Kg Buah Pala villagers to move to adjacent site?


In a critical meeting today with Lim Guan Eng, Kampung Buah Pala residents were said to have agreed to consider moving their village as an intact heritage community to an adjacent area…

… PENDING a detailed proposal from the developer, Himanshu Bhatt of theSun reports.

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Ong Eu Sooon

What deal? With their home demolished? LGE is just bulls***ing, he can’t stop the developer from demolishing the home of those poor people. LGE can’t stop the rich from (grabbing) the land from those poor people knowing that the poor people are the (original settlers) of the land. LGE is just another KTK in the form of PK. He is the CM for the rich not the poor. He like to fight but not fighting the rich. He only has empty talk no action. The home will be demolished with LGE doing nothing that is the sad fact.


aiyoo., let them have better houses le. Kesian these chaps, (betrayed) by MIC and Gerakan to UMNO(-linked interests) and then when … not able to build… stir up the hornets nest to try to get Penang to buy back at RM150 million.


Singam, going by your twisted logic – the developer should be building them some shabby pondok made of wood and zinc with broken atap and clogged smelly drains. BECAUSE thats what their houses are like at the moment. Is that Indian heritage? Certainly not according to my Indian friend at workplace. Heritage is not physical but there is more to it – soul, cultural events, occupations attached, etc etc

Huang Siew Hock

Somebody said that “with one stroke of the pen, the CM of Penang could acquire the land.” Is it that simple? If so, even MIC leader could have done it, with RM3.2 million! You have to follow the law; the National Land Code. I belive in this : ” what is yours if yours; nobody can touch it except over your dead body. What is not yours is not yours; and anybody can touch it, even, if necessary, over your dead body– you want to die, you die.” Of course, if there is any land scam, then the CM through… Read more »


If they want to preserve the heritage, they should not be building double storey houses. The new site should reflect traditional Indian village architecture.


there are a few suspicious characters (moles?) within the kg buah pala committee…

look carefully…

or is it obvious already??



Double story houses, will be built for them. Uthaya might be there tomorrow. He is (said to be) “camping” in someone’s house tonight….


What do you mean MIC and Gerakan breathing their last breaths. To me they are already dead and irrelevant parties. It is just their souls refuse to rest in peace and still roam the streets to haunt those that caused their death i.e. they blame the Pakatan government 😉


Looks like an amicable deal where the villagers will have their heritage village, amidst at an adjacent land. I think LGE is very fair, any other BN state govt would have joined hands with the developer to flatten the village – we have seen hundreds of Buah Pala around Malaysia. The only losers will be MIC and the newly formed Indian party, PAHAM, who were seaking political mileage out of this. Those who betrayed the villagers by selling the land in the first place (BN including MIC) were suddenly trying to be champions, totallyvshameless. Ayyoyo Tol Samy cant even solve… Read more »


Who needs his damm money

Leong Yook Kong

In other words, aiyo yo samy toll sini toll sana will save RM3.2 million.