton? too bad our edu does not teach us to think. water run down and put a silt trap at bottom. case close

Rebecca Wilkinson

What a total nightmare!


Mat Salleh like Rebecca (Msia 2nd home scheme?) also cries foul hopefully nightmare no encounter with Freddie Krueger on Bertam Street?


damien your good friend brutus


More than that! It’s Absolute Vodka Madness.
Leave a wild CAT on a Persian carpet & see what happens to this work of art!


abstract art. lat’s art teacher anything is an art. rojak orso found in persia

Overdevelopment from greed and selfishness.


Overdevelopment from greed and selfishness in the absence of Penang Local Plan.
Most probably tis CAT Vision?


underdevelop as compare to cars. many uses cars and one car for each member of the family. no complain and finger pointing to himself. try to be holy be look at rafters in people eyes. get rid of cars. cars emit smoke cause many sickness and global warning.
anil why not highlight traffic jams and tell your readers to throw the cars away. bet you cant.


Anil Netto appears to have done more to raise issues if concern, and Gelakan more concerned of choosing candidates and not tackle peoples plight head on.

If Gelakan hijacks and uses articles in this for, make sure Mah Teng Oh aka gilakan contributes to Anil’s pension fund. Nothing is free while things get expensive barang naik n Anil also needs to survive in his golden years.


Yes, let’s have more of this “development” to reach the paradise of “high-income nation”.


High income nation yet average household monthly income RM6K, minus baring naik expenses and indulgences nothing much left to safeguard future.
No wonder we get to see more social ills like robbing ATMs now seem normal crime in bolehland.


please walk and dont use cars. use bahasa enough. eng no good as it is language of development