Maha Tower in MahaCity in Langkawi


This 138-metre-high monstrosity, near the proposed Maha Boulevard in Maha City appears to be coming to Langkawi soon and is set to mar the natural beauty of the island.

Maha Tower in Maha City
Maha Tower in Maha City

Keep an eye out for it.

Thanks to the concerned resident who sent the photo in.

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gk ong

Go watch the movie Interstellar (excellent, money worth for 169 minutes of entertainment) where the theories of relativity, worm hole and 5th dimension are explored. If you sense the presence of orang bunian, it could the people of the future seeking communion with you via the 5th dimension.


The Malays & Orang Asli have ‘pantang-pantang’ concerning our rainforest. If one is boastful or has ill intentions when entering the hutan, woe be to his trip – his / her negative vibes will be attracting the same negative entities from miles. If one has no respect for Nature, the same disrespect from ‘residents of the forest’ will be responded in due time. Do you know why one has to ask for permission to ‘pee-pee’? Don’t laugh. This is not soliloquy. On most occasions, my frequent solo trips to the rainforest (even the ones @ Ayer Itam Dam & Penang… Read more »

Wee Chin

Heard of parallel universe of altered perceptions of time and dimensional transitions? This is the basic argument in Einstein’s theory of relativity, and the identical time relativity profundity within the dimension of dreams… The in finale of the movie Interstellar, right after the hero Cooper communicated with his daughter from inside of a black hole, he wakes up (possibly even from a dream) and we find Cooper in a hospital bed back at home. And for just a brief second, some of us in the theater couldn’t help but wonder if everything that happened was just a dream. Anyway Interstellar… Read more »


The mind (or the soul) is a perfect spiritual medium of physical man to transcend the ‘other side’. When we dream, our souls are not actually sleeping in a dreamscape but interacting (with full awareness) with the ‘others’. In scientific theory, during sleep + dreaming, the mind is believed to chemically play out ‘scenes’ of our recent psychological experiences stored in our brain – fear, joy, phobia, etc. And some of these scenes do play out happen in the future (wonder why one has a deja vu sense?) which science has no answers to that. And some dreams which appeared… Read more »


Maha Tower > Maha Museum > Maha Airport > Maha Seaport, Maha Highway, Maha Restaurant, Maha Shopping Centre, Maha Mall, Maha Tours, Maha Bridge, Maha Hotel, Maha Beach, Maha Island, Maha Express, Maha Expo, Maha what else? Endless possibilities!
Certainly, somebody seems to have loads of money for personal ego-boosting trips-not-enough, what say you?

G Dorai

may be later Najib can coin 1Maha while rakyat goes for 1Mahal when things become more expensive to add burden to cost of livings 🙂


Orang kampung dalaman Kedah tanya: Maha Tower ni, mahal kah? 🙂 🙂 🙂


Our Kedah Bumi friends should be very proud of Maha legacy such that they can benefit so much from Langkawi spillover effects from mega projects. I think Kedah per capital income should rise even higher the Maha heir now helming the state. Are they mudah lupa so a tower to remind 7 generations just like Princess Mahsuri?

gk ong

When talking about development in Kedah, it is only taking place in Langkawi as the rest of Kedah is forgotten. It is not wrong to assume that (certain people) have personal stakes in Langkawi, where they acquired land cheaply decades ago.

Stylo Logan

That is why the majority of Malays in Kedah remain poor when only Langkawi is given priority.


Why BN never make Lembah Bujang in Gurun a tourist site to bring tourist dollars?
Why BN is so afraid to acknowledge the Hindu civilization?
Because of that (those) in Kedah lose out potential income from tourists who have made Angkor Wat and Borobudur a great tourist sites.


Some Malay words are from the Sanskrit collection like acara, jaya, raksasa, bahasa.
Some Malay = Sanskrit vocab-enlightening here:

As I explored the ancient Belum Hutan Belantara, I sensed an age-old presence of Hindu culture from alternate dimension (same as Orang Bunian’s).
And a warm voice:
” चिरान्न दृष्टम् (cirānna drishtam) ” – Long time no see.
” स्वागतम् (swāgatam) ” – Welcome.