Live – Penang Forum 4


Penang Forum 4: Development and Good Governance is being held at the Caring Society Complex in Penang today.

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The State Government should raise the assessment rates for luxury condo to increase their revenue and provide more facility and assistance to low income earners in Penang. As a few percentage increment in assessment rates will not make any different to those who stay in high-end Condos.

Gopal Boboiboy

Anil’s new venture(?) : Netto’s Bar – got buffet n free flow or not ?

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂


Tis the season to believe:
in the good things we pray
in the good governance of CAT
in the caring Penangites who fight for
a better place to live, work and call it home, sweet home.
Penang. It is nothing short of a miracle since 308.
Enjoy this beautiful song: Celtic Woman – When You Believe

Syiok Syiok

When You Believe long ago in Egypt :


The animated movie ‘Prince of Egypt’ was banned in Malaysia. So much of religious tolerance!

Alvin See

Why was ‘The Prince of Eqypt’ banned in Malaysia?

Any idea, Anil?

Zachary Seah

A Chipmunk Christmas


Here is the reason by the film is banned in Malaysia … as reported by BBC:


Quote from Cover It Live: A foreign buyer in a luxury project here says he is one of the ‘guilty ones’. Occupancy in his project is really low, below 30 per cent. “You are building ghost towns. Stop it, stop destroying your island.” Why is occupancy so low? Is it not a colorful international rainbow market projection by rainy green-horned property gurus and hot cake sales by bob-hairstyled property marketers? If it is not speculation gone awry wrong, I don’t know what other ghostly reason is there to fathom. While this regretful foreign buyer is left to scratch his head… Read more »

Randy Savage

30% occupancy ?

this will be good news for bargain hunters for heavily discounted penang condos comes the very near economic recession after europe financial meltdown & prolonged usa stalemate.

wonder how much gurney paragon condo price will be slashed ? tunglang can check that out as this place is near MPPP Gurney food stall with pasembur liao kao kao ?


How I wish I am as rich as Gerakan K.
Then I will wait like a vulture for the coming property meltdown at Gurney Paragon for a nice sea view picking. Then I can have my favorite heavenly Kopi-O kau kau (for RM1.50 XL) at my favorite mamak stall next to the pasembur/mee goreng. And you can join me any time for reminiscence of 60’s & 70’s Gurney Drive till the sun comes down.
Only if I am rich thro’ legal & moral means.

Bayan Baru Boy

fyi i went to Gurney MPPP food court but apparently the stalls have closed down.
No more salivating Pasembur.
anybody who knows where they hav relocated, kindly let me know.


Gurney MPPP food court closes every Friday. If relocated I am sure to know first hand. My favorite food court minus the overt slippery cleanliness obsession of tambah harga makan-makan elsewhere.

Asam Garam

Jingle Bell Rock dedication to Anil’s readers like Ah Soon, tunglang, rilakkuma, Yang, Andrew & Gerakan K etc


TQ Asam Garam.
While we enjoy / celebrate Christmas, let us discover / remember its true meaning:
That a loving God gave us His best ‘Gift’ – His Son was born on Christmas Day so that men will live for ever more (everlasting life).
Merry Christmas to all & to Anil:

Syiok Syiok

To all Christians A Merry Christmas to you all.

I also dedicate this song to all (non-Christians as well) with significance to help the less priviledges (originally meant for the Africans in the 80’s) :


Unfortunately the true meaning of Christmas in Malaysia for the young generation is merely Santa Claus giving out gifts, no thanks to the decor at our shopping malls that are not allowed to depict the images of religious significance of that day.

It is a shame that Malaysians have to go to Singapore to see the Xmas lights at Orchard Road that make reference to Christ the Lord!

Gurney Auntie

jangan jangan satu hari nanti Santa Claus pun tak boleh jadi decor chrstmas di mall di Msia.
setengah yang cukup extreme pernah kata Santa Claus itu adalah manifestation orang jews yang apanama cukup pantang.

anyway, Merry Christmas and vote wisely my bro n sis.