Rumah kos rendah: Adakah usaha kerajaan P Pinang mencukupi?


Has the Penang state government done enough to ensure adequate availability of low-income housing in the state?

Kebelakangan ini, nampaknya ada kerisauan di kalangan penduduk Pulau Pinang yang menrungut dan kuatir tentang harga rumah yang melambung tinggi sehingga ramai yang tidak sanggup membeli rumah sendiri.

Berikut adalah rekod kelulusan/pembangunan ruman kos rendah and kos sederhana rendah sejak Pakatan mengambil-alih teraju kepimpinan kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

Source: Penang state government

It means the state government and its agencies are developing 3421 low- and low-medium-cost apartments in the state while the private sector is putting up 8175 such homes. (What is the total number of homes being put up by the private sector and has it met its 30 per cent low-cost quota?)

If we are looking at just low-cost housing, the stage government/agencies are developing 1194 homes while the private sector is constructing 2612. (Low-cost homes are priced at RM42000 while low-medium-cost homes are priced at RM72500.)

Saya rasa lebih boleh dibuat untuk memastikan bekalan rumah kos rendah mencukupi untuk kalangan pekerja.

To prevention speculation in low- and low-medium-cost housing, tighter criteria should be put in place to ensure no resale of such houses perhaps for at least 10 years. Only those who are really in the low-income group should be eligible for such housing.

Dalam tahun tujuh puluhan, PDC telah membina bandar baru dengan banyak rumah kos rendah untuk kalangan pekerja gaji rendah. True, land was plentiful back then, but the state needs to do more to get rid of the perception that new housing in the state is now largely aimed at the upper middle-class and super-rich.

Kini saya sedang menunggu untuk melihat sejauh mana Perbadanan Perumahan Pulau Pinang yang baru dapat menangani masalah ini.

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peter wong


u shld change ur comments for the new ones to appear on top.

my suggestion

peter wong

we need to control sub sale of LMC and LC. what about having the price on the plans when they submit cto housing commission for developer license, then recorded LC or LMC every subsale price LC or LMC price. LC and LMC for the people , end up our developers profits, whats the point LGE u need to look into the mechanism. I know a philantropist who is sick of development, he is an expert in this area ex REHDA who is willing to volunteer his time to help LGE to run the housing board. What wis our Penangs Housing… Read more »


The poor public’s cry for affordable housing should be given serious attention by the current Pakatan Government in Penang. But, is the State Government being serious about helping the poor? (Some) housing Developers are using their wits and bluffs in evading the need to build the affordable home, and many a time, the State Government lack the Competency to spot the guise that are played out in the open. Or, we can say, the State Government couldn’t be bothered about the housing for the poor. Our Chief Minister certainly have his hand full in looking after the National Affairs of… Read more »


Will the Federal Govt approve Public housing in Golden Triangle? Will The US Govt put public housing in Manhattan?
So, is it logical to ask State Govt to put up cheap public housing in Pangkor Road, Or Ayer Rajah Area. Lets be logical.


Must every inch of land in Penang Island be desperately turned into another Asian Manhattan or Shanghai with gold platen roads and GaGas lifestyle?
Why not made Penang Island a foreigners’ haven with automatic PRs and tax-free haven even for questionable monies from offshores and money laundering Mafias?
Then Penang Island will be even more infamous than its Street Hawker Food.

Ong Eu Soon

LGe should realise that his days as CM is fading away fast as the irregular large number of new voters in the electoral rolls only mean a sure defeat. If LGe has the heart for Penangites. He should grab the last remaining days to do something positive for Penangites before it is too late. First he should abandon the sPICE project. Control the housing price by withholding approval for housing project that did not meet affordability of Penangites. He should stop hill slope development immediately. He should adopt low impact development and enforce the Manual Saliran Alam Mesra requirements in… Read more »

Desmond Koh

This is reported on Sunday Star today:

“Even the durian growers in Balik Pulau have jumped into the fray and reportedly named a seedless variety of the fruit, “Koh Tsu Koon”. The analogy stuck and Dr Koh is now known as “boh hoot liulian” – it means seedless durian in Hokkien, suggesting that Dr Koh did not have the guts to stand up to Umno.”

F. Hwai

It is true that land on the island is limited. BUT with recently change on plot ratio for high-rise properties by MPPP, there should be possible for Penang State Govt to have affordable house for low and medium incomer. Currently, we did not see enought effort put by State Gov to resolve the problem. In addition, ask the low-incomer to stay in main land and do not provide enought transport facility and working opportunity for them is just rude. Is correct people should work hard and smart to earn more money for their better lifestyle. However, our problem here, where… Read more »

Time to get real

Land on the island is limited. So don’t expect the state government to work miracles.

Population will increase unless people cease to have children.

Get real

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, We can never run away from the fact building homes on the island costs more as land is scarce and compounded by the ever-rising prices of building materials, but would be comparatively cheaper building in Seberang Perai. I understand that construction materials have gone up by 20% in the last 4 or 5 months alone! Morever, how much land does the State Govt have on the island as compared to the mainland? Nonetheless, the State Govt must reexamine conditions for approval of private building projects by maybe, as an example, increasing the proportion of low-cost and medium-cost units… Read more »


You can get low cost 2 room house quite easily which is from RM62,000 – RM72,000 as the developers must build them with their high end units. The problem is getting 3 room medium cost house (700 sq ft +) from RM125,000 – RM150,000. Once these units are completed, the cost would skyrocket to RM200,000/ Most of the medium range apartments now being built are in the range of 850 – 1200 sq ft and the prices ranges from RM280,000 to over RM400,000/= over. Once completed a 900 sq ft apartment would cost RM320,000/ and above. The govt must request… Read more »

Stevie Ng

There must be a mechanism to ensure that low cost housing only be sold to those that are eligible (i.e. those really low income household who do not yet own a home), and the buyer must 1) commit to hold it for at least 5 years so that they do not resell it for immediate profit else heavy tax on capital gain; 2) stay in the house, and not rent it for profit Otherwise, the current problem will never be solved. It is not realistic to build a RM100,000 home in Penang island, unless it is those so-called ‘shoe-box’ bachelor… Read more »


Now you can take up to a 40 year loan


BN seems to encourage us to taken very-long-term housing loan, then have many children so that they can grow up paying the loan.


The bigger the units, the more the developers can charge at filthy prices! With the heady add-ons of luxuries the prices can reach heaven for the money gods to see. And the price psychology will begin to work hard on the minds of these greedy for more filthy profits at shorter time and faster listing in the Forbes magazine of the Rich and Famous. With a $$$-poor Gomen hungry for housing development (the only type of development available to Penang?) with no money to ‘shout’, these insane developers will not blink an eye lid to arm twist (360 degree) the… Read more »

semuanya OK kot

Let the Federal gov. release all funds due before we analyse the performance of this state gov. Until then, let the former answer.


Why doesn’t this DAP/PR government also give us statistics about how many high-cost condominiums (i.e. above RM200k/unit) (including those condo blocks approved on dangerous hillslopes) they have approved for construction since March 2008? And, in the interests of CAT, give us also the list of all the condo contractors who received approval from this DAP/PR government since March 2008. That would be better so we can then compare and evaluate the context and commitment of this DAP/PR government towards low-cost housing. Otherwise, there are lies, damned lies and statistics.


In Penang island low cost house will also appreciate in value to become high cost given the scarcity of land in the island. Thus it make sense to build low cost housing in Prai where land is aplenty as most people do not want high rise low cost housing. Anyway, if you want quality home, you have to work hard to earn enough to qualify for it. Do not have the subsidy mentality that will impede progress. BN does not believe in welfare and socialism. They are removing subsidy and Penangites should not expect Pakatan to do miracles when cost… Read more »


I have just spent RM10.70 for a lunch meal at McDonald’s. It is a luxury that I cannot afford everyday as it is overpriced for average malaysians. Can I ask the government to make it more affordable for me, by removing the 6% tax and forcing McDonald’s to price it lower? One can commit but can it be delivered? Same thing for housing. Ever wonder why our Malaysian low-cost estates are mostly so run down like a slum? When you make it low cost chances are they will soon degenerate into an unkempt slum. Most of the citizens (90%) in… Read more »


The GST has been delayed but after the GE when it is implemented you will feel even worse. I do need to tell you what you should do. Just do it and make that change.


maybe you could ask the govt to get some crony / kaki bodek to open a kedai burger 1malaysia


This is the funniest comment ever i’ve read… Stupid DAP fellow get lost!



Do you mean malaysians like to live in low cost houses? We should have data to show the need before building blindly. I support any effort to make housing more affordable but not low quality/cost ones.

Stevie Ng

Prof Ramasamy tweeted that low cost houses in Batu Kawan priced RM 42,000 very affordable.


Dey … how about penang island??? Kapitan, jawanb!!


Why so many condominiums being built – big demand and it seem that there are many rich people in Malaysia as the developers are building higher end units to cater for the people.

When people vote for UMNO was it not UMNO to build more affordable houses too?

Jamil Daud

A responsible government will invest in educating people to advance their skillsets to qualify for better paying job. Those household with less than RM1500 income per month will continue to languish at the bottom, if they are continued to be pampered with hand-outs with no desire to upgrade the skillsets or focus on their children’s education. Unfortunately the poor in Malaysia choose to have large family and sacrifice on quality of life, their subsequent generation will repeat the same cycle of life and adding burden to the welfare expenses. BN has been choosing the populist direction, giving fish rather than… Read more »


We Penangites wearing Red Shirts on that fateful day in the ‘dangerous’ field of Han Chiang were hoping with great courage, awakened sanity and resolute spirit (for the 1st time in 50 donkey years) to champion a new style of government for a better society of equal opportunities. Which also means equal rights to stay, work and multiply in Penang Island or mainland of our choice. We asked, demand and expect CHANGE. CHANGE for the better for all Penangites, irrespective of creeds, personal bank accounts or Datuk or No-Latuk. We for one sure thing will not welcome CHANGE of Penang… Read more »

SM Saleem

That something different that people voted for is ‘no corruption’.


You mean Penang Island is only suitable and development prioritized for the Rich, Famous & Born Above Equal? And this being the unavoidable excuse since BarangNaik Syndrome set in a decade ago? Then the whole materialistic world will be reserved only for those affording the nice things in life! C’mon. This is seriously off-balanced as far as humanity is concerned. Each human being is created for a specific purpose / work though unequal in financial rewards. But it doesn’t mean the poor, uneducated or low skilled fellas are not suitable to be thy neighbors. Can you DIY sweep your filthy… Read more »