Five PKR Aduns abstain from vote on Penang land reclamation


A DAP rep also breaks ranks. The motion calls upon the state government to conduct public hearings for feedback, opinions and recommendations before proceeding with reclamation projects.

It also urges the state government to carry out a comprehensive study, especially on the environmental and social impact caused by already-completed reclamation projects, and to stop all imminent reclamation project plans until such a study is completed.

For – 10 (Umno 9, DAP 1 – Teh Yee Cheu)

Against – 23 (DAP 18, PKR 4, Pas 1)

Abstentions – 5 (PKR – Ong Chin Wen, Bukit Tengah; Cheah Kah Peng, Kebun Bunga; Lee Khai Loon, Machang Bubuk; Dr T Jayabalan, Batu Uban; Dr Norlela Ariffin, Penanti)

Absent – 1 (Umno)

Unable to vote – 1 (Speaker Law)

Total – 40


At the 2013 general election for the Penang state assembly:

DAP – 19
PKR – 10
Umno – 10
Pas – 1
Total – 40


Out of PKR’s 10 Aduns:

Abstained – 5
For – 4
Unable to vote – 1 (Speaker)
Total – 10

Personally, I would support the motion on a matter of principle.

It is nonsense to now hear talk about having to pay huge compensation if the land reclamation or other pet projects are not approved (the usual story to silence critics).

First of all, were the fishing communities and other residents in southern Penang Island ever consulted over massive land reclamation? If not, whose fault is that? Why enter into deals with massive implications for residents without so little consultation and participatory decision-making?

Why enter into ill-conceived reclaimed land-for-infrastructure swap deals with companies, which then tie the hands of the (willing?) state government?

Are the EIAs and other approvals just a foregone conclusion, a mere irritating formality?

Perhaps any compensation due should come out of the pockets of those responsible for this?

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PKR has cleared five of its assemblymen who abstained from voting a motion on land reclamation in Penang moved by a Barisan Nasional lawmaker as it is satisfied with their explanations. The five are Ong Chin Wen (Bukit Tengah), Cheah Kah Peng (Kebun Bunga), Lee Khai Loon (Machang Bubuk), Dr T. Jayabalan (Batu Uban) and Dr Norlela Ariffin (Penanti).


DAP’s Tanjung Bungah assemblyman Teh Yee Cheu has resigned as the party’s Penang organising secretary for supporting a motion by the BN in the state legislature.
Voted with conscience, resigned with conscience!


Teh may have succumbed to the Deity’s adopted Bush threat of “You are either with us or against us”
But this is not so simple a display of going against party’s political-corporate tango & then an after thought (in a day?) to so simply resign with apologetic regret (to who? Niao Kong?).
What you say, vote with conscience, resigned under pressure?
My Kopi-O kau kau inspiration: Vote with clear conscience, you are not in Singapore.


BN components adopted ‘Agree to Disagree’ mantra, but DAP may refer to Umno’s method of sacking Hamidah Osman for ‘Disagree to Agree’?


… Niao Kong of Komtar Tower of Developers Association of Penang – Class 1 Arrogance (will lose cat face, so no retreats from gross mistakes), Closed Mind of CAT Ego (Egomaniac?) (my way is the way, no question asked in public or closed doors), Egocentric KiaSu, (this you can see for yourself, very clearly), Top-Down Syndrome of Outdated SingLand Management (Peter Drucker might be appalled), One-Man-Show Opera (Jackie Chan, you played with a team but can you do it solo?), Political Narcissist (your views are no-good, mine is absolute) (only I can drive a Merc, you drive Perdana), Father of… Read more »

Plain Truth

I can’t understand why LGE is so upset about the 5 PKR rebels when he can’t even handle his own DAP rebel Teh.


For – 10 (Umno 9, DAP 1 – Teh Yee Cheu), the only 1 from DAP voted – “For” ?
Which is even worse than the PKR 5 !
DAP should be ashamed, to the core !

james k

The current state governments aim and vision is for Penang to be a Singapore/Hong Kong clone in the future- that is obvious.

We could have gone on a route like some smaller European cities rich in heritage and culture (e.g., Amsterdam, Florence) which places conservation and tradition above modernisation and rapid development. But we are on another route.

Is that the correct choice? Is that what Penangites want? There would be differing opinions- but what does the majority wants?

I suggest a poll for this…


Generation y and those of post 90’s in Penang have poorer command of English Language, hence Penang already a disadvantage trying to clone Spore or Hong Kong.

In short, majority on the island want affordable cost (health inclusive hence sustainable environment protection minus high carbon emission) of living.


Less vehicles on the road, have cheaper and reliable public transportation.


Transport experts say Penang needs LRT

Transport expert Goh Bok Yen – who is director of MAG Technical and Development Consultant – says a rail-based urban transit system is the most effective mode of public transport and should form the backbone of the State’s envisioned PTMP and, in all likelihood, that should be a light rail transit (LRT) system.


This issue of vote on Penang land reclamation is a show of no principled publicity as far as the 5 senses can discern. Political+corporate tango can dance until the dead of night notwithstanding the arrival of cries of kuntilanak (mixture of baby cries + cat orgies). But the ordinary souls are still put to fear not of kuntilanak but hefty financial compensation of imaginary proportions from the 28th floor of Komtar Tower of Developers Association of Penang. It looks like this beloved Pulo Pinang (a historical name for a desired ‘pearl of Malaya Nusantara’) has undergone an unfathomable UBAH not… Read more »


Yesterday at Deepavali Open House hosted by Deputy CM Rashid Masnon at Mahsuri near Spice, CM LGE was present to give a speech where he denied the rumored land reclamation matter in the public.


Came all the way from Seberang Perai, and we were enjoying nasi bryani/tosai at the 5pm open house along Mahsuri lane nest to Spice while listening to the speech by LGE. Hoefully someone who recorded the speech can post it in

Next year don’t miss the open house. I would try to alert you and readers in advance in future there there be one.


Did you enjoy the monkey dance performance there?
Deputy CM Rashid has scored points with Indian community for being down to earth !


State Revenues from land reclaimation should be wisely used to develop the minds of young Penangites to be competent in future as well as the physical well being of the retiring seniors. So learning centres like well-stocked libraries and community centres with amenities for the public. Having said that, i doubt this can happen as the authorities more keen to develop the island as tourist destinations hence more commercial complexs hoping to create jobs for the locals ? Afterall, the former PISA once swapped with SP Setia we are promised a People Park but the plan appear to have been… Read more »


Penang is lucky to have investors dumping money or we like to hear more news mnc relocating their plants and factories to elsewhere? Or like muar and jb, where many are compelled to go to Singapore to work not just for pay but better opportunities and facilities even the place is cramp inspire of massive land reclamation. Many are just armchair critics and prove no alternatives. Penang contribute high portion of taxes but getting peanuts in return. Land in KL, Selangor and Penang is getting scarce. To tear down old buildings, there is an excuse of heritage building and people… Read more »


Tell me why are there many unsold units when the first buyers (speculators) bought to cash in on the frenzies of home purchasing? Tell me why existing gomen land cannot be used for low cost + affordable housing but instead swap for unsavoury lop-sided deals (some quietly) benefiting the greedy developers more than fulfilling social needs? Tell me why the sea space has to be concretised (to build more unaffordable, super expensive properties) when it should be left to nurture existing stock of fishes for local consumption? Go back to the 1st question to justify this for more land. Tell… Read more »


Reclaimed land to gain fund for expanding road system while developers to build commercial lifestyle condos many locals cannot afford?
Human skills development rather than concrete development should be the focus ?

Phua Kai Lit

I would also support the motion.


Teh next GE you will be out. Remember under the Cat you will be the …


The Penang government should consider building homes underground like the subterranean like sPice since people object to land reclamation, hill cutting and high rise and high density buildings.