Killer landslide: Stop hill-slope development projects immediately


Aliran has just released this statement:

Aliran is appalled at the loss of workers’ lives in a landslide at the Bukit Kukus paired road construction site in Penang. The landslide brought down several containers and wooden shacks, claiming at least seven lives with another three victims still missing and injuring three people.

This tragic incident comes almost a year after the Tanjung Bungah hill-slope collapse [the first anniversary falls today], which killed 11 workers at the Granito housing project site.

While it is unclear what exactly happened at Bukit Kukus, the recent landslide does raise several issues.

Tragedy strikes at the site of the Bukit Kukus “paired road” – Photograph: Kelvin Chan

One is the vulnerability of construction workers who were, in this incident, migrant workers from Myanmar, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

That some of the victims were thought to be buried alive in or under the containers raises the issue of housing of workers at construction sites in containers or shacks. It also highlights the issue of their safety, especially as a stop work order in the site had been recently issued when 14 concrete beams came tumbling down.

Full statement on the Aliran website

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One genuine Penanglang has long long reminded the danger of Kukus slopes in this blog yet we cannot prevent the tragedy. SO SAD


The cat that was rescued from the Bukit Kukus landslide was put down Monday because it was unable to eat due to internal injuries.

This is an omen for Penang government. CAT could be put down too by voters in the next GE id indiscriminate hillside development were to continue.

M Pillay

This cat can be preserved eternally at Penang Museum to remind the public of different perspectives of nine lives and not perished in vain.


There is one CAT that should be skinned alive but Penangites & I have no qualms to do just that!


hehe….if you 1% is so powerful Mr Teh would have been chief minister…LOL

M Pillay

CM Chow, in latest front cover Bulletin Mutiara, to seek middle path over development concerns of the public.

He has to be firm on environmental matter. Stand in middle between Developers and the likes of Penang Forum/NGOs, he can be squashed and no hope to seek second term.

Khoo Soo Hay

Apart from stopping hillside development, what is really more important is that contractors and developers should never allow containers as living quarters to be placed so close to the hill slope. The Council should never allow any quarters for the workers to be sited so close to the project. Lives are precious, whether they are foreign or local. They have families to support. They need the work to survive, instead of being killed, while trying to develop our country for us!!

The culprits, contractors and developers should go to jail and be fined!!


Penang must preserve more hilly forests as national parks.

Promote eco-tourism, not building more expensive homes for MM2H foreigners

Oh Fan

The Penang state government should set up a special committee to review all developments on hill slopes, Penang Gerakan chairman Oh Tong Keong said.

He said the recent fatal landslide in Bukit Kukus, which already killed nine people and injured four workers so far, showed that the state must look hard into all these projects.


Those columns do not look safe.

M Pillay

Sustainable landslide and flood can be the gift of Almighty if nature being violated big time.

M Pillay

Once a year hilly landslide on Penang Island could be a norm if the authority chooses to ignore natural consequences due to human greed to over alter landscape in the name of development.
Hopefully next year we don’t have to hear “told you so before”

Heng GS

Heavy raining past few days. The November approaching and flood anniversary a big concern if calamity follows. Margie Prayer should be extended by all means!


Pg labg very blind. Look the pier is way deep below the filled ground. Should charge the one who design the pier. The pier was build well below the filled ground and the ground was filled with filled ground, the sound is not as compacted as natural ground and worse allow rainwater to seep into the slope and hence slope slide. Did the geotech engr not pg soil scientist check the high steep slope?
Clearly why pile cap is well deep into the filled grd.