Kg Buah Pala today


A barren desert.

buahpalatodayPhoto by Camie and Gowri, courtesy of Crying Voices

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keep your promise..reveal the status of the land nulify the transaction..when it is already lapsed..
27 april 2007..initial payment received by tan sri payment received by Y B LGE..according to rule 5A payment must be made by 3+1 months..but Yb LGE..received after a lapsed of 11 months..


Dear Bros Please be informed of the following FACTS: ( can be verified of BN EXCO minutes/ Title Copy) 1. The KBP Land was initialy approved for alienation by BN Koh su Koon on the year 2006 for RM 6.4m as exchange for Koperatif Land in Georgetown SUBJECT TO PRECONDITION that the VILLAGERS INTEREST IS RESOLVED FIRST before issuance of approval to the Kooperatif. 2. The BN State EXCO reduced the premium for land alienation from RM6.4 to RM3.2 on 25/4/07 on the GROUNDS that the Kooperatif to pay compensation to the Villagers to resolve their interest on the Land… Read more »


Dear Bros Penang People changed the State Government on the PROMISES by the “ANGEL” LGE & DAP/PAKATANS YBS that the Penang State shall be governed by CAT!!!!! 1.5m Penang People lost Land worth RM150m to unscrupuloues Developer for meagre RM3.2m!! ! Who is ACCOUNTABLE for the loss of RM150m to the 1.5m Penang People?? Is it Koh Tsu Koon or Lim Guan Eng??? The CREDIBILITY of LGE statements on the allegation that BN Koh Tsu Koon is ACCOUNTABLE for KG Buah Pala Land Scam lies on the factual and documentary TRANSPARENCY in disclosure in respect of Kg Buah Pala Land.… Read more »


Dear Bros, What did LGE Pakatan Promised Penang People during Tsunami 2008??? Penang People have lost land worth RM 150m to Developer for mere RM3.2m!!!!! Who is responsible???? Credible Accountable Transparent Government!!! Credible- Losing 150m worth land within 19days of becoming CM Accountability- Blame BN Morons , MIC & Hindraf Goons Transparent- Only publish Partial Document- BN EXCo Minutes – Dont publish Pakatan DOcs What is LGE & DAP SLogan in Tsunami??? Land Scam…Koh Tsu Koon…BN Govt– Let Change It!!! What did LGE do to save the Penang Lands from Land Scam!!! LGE is in close relationship with Developers to… Read more »

people power

Let me prove a point why malaysians will always be blinded by blind faith. Look at the comment by Alonso Fulat i dun have any problem with that. but what will you gain by viewing those documents? Answer – simple, the truth and nothing but the truth the kg buah pala people got more than what they deserved. Answer- what did they get? Subjective due to blinded mind or loyalty for the gov without making any effort to find the truth. Where is the truth and what they get or not is not the issue in play? the PR government… Read more »


anil, why did you delete my post? what did i say wrong?

Keng Hooi

Those who are interested in development should have remained in Malacca and developed the Bukit Cina in Malacca which is sticking like a sore thumb with its graveyards right in the heart of Malacca. Sent back this LGE son of LKS to Malacca. We don’t want this guy lompat here to Penang anymore. He is a Malacca fellow go and develop Malacca lah. Why cannot become CM there meh?


I support Gerakan K to go back to BN and let them screw us for another 52 years, Yes, i am more than happy to vote for BN if that one issue of KBP make you so unhappy about PR/DAP. Its seem you are more concern about one and just one KBP instead of the whole country being screwed. I was staying is KL in the squatters since I was born in 1958 and we had to move out with compensation of only RM8,500.00 plus a flat with discounted price. After more than 3 years, the flat was never finish… Read more »

Alonso Fulat

i dun have any problem with that. but what will you gain by viewing those documents?

the kg buah pala people got more than what they deserved.

the PR government didnt sell the kampung away. the BN government did.

Gerakan K

Why PR lost in Bagan Pinang by-election? People already fedup with PR attitude, eg no transparency in Kg Buah Pala, beer ban, concert ban, PR objection to its own Selcat inquiry, LGE arrogant style of management,…

Alonso Fulat

come on la Anilnetto, move on in life ok?

if you are really so interested in those documents, why not you do soemthing and be the hero for kg buah pala people?

if you cant, just shut up. can you?

i think you are very shallow!

Steven Yang

KP Ghost, I think you are too naive. Its not so simple as that. The court has made that judgement and LGE cannot be in comtempt of that court order. Well if Derek Fernandez is so right, I hope that Sugumaran and Steven with the MIC and UMNO can take that case now to court again as what you say no joint venture. Read this carefully…. ““It is issued with restriction ‘tanah yang diberi milik ini tidak boleh dipindah milik, cagar, pajak, pajakan kecil atau sebarang bentuk urusniaga (the land cannot be transferred, mortgaged, pawned, sub-let or used as a… Read more »


It is amazing how so many here have conveniently branded Anil as anti-DAP/LGE just because he expects the state Govt to come clean with the truth for us all. Are you people so blindly loyal and subservient to LGE as to ignore his (alleged) misdeeds and continue to defend him? If so, you are no different from UMNO supporters who idolise the likes of Khir Toyo.

Gerakan K…..

If you are the Penang CM ( like LGE now )what are you going to do with the issue of KBP ???????????????????
Pls. tell 1MALAYSIA. Don’t make any confusion and speculation by blaming LGE only. Who started this controversy issue previous state govt ( lead by KTK ) or present govt?????????


Everybody played the drama for their own political stand. KSK ! Pl come to the ground and show the public that you are a true man of ethics.
It’s no right for you to set conditions.

Fight it out.Let the ppl decide whether you are a true man.

Are you frightened that many of the ‘dirty’ UMNOs’ will get caught ??

Gerakan K

Rational people (i.e. not including hardcore supporters) especially those voted for DAP during GE12 will feel very angry towards DAP and LGE. Supporter of BN, also very angry towards DAP and LGE. They feel DAP also did what has been done by BN but BN instead voted out of office. DAP already forgotten why people voted them into office and what people expect from them. DAP also forgotten its promise/election manifesto to people. Let’s flash back to an article by this blog owner during 8th March 2008, the glorious day of DAP in Malaysia. Author: Anil Netto Title: After an… Read more »


Whilst I sympathise with the residents of KPB this issue is a done deal and it is no use harping on it forever. Both BN and PKR are to be blamed for the fiasco. Now let us put the Horse before the cart. In the first place the whole episode would not have happened if Bn did not alienate the land to the Developer and sell it at dirt cheap price without letting the residents know before hand about the deal. I don’t think PKR would have done it this way if they were in power then. PKR government only… Read more »


Hey guys….KBP is gone. No point talk abt that anymore. The people of KBP is surviving somehow. But…the lesson learn is dot not trust anybody….look at Black and White document. People like KTK and LGE can give sweet talk…that not end of deal. Lets see what happen next GE. Both KTK & LGE may not show face in Penang anymore!

people power

You see why we never learn because everyone is adamant with their tiny winy subjective notion either LGE done well, or LGE screwed up. It is not about that but unearthing the truth that actually transpired behind the Kg Buah Pala issue. The truth here is compromised because blaming one another similar to the politicians, another side show to hoodwink the public with the power of media and anticipated hope planted. Yes previous government screwed up, that is why we made the change in Penang. Then where is the answer to what happened to the land scam investigations apprently started… Read more »


anil netto, i sense a tinge of regret in your comment. maybe we shud all be happy to have people like KTK to continue and make a fools of all penangites. i wonder then would you have the liberty to attach him. if he had handle the KBP differently, would you have post this or even able to post it. Maybe we dont need to vote for change after all. Maybe we shud just let those … like gerakan continue with their wheeling and dealing. Maybe DAP shud not have won Penang. Maybe let the gerakan … have another term… Read more »

KBP Ghost

The Penang government only has to read the fine print on a document issued by the state land office to bring the Kampung Buah Pala saga not just to a close, but to happy ending for affected residents. Lawyer and Petaling Jaya city councillor Derek Fernandez said the state government can take back the land, based on a caveat in the 99-year lease document issued by the land registrar. The document states that the plot is to be specifically used for housing and that the deed “cannot be transferred, mortgaged, pawned, sub-let or used as a business instrument”. “These means… Read more »


I have seen so many demolitions of squatters and I was reduced to tears. But I am comforted this time with the way the Penang State Government managed to squeeze the developer to give double story houses. Penang Government still do not need to come out with the blood and sweat money of the Penang people. I believe at least 90% of the Penang people is supportive of this settlement of Kg Buah Pala. If there is no Penang people support, at least deep in my heart, God bless it. Penang will prosper under such clean government. I heard from… Read more »

Gerakan K

Firstly, the cleanliness of LGE being questioned now due his refusal to reveal all information regarding to Kg Buah Pala. Secondly, not only corrupted leader can ruin a state, nevertheless a clean but pro-development leader also can ruin a state. Until now I see LGE as pro-development leader with less care for conservation. Conservation must start now, especially Penang. Due to climate change, Penang under the risk of being flooded entirely.


gerakan.. As long as the court rule that they are squatters then they are. Get your facts right too. This is the law. Without law everyone can lay a claim on the land which is not theirs.


So can we also say that since the law said LGE is a criminal, then LGE is morally unfit to be the CM and should resign ?? Isnt this the law too ??


Thinesh You are … at the wrong tree.The point made is that life has to move forward. Is it the Government acquiring the land? Or it has been done by Gerakan and UMNO to those living for years? Why the land title from freehold to TOL was changed by Gerakan? If talk about sentimental reasons, I really miss those along Jalan Sentul. The Indian area is so big and has more history – Japs time to bombing of KTM worshop – there are malay, chinese, english and tamil schools such as LaSalle, MBS and the famous Police Inspector Wong Ah… Read more »

Morning Dew

And moving forward is a justification and rationale for all manner of injustices ?


I am not going to address much the issue of who is responsible for this mess, as Im positive the state government, innocent or not, handled this badly in certain ways, and continues to do that by not releasing the exco minutes…how can this be bad, LGE? We support your government and your efforts, but you are digging a hole unnecessarily for yourself in terms of good governance and leading by example! What Im more concerned about is the contention by several people in this column that the squatters were leading unproductive lives and should be taught better skills, and… Read more »


You mean Squatters can own land as long as they reside on it??? What rubbish!!!

Gerakan K

This Kg Buah Pala even older than your parent. They and their ancestors live there more than 150 years. Only people like you shamelessly called them as squatters. Get your fact right. The residents just unable to apply for land titles or poverty is the cause.


But the courts says they are squatters. How do you know their ancestors were there? Most likely heard from someone who heard from someone else too. Looks like your assume too much.


Not all have lived there “forever” Remember Valli Perumal?
And kee was right. Had you made a fuss way back from 2007, Anil, things might have been different. Where were these Sugumaran, Thamaraj, K and Gerakan K when Oasis was launched? No guts to fight Umno and Gerakan back then?


Dear Sally Anil had been fighting for such injustice way before 2007 and had this issue been highlighted to him and rest of us, we would have displayed the same strong sense of outrage. All you need to do is to relook at some of old Anil’s archive. You seems to forget the fact that DAP and Pakatan leaders themselves “made a fuss” about KBP and promised to protect it “forever”. The persons who need to re-examine their principles and conduct a self-examination is not Anil but the cybertroopers of DAP like yourself who had suddenly became friends of “development”… Read more »


Sheeh, K, do you have to jump at anyone who ask questions and call names? I’m no DAP cybertrooper, K. Like the folks at KBP, I was also a displaced squatter. 4 generations (my grandpa, pa & his siblings, my brothers and their kids) lived in West Jelutong some years back. We were give some RM30K as compensation back then and moved out resignedly. Why? We knew the land wasn’t ours. So don’t just tar everybody who doesn’t agree with your views as pro-DAP, K. I sympathise with KBP folks too so I was just asking why their plight wasn’t… Read more »

Morning Dew

Almost none of us were aware of the issues way back then. The land grab was done on the quiet. The village folks thought that they had won the day in the court but were denied justice at the appeal stage. To now say that the few supporters of the villagers of KBP here did not say anything back then and therefore hypocritical or being manipulated is really a GREAT DISTRACTION of the reall issues AT HAND. LGE a day or so ago said that the exco did not discuss or decide on the KBP and he himself personally DID… Read more »


Morning Dew Agreed with you on your points. Allow me to add some further inputs based on my knowledge. Most of us unaware of this issue back in 2007 because the negotiation was on going on the compensations and the residents also filed a suit against the sale. From what I heard that the sale was put on hold due to stiff opposition from the residents and also the pending court case. It was also said that KTK’s exco had set the condition that the koperasi / developer must strike a deal with the residents on compensation before the land… Read more »


Morning Dew Further points. 1.The NLC requires the CM to sign off the approval. If he didnt, then the whole transaction must be fraudulant since the person who signed it clearly had no authority to so. As such, we may finally able to find the elusive LAND SCAM that LGE is so keen to expose (albeit under his own tenure). 2. If the S & P was concluded in 2007 under KTK, then that is even a better reason for LGE to declassify the exco meeting so that he can clear his name and expose KTK/BN govt as the real… Read more »