Malaysia a less happy place since 2007


Switzerland tops the global happiness chart followed by a string of Scandinavian nations while the most unhappy nations are Togo, Burundi and Syria. Malaysia came out 61st.

Switzerland posted an index score of 7.587.

Singapore is in 24th spot (index 6.798), Thailand in 34th (6.455), Malaysia 61st (5.770) and Indonesia 74th (5.399).

This is the third annual report published by the United Nations. The study covers the period 2012-2014.

Among the components considered are real GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, perceptions of corruption, and dystopia (a sense of unhappiness, misery, oppression and squalour).

A previous study covered 2005-2007, and Malaysia actually performed worse since that study as its index score dropped by 0.366. Among all the countries ranked by improvements and declines since 2005-2007, Malaysia came out 106th.

In contrast, Singapore (+0.158) Thailand (+0.612) and Indonesia (+0.380) all showed improvements in their index score since 2005-2007.

The full report can be found here.

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Mamak food now cost more than a meal at McDonald’s RM7.95.

ajith v

Ahmad Maslan told undergraduates to cook their own food to save cost. This makes many people unhappy!

Fred Y

Penangites can look forward to more lavish free food for one week prior to next GE when Good Star Limited under Jho Low can do CSR program winning the hearts of the struggling folks ???

gk ong

Malaysia is always in a dismaying and embarrasinh position when it is benchmarked against other top nations possibly in critical areas due to the Jaguh Kampung mentality and Syiok Sendiri syndrome. No local university is ever ranked in favourable position. In sports, the national football team is at the all time low in FIFA ranking, below Bhutan although some of the local players can be paid monthly salary of RM130k a month according to NST. Of course rakyat is not happy now that Ringgit is depreciating in value and the High Income dream is becoming elusive when 2020 is only… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Current UMNO Baru fratricide making a lot of people happy ?? 🙂

A lot of dirt is coming out into the open.


mahathir continues to dig the rm42 billion ringgit dirt debt but umnoputeras still cannot come to their senses and still im4u to the 1pm.

Furious 8

I just realized why every morning I feel unhappy. Less happy then b4.

The simple reason is that i used to look forward to my meals reading with talks on salivating street food.

These days truly spoils my mood with so many “kau peh kau boh” (literally means cry pa cry ma) comments especially from that struggling foodie turns activist ?


Anil, some fellas love to eat cement! Can’t blame them for CAT-blind. Anyway, let me share this heavenly [email protected] Dato Kramat (in front of City Stadium). In the cool rainy evening yesterday, I went for my Singapore Beehoon plus tambah which cost me Rm4.00.This is my only best of the best Singapore Beehoon in Penang. And to finish off, I ordered Tosai which is still cheap @Rm1.20, plus a cuppa of Kopi @ Rm1.20 (tis no increase in price). All in Rm6.40 for a heavy meal. Anil, no pictures for salivating this time, cos some cheap-skate cement-dried-brained have to work-harder… Read more »


Anil, keep up the ‘pressure cooker’. Some are trying to detract your mission for
Anyway, I don’t fancy Fast & Furious at all.


Wrong, It should be Malaysia is a less happy place since 2008 especially Penang. Since the Pakatan victory in many seats and some states there is too much polarisation caused by the opposition through rally after rally, causing sensitive racial and religious sentiments among the people. The state govt with their fast track & haphazard development have created more road congestion, destroying of the serene and peaceful environment of the island and hicjakcing our precious land that have deprive the people of affordable housing etc etc etc……. Anyway 61st out of over 200 countries is not that bad but today… Read more »


more people are happy to migrate to Penang since 308. of course those that used to enjoy gerakan perks are unhappy and they fill this blog with negative vibes.


I am less happy now because a) my mamak stall charges me more due to GST. Kopi O now RM1.25 (was RM1 then RM1.20 now a bit more for the tax). b) no more live English & UEFA football other than on pay TV like Astro. To watch them at coffee shop or food court on weekends more costly as the beer has jumped in prices (again thanks to the tax). c) English language in Malaysia has become Manglish. Young folks can’t speak proper English and need tutorship from MyOhEnglish ? d) more socail problems due to widening income gap… Read more »