Look who’s breathing down Patrick’s neck…


PGCC campaign groups and Patrick

Priceless moment: A bemused Patrick Lim, the developer of the Penang Global City Centre, turns to look at heritage conservationist Loh-Lim Lin Lee as she presents the PGCC Campaign Group’s grave concerns about his mega project during the Penang Local Government Consultative Forum on 23 November. On Patrick’s right is Nasrine Seraji, the PGCC master planner. Seated behind the pair are half a dozen activists and others critical of the PGCC, including environmentalist Gurmit Singh (in blue shirt) who mocked the proposal to put up wind turbines, pointing out that the country just doesn’t have enough wind for it to work. Lots of hot air, yes… but just not enough wind, sorry guys! (Photo credit: PHT)

One of the questions raised was: “Carbon-0 is really carbon off-setting or carbon trading, isn’t it? Buy carbon reduction projects elsewhere (and) leave all the carbon emissions of PGCC in Penang?”

Patrick replied, “I don’t know about the carbon off-setting you are talking about.”

But on page 19 of the glossy PGCC launch booklet, it is clearly stated:

After efforts to reduce energy requirements and maximize renewable energy sources are exhausted, carbon offsetting can neutralise the remaining emissions associated with the city to achieve carbon zero status.

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Lin-Lee has our support all the way, I wish there were more Penang ppl who are willing to standup for their rights.

Guess its the Penang way, you go gal and we shall support you from the back, hopefully with lots of CASH contribution.

Interesting what the Star reported about resdienet association and TBRA meeting on SUNDAY.

MPPP beware


As a practising Architect , I am disappointed that another ignorant American firm being used as a pawn in a highly (questionable) land transfer in Malaysia where the developer Patrick Lim is in cahoots with the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. This game that international developers play by using superstar architects to ram through stupid schemes that have not been thought through properly is old and out of date, it has happened to at the World Square Sydney Development where a Malaysian developer brought in Kenzo Tange to front it to disastrous effect. As a practitioner of 12 years in the… Read more »

Mahendren Munisamy

Dear sir,
We are trying to fight a proposed development plan by IJM Properties SDN. Bhd. Could you please have a look at our website:
Any additional information/comments/advise you could provide us would be useful.