LIVE: Kg Buah Pala demolition deferred!


Against the odds: Tense scenes as Kg Buah Pala villagers defend their homes from demolition – Photos by C Khor

For a brief backgrounder of the scandal in theSun:

The Kg Buah Pala scandal: What’s it all about

1503: The bailiff has decided to defer the demolition until the end of August after holding a meeting with OCPD Azam, a village rep and Thanenthiran, according to a contact at the scene. The decision is believed to have been made on humanitarian grounds and to prevent any untoward incident. It’s another reprieve for the beleaguered villagers of Kg Buah Pala who must be heaving a sigh of relief. Sanity has prevailed – at least for today.

1436:A couple of village reps, along with Thanenthiran, are negotiating with the developer to call off the demolition, according to one villager. The OCPD is also at the scene.

Some 100 villagers are still forming a human barricade at the foothill.

1408: R S Thanenthiran of the Malaysian Makkal Sakthi Party has entered the scene. He spends several minutes in the police mobile base and then emerges to give a press conference.

The stand-off continues as many more people arrive.

1324: The Koperasi’s blog says it does not agree to the proposal for the two-storey houses offered as compensation to be built on its land. The cooperative is expected to hold an EGM soon to discuss this and related issues. The action by the developer (Nusmetro) today may be seen in that light – to show it is doing something to fulfil its part of the joint-venture agreement ahead of the Koperasi’s EGM.

1312: The court bailiff stands on one of the bulldozers to address the crowd. But the shouting of the crowd drowns out whatever he has to say.

The bulldozers, facing the crowd, rev up their engines, but the villagers roar, “Tutup enjin! Tutup enjin!” A standoff ensues.

1241: The villagers’ lawyer, Darshan Singh, arrives, clutching some documents. He wants to meet the court bailiff, who is holed up with the developer in the village house they are using as a base. But police are blocking Darshan’s way, amidst shouts and chants from the crowd.

The OCPD has arrived and is now believed to be inside the mobile police base a short distance away.

1215: The stand-off between the villagers and the demolition team at the foothill continues.

The deadlines for the three houses were given more than half an hour ago. Police are taking up positions outside the three houses.

1207: It looks as if three houses have been targeted for demolition today. A 30-minute deadline has been given.

1202: About 200 villagers have gathered outside the house which the developer is using. Some of them have brought cow dung. Police are guarding the house.

1149: The developer appears to be using the house across the road from the open-air enclosure for cows as a base. A couple of villagers are also believed to be inside the house.

The developer walks to the house next to it and another house after that to talk to the occupants, but the villagers are resisting.

1132: Villagers are scrambling to the foothill as contractors emerge. A standoff ensues.

Meanwhile, more panic as villagers believe that contractors are coming from the top of the slope. The police inform an activist that they are not contractors but the court bailiff among others.

Two or three women are believed to have fainted. They are stretchered away through the barricades as the ambulance is not allowed in. The villagers ask why police cars are allowed in but not the ambulance, according to a source at the scene.

Villagers are trying to contact several DAP and PKR reps in the state government, but no one seems to be picking up their phones.

1058: One woman in her fifties has fainted and is now lying on a table. The older folks in the village look tired and weary. Another woman, Mahadevi, 51, who had just undergone a spinal operation recently, has been shoved.

The developer, lawyers and others are in one of the houses. TNB personnel are also believed to be at the scene.

1046: Some of the villagers say that the bailiff has given them 15 minutes to leave, according to one source. A lot of shouting going on.

Another source reports the same thing, adding that the villagers are chanting, “Hidup Kampung Buah Pala! Samseng keluar!”

1029: A court bailiff sticks a demolition order on one of the houses.

A commotion breaks out as village reps point out any action today would be in contempt of court as the Federal Court is due to hear their application for revision on 18 August.

The developer’s contractors are still around. Some reporters re-enter the village.

1008: The demolition team march into the village followed by the two bulldozers. A crowd of chanting villagers goes up close and eyeballs them. A police barricade separates the two sides. About a hundred Light Strike Force personnel are at the scene.

1003: The demolition team are moving in: about 200 people and two tractors or bulldozers.

0935: The situation appears tense in the village. Two bulldozers are believed to be around. Police continue to order out reporters and photographers, says an eye-witness at the scene. He believes some of the residents have confronted the demolition team at the Shell station and they may have dispersed (unable to verify that though). The entire area has now been blocked. As raindrops fall, it seems as if the heavens are weeping.

0929: People are milling around the second barricade. “Everyone seems to be just waiting,” reports a citizen journalist. One village family – husband, pregnant wife and two children – has left the scene. Lots of police personnel around. A tractor or bulldozer is inside the village, according to two different sources.

0920: About 200 police personnel, including riot police are now in the village. “They are coming,” one villager tells me, sounding upset. He said one of the villagers had spotted another group of men, believed to be the developers’ people,  gathering at the Shell station along the main  road.

A citizen journalist tries to enter the village but is unable to get past the second barricade.

0853: The police have asked reporters and photographers inside the village to move outside the road blocks that have been set up at the entrance to the village.  About 50 villagers have gathered inside and some 50 police personnel are also present, according to an eye-witness.

0750: Police on motorbikes have been seen checking out Kg Buah Pala. The residents have been on tenterhooks since last night amidst speculation that something could happen today.

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Valliappan Rammaya
28 Sep 2009 10.39am

Lim Guan Eng is an opputunist, like his father. They (appear to have ) tricked and used the easily emotional Indians and won their votes, just to trip them over at the next opputune moment. What has the DAP done for the Indians? What have the Chinese done for the Indians, other than using them to labour for them…? Even though the UMNO and the Malays have not done much for the Indians, at least they have not (exploited them); of course other than their religious fanatism and the cow head affair. The Dap has used the foolish … Ramasamy… Read more »

17 Aug 2009 4.29pm

I agree with Lynn. I would think it is PR blunder involving in this type of case which going to be lost for them. But i would acknowledge with their hardwork to get the highest compensation in Penang Island even. Which Factory worker like me(with university degree)couldn’t effort to have one landed double storey property after stay here for 15 years. The village to be demolish by court order and i would not think that’s going to be changed. I would think the best deal for the village is to take the double storey compensation before any further change to… Read more »

16 Aug 2009 12.48pm

I’ve gotta say no matter what PR still did make a blunder this round for the KBP. Sure they did fight for the villagers and all. Sure it was BN’s evil doings that led to this mess. However, PR clearly knew the outcome of this when they assumed office in March 08. The land transfer happened right under their very eyes. So why did Rayer and Karpal came to KBP in Jan 09 and still smiled brightly to the villagers and fed them with convictions and what not when they already knew by heart it was a hopeless case. If… Read more »

16 Aug 2009 2.44am

Dear Penangnites

It was Lim Guan Eng Govt who received the balance premium of RM 2.24m on 14/3/2008 from the Developer and issued the Title on the 27/03/08.

BN approval dated 25/4/07 have expired and therfore Lim Guan Eng Govt could have save the Village!!!

Instead of saving , (his administration) sold them out!!!!

15 Aug 2009 2.12pm

1.Should a CM be vested with powers to takeover land (for any reason)which ownership has been decided by courts?

2.If LGE did so, will this set a precedent for every MB to takeover someone’s land and give it to parties who claim to have ancestral rights?

3.If the land goes back to Federal Govt after 18/9 case. Will the villagers accept 6.5million/60families as compensation to vacate land for developement?

If we can answer the above questions, then we will know if LGE is working for or against villager’s interest.

people power
people power
15 Aug 2009 11.00am

The essence of immorality and an unjust cause is the tendency to make an exception of yourself meaning in simpleton terms I am always right. Sure we all are right, but what good is it when truth and just causes are submerged for the community for our own needs. To the wrongs we will always give assistance for our own needs, to the right, fair and just we will always resist also for our own needs in anticipation of the future in the distance for our own need. Whenever we are enlighten to accept nothing can defeat the truth, then… Read more »

15 Aug 2009 6.50am

Nutmeg wrote:Anyone saw today news.

see here for the news:

15 Aug 2009 1.39am

hey all of villagers. Take it easy. take your 500k and use that money…

14 Aug 2009 9.51pm

Anyone saw today news.
The so called Chairman S. bash-up by his own villager.. WHY? He was (allegedly) not even present on that day to defense Kg Buah Pala when the developer tried to demolish the village.

One of the villager anger, go and hit him on that night.

Chairman and Leader of KBP? Champion and Hero of KBP?

The hero reported the incident to Police.

The committee… told the reporters, this is just an internal affair.

Ya, right!! U Agree??

14 Aug 2009 8.15pm

Will all this compensation talk, MIC offer n Darshan’s case be going on if Rayer didnt face the bulldozers last year when demolition order was already signed even before sale?
Pity that guy, being verbally abused by ungrateful villagers now.

14 Aug 2009 7.30pm

Rajan Rajasamy
August 13th, 2009 at 11.58pm

NKKhoo -you are a big comedy. I have decided to accept the offer. State your lot number before you make your judgement. So – let’s see what happens on the 18 August….


This is a typical example with small money can buy a soul out and betraying their ancestor’s will.

14 Aug 2009 7.21pm

August 14th, 2009 at 12.16am


– BN has made Malaysia a country with severe inequality in wealth. (Gini index).

– BN has made KL one of the top 10 risky cities in the world.

– BN has made Malaysia one of the divided country with each race has it own political parties.

– BN has made Malaysia universities lowest quality in the world.

I can list down at least 100 BN achivements in less than 30 minutes.

14 Aug 2009 1.25pm


Just because you (and your kith and kin) can be bought over for $500k don’t think that others can.

You call it greed due to your lack of sophistication and because that’s how some of you think.

And the villagers never demanded rm3.5m that’s just another lie by your LGE.

Ah Boy knows just how you push your magic hot button that turns you all into green eyed monsters that’s for sure.

You are obviously ok with (that) but the rest of us aren’t and we will work towards fixing that.

Good luck servicing your bank installment you .

14 Aug 2009 1.05pm

The villagers were misled by unscrupulous people from Hindraf, MIC and others and also their own greediness .
If BN still ruling Penang , they would have been chased out from KBP long time ago without a single cent compensation.

14 Aug 2009 11.40am

//The monetary value of the land and what teh Kg Buah Pala residents are being offered as compensation is totally immaterial. The fact that the former BN state government (grabbed) the land from right under the feet of a group of citizens who have lived there for generations and LOVE THE LAND… that is the most important reality to bear in mind! High-rise condos and shopping malls are a dime a dozen – but 200 years of local history cannot be allowed to be summarily demolished by UNMITIGATED GREED.// Waah..big words..typical idealist..ask (anyone) what they like most,and the answer is… Read more »

14 Aug 2009 11.34am

Bros, I support the KBP villagers but I do not agree that PR/DAP take the responsibilities for the whole mess. BN has really screwed up and now entertaining themselves watching others suffering for what they did. Isn’t it the way of BN anyway? Screw up and let others suffer. Since everything is coming to an end soon, my only wish is that Mr CM finds a good deal for the villagers. Mr CM, we know that you are a people’s man. The villagers have been deprived because of the previous State Government. Anyone will have these emotions when something so… Read more »

14 Aug 2009 11.29am

Oh Hi Serena,

we are still paying for believing in Samy’s lies..

Mr.S -- Oversea Observer ...
Mr.S -- Oversea Observer ...
14 Aug 2009 11.26am

What the statement given by user : Karma are 100% true. I had post a huge statement yesterday but i see it been filtered by admin of this web page , Anyway its no prob , The Message i would like convey is :- Grab the offer with legal under writings – if incase the project are bankrupt still the property will be given to you . Bare on mind sometimes the dirty games between the developers and Governments can be happen . They agreed in order to vacant the place. Grab the offer , this land are watched by… Read more »

14 Aug 2009 9.28am

Hey! Kg Buah Pala villagers! Use your house mirror and take a closer look at your own … face and your current broken atap house. You think you all worth RM3.5 million? My company manager just retire last year and he also claim that inside his saving account don’t have RM 3.5 million. Kg Buah Pala villager, some of us here wish to buy a house but still need to take housing loan from bank. Every month still need to serve bank installment. People is giving you fixed asset worth RM500k F.O.C. Why still want to make so much noise?… Read more »

14 Aug 2009 8.05am

Serena, take your pro-BN, PR-bashing political speech elsewhere. You are an example of how the Kg. Buah Pala issue has been politicized by opportunists to the detriment of the residents.

serena loves mic
serena loves mic
14 Aug 2009 7.57am

Well said serena

BN is so good. Some of BN achievement:

Perak saga
istana Toyo..
istana Zakari..
ISA and ISA for reporter
pendatang remark from Ahmad Ismail…
sub marine deal
collaspe roof in Terenganu stadium
virus infection of new hospital
duit kopi culture
space tourist
mrr2 and many flyerovers that cracked and needed several repairs
finally with BN = harga Barang Naik

Serena calls for revival of mic? Which NGO of you talking about?

14 Aug 2009 7.37am

Musnahkan kg buah pala segera….

jangan lg layan penduduk…


14 Aug 2009 3.27am

Basically there wouldn’t be any better deal than to accept the offer. 3 years back, one of my friend was only compensated $40k (for a household of 2 families- after split 20k each) to make way for a bungalow housing project. It’s either take it or leave it deal. So what’s the big fuss now. The 500k is a huge sum. Yes,livelihoods would be disrupted. But not without an upgrade of living standard. This is commendable win-win efforts by the LGE team. If all else fails, there are ways for the developers to “clear” the land in a jiffy, like… Read more »

14 Aug 2009 2.06am

Vote BN back to power in Penang? Hehehehehe…………..good one guys.