Kensington Gardens… in Penang? What next?


More clearing of our hill-side land for luxury property development – while we are experiencing a prolonged dry spell.

This report says that about 300 mature trees will have to be “transplanted”. In the end, a total of 58 acres will be affected, with 26 acres (69 bungalows) under phase one. By the way, what is the gradient of those slopes?

The photo below was taken near the Turf Club after bulldozers razed the area. Is this part of the site?

near Penang Turf Club

We got rid of the Penang Global City Centre project – only for creeping high-end development to gobble up the area around the Turf Club, courtesy of Berjaya Properties, which has returned to Penang.

What a mouthful: “Kensington Gardens, Parcel 1 of Jesselton Villas @ Penang”. (Must have the “most sought after” Jesselton name to add value, you know.) See the artist’s impression below:

The Link 2 Shop

They say the British colonial rulers tried to create reminders of their homeland in Malaya, eg Downing Street in George Town. But here we are in the 21st Century with developers coming up with all kinds of pretentious names to market their ‘exclusive’ homes in a “prestigious” location amidst “nature-inspired facilities” – which unfortunately have to clear away the “pristine hillside” in the first place.

This is the sales pitch:

Located in the pulsating heart of Penang Island, Kensington Gardens, Parcel 1 of Jesselton Villas @ Penang consists of freehold bungalow lots are guarded and surrounded by nature-inspired facilities and features for wholesome living.

Living at Kensington Gardens, Parcel 1 of Jesselton Villas @ Penang places you in fine company. Right next door is the prestigious Penang Turf Club and nearby is the affluent neighbourhoods of Western Gardens, Jesselton Heights and Pulau Tikus which are among the most sought after locations on Penang Island. On top of this, your home will be surrounded by lush vistas, an evergreen turf, a golf course and a pristine hillside as a backdrop.

Under phase one, 69 bungalows will be built with each covering an area ranging from 5,995 sq ft to 9,634 sq ft. Property websites say they are likely to be sold at RM675psf, which means each home will easily cost several million ringgit.

Who are the targeted buyers? Ordinary Penangites?

Maybe they are forgetting the “softening” property market? Is this the kind of housing that most Penangites need?

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Due to serious unanswered questions that still remain about 1MDB, the Penang state government will freeze all land transactions on the 234 acres of land bought by 1MDB until there is full clarity, certainty and competency in fully accounting what went wrong. Even for the Penang land, 1MDB did not purchase 100% ownership of the land. This is a ridiculous purchase as no serious housing developer would purchase land unless they get 100% control because Malaysian laws require any development to be approved by all 100% of the owners. Further when the land was bought as a follow up to… Read more »


Developers not scared of Penang govt, claims NGO GEORGE TOWN: A local non-governmental organisation (NGO) today claimed that developers in the state are not scared of the state government. Chant Citizen Awareness Group, through its adviser Yan Lee, said that the developers were not scared of conducting illegal land clearing and illegal demolition as the fine that they would have to pay for the offence was too low. “Hills have been cut, historical buildings demolished illegally but the company would only pay a small fine under the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974,” he told reporters here today. Under Section… Read more »


Apart from drones, they actually stated that they would install stationary monitoring cameras – in the middle of the forest. That is a really genius sub-contract.


you mean the level of fine is not imposed by the judge in the court eg going to jail but by mppp?

Angry Bird

Poring Mahsuri at Bayan Baru (near Sunshine Square) will see new redevelopment for low cost housing. However it is not reported on The Star. I suggest readers here who cannot afford private housing please check up to register early for the 700 sqr ft unit costing not more than RM80K.

gk ong

Any details on the registration for the low cost unit? The location is quite good with Sunshine Square nearby.

Stylo Logan

I thought many anti-LGE readers in this blog say that there is no RM80K affordable homes in Penang?


Blame it on our low wages as many cannot affotd.


You are right. If Penangites could enjoy high salary, then many would not complain high property price.


Am I Eligible for Penang Affordable Housing?


How the rich are getting richer in Cosmopolitan Penang: 1) Invest en masse & speculate in properties (greater negotiation money power in group purchasing to influence purchasing + selling prices for maxi-profiteering). Now you know why developers love super high-end properties to build & sell en masse irrespective of economic sentiments. 2) ‘Bulk buying’ of prewar houses by SingLanders (Note: no difference whether they be ex-Penangites or not) leading to unearthly rental rate hikes. Bad for local small businesses. End of days for tangible + intangible heritage assets like generations-old businesses (look at Kong Thai Lai Coffee Shop @ Hutton… Read more »


A better question to ask is why average Penangites could not enjoy higher salary?

Angry Bird

Most Malaysians aged 54 has less than RM200K in their EPF to allow RM820 a month to support their retirement for 10 years. Aging population to rely on Subsidies and Handouts to survive?


nature inspired?? Haha. Bulldozed nature to inspire they mean! Is there mention of the highway?

Johan Khun Pana

Maybe it might be good to have a few super luxury class houses.
As too many of the mega rich Malaysians are dumping their cash overseas by buying properties.
Too many cases of Tan Sris and Dato-Dato (GLC s, EPF included) buying houses in Australia and England.
Hope the local municipal have a higher “Chukai Pintu and the Chukai Tanah” / local yearly assessment rate & annual land tax charges for such category.
As for the heat / dry spell…blame those who drives combustion engine.
Can we ordinary folks stop such development? No , we can’t.


No wonder Fidel Castro told his people : “I promise all of you will be equal, equally poor !”
Now, let see/hear what our Penang govt will do ? Will all of us be rich ?

Lee George

Sigh!the rich can do anything they want,while ordinary folks like us can only watch n complain! What else can we do?


Cash Is King ?