Kg Tanjung Tokong villagers ponder their fate


These images from Kg Tanjung Tokong were taken during a Raya event on Sunday, 11 October at a time when the villagers are facing an uncertain future.

Photos by Kim MK

The residents’ association is concerned about UDA Holdings’ declaration that they are “squatters” without taking into consideration their livelihoods and the historical significance of their 200-year-old village. It notes that UDA came in during the BN administration under the pretext of the NEP to improve their area.

“To counter this, the association now wants the village to be declared a heritage zone so that the residents themselves can decide what form of development and upgrading is most suited to their needs,” says Cikgu Salleh, the resident’s association chairman.

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Dear Anil,

As you are a proponent of bringing back trolleys to Penang, let me introduce you to another idea — Buses run on ultra-capacitors, and get recharge on bus stops.

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Today (18/20/09) Star page N4 qoutes, UDA chairman Datuk Hilmi (UMNO goon) offered a 3 rooms apartment about 850 the affected families.
What a joke. If LGE can negotiate a D/S terrace house for KBP folks, is this the best the 1Malaysia government can do for Tg. Tokong??

Gerakan K

Extended families also got 750sq foot apartment. Renting units from this village also got 45% discount for purchasing the apartment. Extended families in Kg Buah Pala got nothing. Get your fact right, DAP goon!


Remember this – UDA can actually ask the Federal Government to declare the area a heritage zone if they want that to happen. The state government never promised them anything since the early 80s. Where were all of you during the 80s? I guess all these years, we were all tolerating the crappy BN government until March 8 didn’t we? So stop acting like a bunch of cry babies. Who says the world is fair? I didn’t and neither did Anil. Anil is free to write what he feels is right. I am glad we are not seeing “overzealous lawyer”… Read more »


It is 15 minutes past midnight. I live in the condos opposite the floating mosque in tanjung bungah. I came home tonight after the Penang Symphony Orchestra at around 11.15 pm and guess what I could not turn into the road to go home because buses were carelessly parked along the roads as always like on Friday prayers. Needless to say, traffic has slowed to a crawl for those who are going back to Ferringhi. Only thing — tonight they are having a party next to the mosque. Now in my condo i can hear the music blaring away. What… Read more »


I have observed one funny thing in Malaysia. You can violate any traffic rule as long as your objective is praying in the mosque.

Gerakan K

I’m too busy attending open houses particulary with samy–the one with grand value. But I’m 100% sure that Kg Tanjung Tokong will be demolished. No noise make by the … CM? Parties in PR also quiet. Possibly they have received gag order from LGE? At least LGE and team have learned something from Kg Buah Pala by not offering any empty promise to the villagers…


UMNO Government is starting to tear down Tg Kokong using UDA. Gerakan K, North Korea Khoo, Andrew and others who speak for Kg Puah Bala are no more barking? Why? Please don’t give excuse because of Dewali festival enjoy yourself at new Hindraf invitation.


Anil, please delete this KK post for name calling.


I’m almost sure nkkhoo is not from North Korea…


I’d also recommend that kingkong cuts down on his constant baseless accusations and name-calling. It is non-conducive for discussion. I don’t respond to his comments because he seems beyond reason. Even his more intelligent replies are contentious, but his demeanor is not worth reasoning with.

Since kingkong often berates people for inaction or being impractical (in his view), perhaps he can share what and how he has been contributing to Malaysia?


To label North Korea Khoo for N K Khoo is a childish thing.


If you want your blog degrades to Raja Petra’s low taste standard, let keep all name-calling comments to show the world that your blog is very popular with democratic comments.


Anil, do you celebrate Diwali? Happy Diwali to all 🙂


Another headache for LGE? Thru no fault of his-Alamak.


3days already only 3 comments? This article no so interesting?
Cos it is not Indians vs LGE?
Where’s K?


In fairness, I think there are 2 reasons for low number of comments:

– There is not much info in this post to discuss;

– Speaking for myself, growing up in BN rule has left me with an in-built sentiment that the Malays will be protected. I know now that this isn’t always true, but with the publicity that Kg Tg Tkg has gathered (vs the many villages that get uprooted overnight with the world mostly oblivious), my feeling is one of curiosity to see how this will pan out and I’m withholding comment until more info becomes available.


Tg. Tokong will not become a racial issue because Hindraf is not involved. Hindraf turns everything into a racial issue with their “us versus them” mentality. Even worse, Hindraf tries to pit race against race like Indians against Chinese as in the Kg Buah Pala affair. Uthayakumar’s final statement on KBP was disgrace…

Fortunately, Waytha and Uthaya are losing influence. I shudder to think what would happen if they have big political influence. Malaysia will be reduced to racial ghettos by their fondness of pitting race against race.

Sang Kancil

They should accept their fate and move on. No use clinging to the past. As Oblahblah used to say “CHANGE IS COMING!!!”


Whoa…whoa….wow! At this rate, if Penang falls back to UMNO (yeah…not Gerakan)please don’t go quoting ‘God works in mysterious ways’. It is obviously man’s follies (& i am not talking about LGE). Gotta go…don’t like to be brainwashed into zombies. Have a nice day. 🙂


If LGE help Kg Tanjung Tokong, there will still be critics.
Why Kg Tanjumg Tokong and not KBP ?
Than there will be comparison in how the matter was settled like the Bukit Cina issue.
Bukit Cina V KBP
Kedah pig issue V KBP
Akan datang ????
Kg Tanjumg Tokong V KBP
Than the racial insinuations will start.
Should LGE take the risk of helping Kg Tanjumg Tokong and risk getting called a RACIST.
What’s new ?


Hei stupid vj. Do you know what UDA stands for. It is a … Federal agency controlled wholly by the Federal government under Malaysian law. In other words it is controlled by the Malys/UMNO. … You clowns backstabbed the ONLY political party in Malaysia willing to fight for you. You … think you can play the Chinese vs Malay card by condemning the DAP while supporting the PKR so as to destroy both. We know your kind. In Selangor and Negri Sembilan you … may be able to sway the Indians albeit only temporarily for their only source of information… Read more »


Not again anil… I think you should stop writing on this. Its over..thats it. Whether they are squatters or not, the courts rules.


IF the court is just and impartial, I believe no one bothers about the fate of KBP and TT.


Just like Kg Buah Pala. These people will face same fate under DAP-Lim Guang Eng. LGE must resign before he damage more the image of PKR.