Storm brews over Lynas Corp’s rare earth refinery


A revealing documentary on Lynas Corporation’s plan to build a rare earth refinery near Kuantan, followed by a debate between a BN (MIC) MP and a Pakatan (PKR) MP.

The big question – one not answered satisfactorily – is why wasn’t this plant built in Australia? Watch the interviewer’s sceptical glare at 6:04-6:08 when she interviews the Lynas head honcho.

“We didn’t want to stay in Australia because quite frankly, there isn’t the infrastructure in the chemical industry and manufacturing industry in Australia to support this process,” says Nic Curtis.

Oh really, Australia doesn’t have the infrastructure but Kuantan does?

And Malaysian environmental standards may be supposedly “tight” – but can’t say the same about the enforcement, can we.

Below is a clip of a Mother’s Day gathering and candle-light vigil at Teluk Cempedak beach on 8 March attended by a thousand people.

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I would strongly urge every concerned Malaysian to write to our MPs here in Australia expressing your concerns. You’ll never know what replies you’ll get but mate, its your country and you must defend it!


What is there to write to Australian MPs when those corrupt … umno/BN in Malaysia welcome Lynas’s radioactive toxic wastes to Pahang with open arms?

Don’t complain, you deserve the scumbags you voted in to office!
Still wanna vote umno/BN come GE-13?


Andrew I

There was a rumor circulating back in the 80s and 90s that imported canned foods were not as “fresh’ as those on display in the west. Their stringent quality laws made it such that expiry dates were sooner rather than later. So although these products weren’t spoiled, they had to be removed. So guess where they went?

Dumping ground, truly Asia.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When in doubt
Best to stay out
Better be safe than sorry
Before it’s too late to worry

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri.20th May 2011.


Hi Anil,
Do u know why the video clip is removed by the user?


Anil, that’s all you have to say – “no idea”?

Comeon, put a better picture there or that spy video of fat Mama … on shopping spree down 5th Avenue with JJ following behind obediently carrying her shopping bag?

K S Ong

Whoever was responsible for agreeing to the plant must have thought that it was a great chance to be the other supplier of rare earth since China has cornered the supply. They did not know that it was offered at our doorsteps simply because nobody wanted it!


It’s all about money lah.
Kuantan boss like 1 becoz you can try this :
This year we are going to experience four unusual dates: 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11, and that’s not all;
Take the last two digits of the year you were born and the age you will be this year and the result will add up to 111 for everyone!!!! This is the year of MONEY.

So GE13 on 1/11/11 ???


could be 11/11/11 as that’s these figures act up to prosperous 8 ?


At one time China stopped supply rare metals to the world. Japan was alarmed and Australia step in promise to help but doing it in other people’s backyard. They dare not to do it in their backyard for fear the Greenies will give the same treatment to those Jap whale hunting ship or clearing forest in Tasmania


If we accept the government assurances at face value, we are as good as fried by radiation contamination one day in the future – because our nation has a history of changing acts in mid play.
PKR MP articulated her points well. I ask the same questions too and am not satisfied with the answers. It is the lives of people (present and those yet to be born) at risks. So I do hope that the government will consider appropriately on this issue.


Documents signed. Money Involved. Betul betul dilemma for government. Any mistake can be costly. Bear in mind election is coming. Really catch 22 situation. Predators and preys in the making.


Australia was taught a good lesson by the Americans when they tested the nuclear bomb in the Austalian desert…until today, that area is still certified “unsafe” and abandoned. Do you think they want another place facing the same fate? Besides, Australia is a democratic country,the citizens will exercise their rights and see to that it will not take be allowed. It is different if another country is willing to offer the land and facilities. Morally wrong, commercially very profitable. The corrupts (often) get away, the victims face the consequences. Who is to be blamed?…I am nobody’s child!!