Kg Buah Pala: That RM3.5 million figure…


The Kg Buah Pala villagers have been portrayed as greedy, demanding, and unreasonable. This is partly due to the mixed signals coming from the committee, the seemingly conflicting statements and misrepresentations of those speaking on their behalf including those with vested interests and even those in the state government.

Guan Eng even claimed – incorrectly as it turned out – the villagers want RM3.5 million bungalows or compensation. Where did he get that from? But the damage is already done as it is all over the media.

As a result of such statements in the media by those intent on portraying the villagers as greedy – and the village committee’s own public relations blunders along with outsiders taking advantage – public opinion may have swayed against the villagers.

I have been to the village a few times, and I have never heard of a demand for RM3.5 million bungalows or any similar demand.

I did see the RM3.5 million figure mentioned once, in one of the handouts given. But look at the context: that was when the residents were reacting to accusations that they were greedy. They retorted that the real greedy parties were those who were coveting their respective property lots, some of which they claimed could be worth an average of RM3.5 million. That’s quite different from purportedly asking for compensation of RM3.5 million or demanding a RM3.5 million bungalow.

I contacted Sugumaran, the residents’ committee chairperson, for comment and he said the claim that the villagers wanted RM3.5 million bungalows is baseless. “They are just using that figure to turn public opinion against the villagers and to portray us as unreasonable,” he lamented.

Few have actually walked in their shoes and lived in the village to experience what life is like for them. It’s a different life-style closer to nature than what most city folk can understand – and I don’t claim to fully understand it either. Only the villagers know their real situation and what they really need to continue living in dignity, if and when they are wrenched apart not only from their homes but their land, their livelihoods and their community.

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Dear Anil

Kg Buah Pala residents are grateful to Lim and Pakatan government for what they have done. One of them said, “When BN cheated them PR helped them.”
(Malaysiakini TV clip)

Valliappan Rammaya

The harm has been done and the Indians have been made to suffer in k b pala. Happilly to satisfy the new owners of the land, the state and federal governments have sold their souls… Well, every action has a reaction. The Indians at KBP had been stupid, innocent and ignorant to believe that the politicians on both sides will save their land. At last neither Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim nor Najib extended their … hands. Samy velu is totally impossible … The Indians have been cheated by the British. Falsehood boasted its days. The Browns left leaving the …… Read more »

Morning Dew

“Yes about the unfortunate Thai lady,she also didn’t agree with the court decision and I think everyone in Penang knew that was a clear forgery. Do you know what happened to this Thai lady in end, go find out. Knowing very well that the court is going to be against the villages, it is better to take up whatever best that comes your way.I really sympathize with these villagers but what is done is done, you can rant/shout/protest/sent many memos /accuse anyone or everyone/encourage people to fight another day or all the days but nothing changes the court’s decisions unless… Read more »


//thanks Lilian, Egle.. now you get this? “2) As for the 116 (D), i.e. the court order to stop demolition, as a citizen journalist, I was as curious as all of you to know why it wasn’t filed when we explicitly heard it will be done. So, I tried to get the DCM 2 to explain to me why. He couldn’t officially state the reason. Why? Because when you are in a peace talk, you cannot do this. *So, I guess* it is because ….. This of course, is *my own understanding* based on what I managed to eke out… Read more »


//Mr Eagle eyes, so if posted by Anil it got to be the truth? What does reading the article have anything to do with the truth? How old are you btw?// crash, Anil had clearly stated that he had verified with the villagers and that they denied demanding RM3.5mil. I trust Anil to be a fair reporter. On the other hand LGE was not at all sure. At first – news report, then he said some ppl called him. LGE played dirty to tarnish the villagers and to provoke outrage among the majority. //Look, when I say victims. As in… Read more »


I am sorry to say that in Penang (on the island part) there are no more land (state land)left to sell, all been taken up during the previous bn govnmt.Those who are outside penang, let me tell a rm300,000.00 apartment will be snap-up like hot cake considering location near shopping/bridge/factory.


Is it normal to give promises, then break them? Moreover if you are a CM that people really trust? I feel it was still acceptable if Mr. CM told the villagers the truth since the beginning that the village deal is all over and nothing can be done about it. But, the CM did not do that…instead he PROMISED he would cancel the land transaction. But then the land transaction still happened. The villagers felt helpless. Now, Mr. CM worked out a deal for compensation for the villagers. But, the compensation actually creates new problems; the rentals while waiting, huge… Read more »


Dear Penang People YB Lim Guan Eng is playing … politics in Penang and to divide and rule Penangnites.. He intend to isolate the Kg Buah Pala Villagers… It was calculated action by YB Lim Guan Eng to steamroll the Kg Buah Pala because (the villagers are a marginalised group) in Penang and (the majority) will be least perturbed and ” Tak Tau” He bars LAWYERS to represent Villagers… YB Lim Guan Eng using his friendly media is painting the Villagers as greedy and unreasonable to suppress the public support for the Villagers and to avoid the truth for public… Read more »


Dear Penangnite

The Only person who can solve the Sherlock Holmes “Who Done it” mystery is YB Lim Guan Eng.

Lets not speculate and sling mud at each other and the politician laughing away….

YB Lim Guan Eng should declassify all documents and EXCO minutes including PAKATAN EXCO minutes on Kg BUah Pala Land.

After all, YB Lim Guan Eng have been preaching CAT..
and in the name of Transparencies…



Interesting..”k” and egale eye are not answering my questions..I wonder why?


nowadays the teenage girls like says this:
” you go girl “


sam – When you become a reporter, go ask lah. I am merely relaying what I heard because so many people are claiming the figure is plucked out of thin air. It is not because there is a press statement signed by Tamaraj. Unclebuck – Biasaler, people are constipated all the time and I am free today to entertain them. I forget to tell K, he asked me where I was on Sunday night. Well, I was at the front row, on the left, face to face with Uthayakumar from 7.30 to 11 pm. 80% of the forum was in… Read more »


Erm mr khoo sweetheart, in this world everything is rule BY law. This is what the law is for, to prevent peoples like you to try and be superman. Oh well, oh well, so before the land own by Koperasi, are you implying that the land BELONG to the villagers? LGE is not trying to be the angel, the state government is just RESPONDING to villagers plea for help. That is a duty of government to their people. You are the one trying to be an angel. Mr. Khoo, Mr. Khoo.. i am asking you, your defination. Do not bring… Read more »


i am sorry lilian chan ,i just don’t trust you.Anil netto is a true social justice reporter even before the kampung buah pala issue based on his previous articles and ,i trust his judgement on this.

you know what really makes my blood boil ,all this for a LUXURY condo????development ???win-win situation????

greedy people here are the developers and the people who would like to buy a LUXURY condo unit in a island where LAND is SCARCE….



Sorry, seem you have problem to comprehend the rule by law and the rule of law.

Yes, Koperasi is the land owner under the … law. This reality only can be happened under the nose of LGE.

Now LGE and his gang are trying to be angel for KBP residents….

If you don’t know what is forward and backward, then please consult LKS, who is talking a lot on this issue.


“Some people read the paper, called the CM and told him they are claiming such amount. The CM then, at a press conference (which I was there to video) said people called him they are claiming 3.5M. So, that’s how the misunderstanding arise.”


“Some people” ????? who lah ? .. Why LGE didn’t confirm the message by “Some people” with his DCM1,DCM2, exco… before saying it to the media. This reminds me of that Datuk Anifah Aman @ Haniff Amman during press meeting at U.S State Department office with secretary Hilary Clinton recently.


………. and now we turn to lilian bashing time.

Everyone, please stick to the issues and the content. – Anil


K – Oh dear, you have a lot of time to analyse things, don’t you? 1) I was there to meet Uthayakumar and told him how honoured I felt to finally meet him in person bcos I had long admired him for his tenacity in fighting for the downtrodden. 2) I put up the whole speech of Darshan because I feel he deserves to be heard. 3) It is not based on hearsay. Just because you didn’t hear, you think it is hearsay. The CM produced newspapers that quoted the RM3.5 M. There is video made by my fellow CJ.… Read more »


nkkhoo August 10th, 2009 at 11.33pm You are talking rule by law. No wonder, this country is downgrading… with people like you believe the rule by law can legalize land transfer to Koperasi. With this trend continues, BN and PR governments can sell any land not belonging to them. ————- nkkhoo, you amazed me to the max. Without rule and law you think you can sit infront of your computer and typing comments?… Look sweetheart, be realistic. Don’t live in your fantasy world. This is how thing’s work. Face it. Everything has it weakness and flaw. There is some murderer… Read more »


Wow! Anil,

“Most commented this week
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Wow! Wow! Wow!


Lillian I m sorry if I am going to be blunt but it is hard to give any credibility to whatever you say or going to say after your “involvement” in this saga. The fundamental ethics of journalism calls for an objective and a non-partisan approach for the journos. Unfortunately you not only broke this Golden Rule but also seems to be actively trying to set the agenda and shape public opinion for the CM and against the villagers. Let’s look at your pathetic excuses in your post above. This post alone, in trying to justify the CM, already betrayed… Read more »


Lilian you might as well stop this bulls… about being a journalist…

We can tell you are a DAP supporter and worship LGE so … stop making excuses for … LGE.

Go home.


Nil, The DAP is a Chinese party first. DO you think we would be fighting the Penang Government if it was the last Chinese heritage village? Honestly DAP supporters will we??? Lim Guan Eng has proven himself to be just another …. politician. What a disgrace he has turned out to be… Once he threw out that $3.5m figure all the racist DAP supporters went into a frenzy. He … knew that will happen. But he said it anyway. Bottom line is: … LGE has not even set foot in Kampung Buah Pala … Well it’s too bad the (villagers)… Read more »


The good guy,well.. all the good guys are dead, there are no good guys in this world.—I like this.
True how very true. Maybe there are pretend good guys la 🙂


thanks Lilian, Egle.. now you get this? //2) As for the 116 (D), i.e. the court order to stop demolition, as a citizen journalist, I was as curious as all of you to know why it wasn’t filed when we explicitly heard it will be done. So, I tried to get the DCM 2 to explain to me why. He couldn’t officially state the reason. Why? Because when you are in a peace talk, you cannot do this. So, I guess it is because the state government is pleading, and yes, it is YB Mansor who had a hard time… Read more »