Kg Buah Pala: The compensation offered


From a source, I hear that the following compensation was offered to the villagers at tonight’s meeting:

Two-storey cluster houses: upstairs – 600 square feet; downstairs – 600 sq feet; outside porch, etc – 200 sq feet.

The developer would allocate 0.7 acres of the 6.5 acres for the villagers’ houses.

No compensation for temporary rental reimbursement while the project is ongoing.

A few may have agreed; others, who may have a few families living under one roof, are uncertain.

Instead of this 0.7 acres, the residents had asked the state for two acres of adjacent land. But they were told that that was state reserve land and it would create a bad precedent. This they felt was unfair, given the unique circumstances of this case.

Meanwhile, they have a date with the Federal Court on 18 August on one side, while on the other, the developer has given them until Friday to leave.

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Anil Netto

New blog post: Kg Buah Pala: The compensation offered


Kg Buah Pala: The compensation offered: From a source, I hear that the following compensation was offered to the..

One Malaysia

Before you all fight and speak like no one else care, please think: 1.Who can reject the federal court? Answer no 2.Who is helping now? Answer: Penang State Government 3.Who sold the land? Answer: everyone knows, if you do not know, please ask anyone outside !!!! Hey, there is NO WRONG from the developer and they are doing very good job with the compensation (VERY ATTRACTIVE) with the pressure from Penang State Government. By right and law, the villager will get nothing…nothing since the Federal court have announced that they must leave the land. And the thing is, it is… Read more »


The asst sec for KBP Tamaraj was formerlly an MIC Leader…. The (MIC) are the ones who agreed for the land to be sold when they were in BN. There is another guy from MIC whose family has two stalls at the market all thanks to Bn GOVT. Now standing in the back and putting people like Anil in front.

Nobody is “putting me in front”. I am just writing what I observe as a writer. – Anil


There are a lot of IFs…

Just one more if the govt of Penang is under BN today, will there be this debate and BP is wasteland since the Aug. 3. Her residents will probably get nothing, yea maybe their shirts on their back.


Come on,villagers,wat is this.LGE beg the developer to offer you a terrace hse for you people staying in kg puah pala.You not only not satisfy,you greedy people demanded 3.5mil each house as compensation.By law,you are not entiltle single cents cos you dont own that piece of land.You are merely squatter.If that the case,I by as well go n be like squatter like you people.Terrace hse for 3.5mil.Are you people out of your mind.I appreciate LGE done his own part.And in fact he doesnt need to demand from developer.If you ask ex minister,you think you get terrace hse?Think.


I know very very sure the real culprit will get away with it..No matter how we argue.No matter how well ur blogs,views,comments,suggestion.


K I have proven my point. Shut up and go elsewhere. I dare you to come and stand in front of the bulldozers with your mah chai from BN if they have the guts to do so. Or…takut your big brothers huh? Takut Samy, or the rest to hentam. I am not a supporter of DAP but at least they were sincere. I have since the hours put in. I dread the way Thamaraj arm wrestle the others. I ask him to undur…. I say this – even if my family doesn’t have a roof…I won’t blame DAp or Pakatan.… Read more »


People, I need to add certain clarifications on this issue. While we have to resign to the fate that the settlers got to accept a win win solution as proposed. I have to agree that everything must be well documented so as not to leave any loopholes. As such, with or without approval, the developer must build terrace houses for the settlers as part of the agreement. People, Forget about invoking the act to freeze the land for settlers. I have mentioned before….Such action can only be taken for the interest of entire Penangites. If LGE were to make such… Read more »


looes74, “IT’S ECONOMY,STUPID!”, is not the mantra in governing a state or country. That is pure capitalism. It subscribes to the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. You either swim or sink, no safety net. Even the most capitalists of countries in the world do not subscribe to that philosophy because it is felt that the law of the jungle is only fit for animals that act on instinct, not for humans who have that gift called ‘reason’. LGE knew about the alleged fraud and admitted as much, can you tell me why he is reluctant to investigate… Read more »


Great news on Perak. I am sure you cant resist so guess this is goodbye. Maybe will run into you next time I visit Taiping.

anna brella

Just in case IQs have dropped or otherwise gone to sleep, think it fair comment to post a gentle reminder here that in most people’s estimation, there is only one legal, valid executive state government that can effect anything legally at present that will stand up to scrutiny as being intra vires the Perak state constitution. And that IS the lawfully elected PR state government headed by the legal MB Nizar Jamaluddin. So if I were one of those squatters being granted a fee simple by the ultra vires head of an illegal state government brought into being through an… Read more »



I am no socialist expert but even I know that what you are proposing is not socialism but capitalism at its ugly,heartless worst.

Socialism calls for a just and equal society and no way in socialist countries a productive and heritage land would make way for a luxury condo project.

This is not putting the welfare of Penangites over KBP residents but putting commercial interests above justice, fairness, equality and above all humanity.


How did Penang state government sell the land to the Koperasi when the trusteeship is believed to have passed to the Federal Government? Can you sell something that you don’t own? How could the Penang state government under the BN sell the Kampong Buah Pala land when “the available evidence seemed to show that the land is still vested in the Federal Lands Commissioner” Negative elements – greed, corruption, abuse of power and judicial indifference – have conspired to wipe out part of Penang’s history and destroy its heritage. The latest example to wipe out history and a legacy that… Read more »


Ken August 5th, 2009 at 5.24pm To those like K who said the land deal is an (alleged) fraud and LGE should reverse it is dreaming. Yes, it may have been an (allegedly) fraudulent transaction but the court has upheld it and LGE has no power to reverse it. Buying the land back is not an option either. ====== You have purpotedly mixed up the sequence of events. IF LGE blocked the land deal in March 2008, the court case is probably is between state government and Koperasi. KBP residents lost the court case against Koperasi and developer mainly because… Read more »


Eagle eye, If you have read all my comments, you would have known me better. Till to date, even Anil simply does not understand the real socialism. Keeping way of life alone is not the real socialism. You want real socialism, Please refer to PAP’s actions in the 60s, 70s & 80s when Malaysian born leaders such as Rajaratnam, Toh Chin Chye (same bandar that I was born) & Goh Kheng Swee. Something that I regret to say Lim Chong Eu has failed to develop Penang to be on par of Singapore. I have always said. IT’S ECONOMY, STUPID! I… Read more »


Just look at the contract between the Tai Chi style management of Penang by LGE in case of KBP versus the humane way Zambry handles the same issue in Perak. This is an example of a govt that has people’s interest and welfare in heart. Though I dispute the legality of Zambry’s govt, the way he handles the issue is praiseworthy. ===================================================== KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 (Bernama) — The Perak State Executive Council (Exco) which met here Wednesday has decided to give automatic ownership to squatters of state land for ten years. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir said… Read more »


Folks If the deal was really a frudulant one then why LGE has not pursued that angle at all ? This only has lend credence to claim that LGE is just resorting to his usual tactics of blaming everyone but himself. Don’t say the court has ruled otherwise since this so-called evidence by LGE so far was never disclosed even to public, much less presented during the case. We are not stupid, and we know that LGE’s latest offer is like the Greeks bearing gifts. In the end the houses will be demolished and the residents will be homeless. In… Read more »


Dear Rajan I am not saying you are not a resident of KBP since there is no way for me prove or disprove your claim. But looking at your posts make me really suspect that you are just another DAP supporter masquerading as a KBP resident. As for your charge that Hindraf and MIC had been a distruptive force, this is really a very unfair claim indeed. Had not for Hindraf the village would not be standing today. I don’t really have to go to details to to back up my claim as this can be easily verfied via a… Read more »


To those like K who said the land deal is an (alleged) fraud and LGE should reverse it is dreaming. Yes, it may have been an (allegedly) fraudulent transaction but the court has upheld it and LGE has no power to reverse it. Buying the land back is not an option either. It is difficult not to criticize Hindraf for being political opportunists to jump on the poor villagers’ plight for their own agenda. If Waytha and Uthaya are sincere to help, they should use their legal skills to try to find a solution instead of threatening and abusing LGE… Read more »


Are you or are you not a resident at Kampung Buah Pala?… Suggest you wrap yourself up in your nice blanket and talk somewhere else. I am A RESIDENT HERE. I SEE ALOT OF … NONSENSE FROM MIC AND HINDRAF FELLAS…. Scolding profanity on your own Deputy Chief Minister. Since when did MIC put an Indian as a Chief Minister before? Since when ? Tell me. Just because you hate DAP, you talk like t-mohan.I suggest you … speak somewhere else.


looes74, Why are you blindly supporting LGE?? LGE bungled big time on this issue. KBP is a public relations disaster for LGE & DAP. Yes, KTK/BN created this mess but they are not the sitting govt. Only the SITTING govt can clean this and it is for the PR govt to do. Of course the real culprits must be investigated and brought to book, but there is no evidence that it is being done. The state govt should have set up a SELECT COMMITTEE to get to the bottom of this issue( ala Selangor govt on BALKIS issue). Then we… Read more »


get the developer to compensate the one like batu development, like the terrace houses double storey facing jalan sultan azlan shah. the Qasis make millions. WE AS RAKYAT WANT TO KNOW WHY BN CAN (GRAB) THE LAND WAS FED’s AND BE SOLD TO KOPERASI?


I’m not sure if 600sqft double storey was the right figure… The news report said it will be 1200 sqft per household (that’s slightly smaller than my 40-year-old house in KL)… I did the conversion, 0.7 acre is equivalent to 1270 sqft per household (24 in total)… Which sounds logical… The KBP villagers have perhaps few choices, to accept, or to fight a court case to show the state government that the land can be acquired back with original price (as suggested by lawyer Derek Fernandez)… I personally think that it is not easy to win a court case on… Read more »

Hang Jebat

I think PT and Lucia should move into the 600sq feet house that is offerred to the villages.Whne it comes to others it is easy for you to give solution but when it is ur issues you make a big issue like pulling out of Pakatan i.e Kedah! If only we look further there is a solution to this if all parties don’t play politics and think about people’s lives.