Keep a sharp eye on the Relau Agriculture Station land


Talk has it that housing developers are eyeing 60-80 acres of at the Agriculture Station land in Relau, the last major green lung in this area.

Well, such land swap talk for the Relau land is nothing new.

Politicians and developers have eyed the land in the past. See, for instance, reported speculation in 2006 about the fate of the land. Then, it was proposed that the agricultural activity would be transferred to the mainland under a land swap.

But that didn’t get past the state ExCo of the time, perhaps given the outcry that would have ensued.

This time, speculation I have heard is that it could be swapped with land in Balik Pulau? If there is any truth to this, what will be the fate of farmers renting space on this land? Some of their contracts are apparently ending in September.

The Relau Agrotourism Centre comes under the Penang State Agriculture Department.

This land should be upgraded for agricultural research and not sold to developers. It should be part of a Penang network of parks and gardens.

From what I hear, the Agriculture Research Station was initiated by former Penang Chief Minister Lim Chong Eu, who wanted an orchid tissue land to be built. But nothing came of it as the agricultural section in PDC was closed down. Chong Eu also tried to introduce new crops like the Jojoba desert plant, known for its oil. That project also failed to take off. But the idea for an agricultural research station was a worthy one.

After Pakatan took over Penang, a new proposal for an agro-ecological park for education and recreation was raised, with USM involvement. After the first phase, a second phase was proposed, but apparently no budget was given for the second phase. (No surprise there, perhaps?)

Meanwhile, developers are still eyeing the land for housing and commercial development with talk of a land swap persisting. The state authorities must come out and state categorically that it won’t approve any property development on this land.

So keep a sharp eye on this, and save the Relau Agricultural Station land from developers.

P.S. What is that land clearing above the 250-feet contour threshold in the top right of the image all about? Has this received State Planning Committee approval?

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David Loman

Penang government sets up committee to monitor hillslopes in view of La Nina


Too late!
Just another weatherman sandiwara.
Watch out for Bukit Kukus (Paya Terubong). The scale of hill cutting is unprecedented by any degree.
Pray to God, not to Komtar Deity for safety & averting of botak-ed hill calamity.


the same with clear of rain forest and jungle since chinese landed in straits settlemrnt, federated and unfederated malay states. jungles were clear to grow rubber and palm oil. malaya boleh. we are the world. no 1 in rubber and palm oil. why no fuss when million years old jungles are cleared by immigrants from china?

ST Lim

After raiding Relau, then the Durian Orchard at Balik Pulau ?

meantime, enjoy Durians like this Aussie Mat Salleh

ST Lim

Relau remaining green lung if properly planned can be turned in true eco-world (not o be mistaken as a developer) for endangered species like a reserved land for tigers, tapirs, mousedeers etc. what say you, penang-lang ?

gk ong

Relau used to have a Panther club.


here come worshippers of 250ft. where does it come from? why not 275 or 300 ft. god given magic figure and turn it into s deity. lucky figure is not 4 ekor.
why no protest and hue when englanders and crocodile dundee clear flag hill and build bungalows. of course another worshippers of angmohs no objections


structure plan just give this 4 ekor no. what usm’s basis like 7 or 49 in holy scroll?


who is the expert to say 250 ft? this ft imperial units ends in late 60s in malai. since then we are using si or metric from 70s. gelakan employed which expert? or the report is under gelakan OSA.


What is that land clearing above the 250-feet contour threshold at the top right of the image above all about?
Most probably another high-end bungalow + condo development. It is just opposite to Inti Intl. College.
If you pass by the road (Lebuh Bukit Jambul) towards Equatorial Hotel, you will notice a sexy dummy waving a flag by the roadside at the main entrance of this development.

ST Lim

Ideal Properties already “gasak” plenty of land for condo development from Sg Tiram (near airport) towards Bayan Baru, as evident in their show room 5th floor of 1Mahsuri. Their accomplishment (some would call it exploitation?) always reminds the Penangites with its garden landscape at Bayan Baru Big Roundabout.

David Loman

Ideals Properties is no match to the invasion of China developers when Regime BN and Chinese governmentteam up for real estate developments: Grappling with a comparatively listless property sector, Malaysia is counting on one trick up its sleeve: a continuous outpouring of foreign direct investment (FDI). In an effort to elevate FDI numbers, the Malaysian government has introduced a round of tax exemptions to willing investors. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, investors in Bandar Malaysia, a joint venture between the Chinese government’s China Railway Engineering Corp and Malaysia’s Iskandar WaterFront Holdings, stand to enjoy income tax breaks for the… Read more »


Yeah Forest City, my company is now at the stage of expanding into there and the feasibility report is very promising ! Penang is slow comparatively !

David Loman

Forest City Iskandar Malaysia – A Prime Model City Of The Future

David Loman

Forest City, as marketed to China folks as the next Shenzhen next to Singapore:


chinese not those from pg but old mao who they used to call are buying properties over the world. aust market is heated up and boiled by them. here kk and s besar voters still collect 5 kg rice. up to 80s we send money to tongshan. now we have to ask them to send money to us.