Mah Hui not BN bedfellow


MPPP Councillor Lim Mah Hui has issued a statement to clarify his remarks on the ‘Penang Paradigm’ which he claims were misquoted in a New Straits Times report.

I wish to set the record straight on what was reported in the New Straits Times on 22 February 2013 under the misleading heading “’Penang Paradigm’ is nothing new”. The author misquotes me and takes me substantially out of context. Furthermore, juxtaposing what I said with what Teng Chang Yeow said (the Penang state government’s vision is just two words, i.e., Penang Paradigm) makes me seem like a bedfellow with the Barisan Nasional.

Last week the author of the article asked me about the Penang Blueprint and the Penang Paradigm. I told her that the Blueprint which sets out the development agenda and priorities for the state was completed a couple of years ago but shelved to accommodate the Federal’s government request to work together for a greater Penang development plan.

Since nothing came out of it (and we heard today (23 February 2013) at the official launching of the Penang Paradigm that the Penang State government waited in vain for a year for a response from the federal government about the progress), the state government decided to launch its own development agenda – this time the Penang Paradigm. It is not totally new in the sense that it builds upon the basics of the earlier Penang Blueprint; it is new in another sense that it is more comprehensive, analytical, and even more participatory. A series of workshops with stakeholders, including civil society, was held over a couple of weeks to solicit input for the formulation of the Penang Paradigm. In addition, with the official launch of its website today, members of the public are encouraged to provide further feedback and input to make the document an even better one.

This is a far cry from the policies and methods of the Barisan Nasional.

To put me together with Teng Chang Yeow and to publish the article just one day before the official launch of the Penang Paradigm seems mischievous at best and malicious at worst. I call upon the New Straits Times to correct the misreporting and to exercise more professionalism in future.

Dr. Lim Mah Hui
MPPP Councillor
Member of Board of Directors of Penang Institute

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Billie cudk

Naming or coming up with new catch phrases “Penang Paradigm” etc. do not see the state controlling or having sustainable and humane development. The chase for “International City” status further stresses and burdens the existing restrictive infrastructure. Fact, another mega named KL developer proposing massive 35 storey Commercial/Hotel/Service Suites on Jalan Macalister. The irony is that a heritage classified building on 218 Jalan Macalister shall be demoilished, reconstructed and relocated to make way for the proposed development. Is that heritage conservation? What mockery….!


Not all old houses in Penang are given heritage status. Only a property which has been listed as heritage or properties within the World Heritage Site are protected by law. If for example, you own a mansion in Gelugor or Sungai Ara which is maybe more than a hundred years old but you suddenly feel the urge to demolish it to build a new house, you are within your rights. Heritage conservation has to be balanced by the fact that this country is one that is free and supposedly democratic. Individual rights have to be honoured as well. Where do… Read more »

Billie cudk

Kevin, if 218 Macalister is NOT a heritage entity would the project architect/developer want to even bother to relocate and rebuilt in its proposal ? Check the facts, as I had done; they are there to be seen. In this case, apologies rendered, you are totally mistaken. I am as you are, totally bemused and alarmed on what is happening in these days…the boleh-land is it?

Hope experienced activists or Heritage bodies can make proper sense coming out of this “interesting” intention.


if we are still salivating (dizzy-ingly) at Hong Kong’s superficial but deceptive glamor & glitter cosmopolitan status of the rich & famous, allow me to share this not so glamor but dire straits visual realities of “Heong Kong”:
Hong Kong’s human battery hens: Claustrophobic images

After all, I hope the state gomen be mindful of the nor so rich, not at all famous, not socially mobile, not you know what’s more…in its pursuit of cosmopolitan dream (not shared by some others).


Madame Pykett was raped & buried incognito by a KL developer of ‘uncontrolled lust for insane destruction’. Till now, the land is left desolated, ghostly & lifeless.
This is the price of unsustainable, greed-induced & ‘flip of land value’ development bypassing public scrutiny of law enforcement until after the fact of ‘midnight raping’.
May the soul of Madame Pykett rest in peace.


Yup. Again I reiterate my support for Lim Mah Hui as President of MPPP. His present role as a councilor does not give him enough room and authority to implement the ideas and policies he advocates. I am sure most Penangites will agree that he stands for what we believe in. No offence to the current MPPP president but she has been given 2 terms which to me is more than a fair duration to perform. If we don’t give others a chance, we will never have fresh ideas which can carry Pg forward.

Borneo Boy

Why are supposedly rational people still responding to requests for comments from NST, etc.???


Almost all the media and BN with the Cheap PM and their sycophants are now churning lies and deceits everyday. Let us put a stop to that and the only way to CHANGE Yes Change

Say Yes to PR and BeEnd and No to Barang Naik

Andrew I

They obviously haven’t heard about the boy who cried wolf. It has got to the point where you cannot believe any news story with a political slant in the msm.

Boo Soon Yew

AGREED !!! I’ve met Dr Lim Mah Hui personally and he is certainly one who calls a spade, a spade.. and never to shrink from voicing his views, even objections when necessary.. certainly NOT a “kuncu BN” !!