Jeyakumar speaks about his detention


Dr Jeyakumar, along with his father, speaks about what drives him, his experience in detention and the ludicrous allegations levelled against him and his party.

Incidentally, today, 1 August, is exactly 51 years since the ISA came into force on the peninsula in 1960.

It is time to redouble our efforts to work for the total repeal of all detention without charge/trial laws.

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Say NO to ISA & EO…….like Macc,Polis they are political tools used against opposition.
Say NO to Racism.Corruption & Injustice. !

Siva Jee

Putrajaya: PM Najib has set up a new ministry names “Lu tolong Gua, gua tolong lu”. MIC Chief Palanivel will be the Minister in charge of this ministry….

semuanya OK kot

Expose kleptocracy, and the state terrorism that shields it. Everything else is a distraction.

najib manaukau

One of my wishes is to put the Home Minister and IGP aside from many others in detention when the opposition is in control. Using the same laws and tactics the Home Minister and the IGP used to have people they are afraid of or have some issues with. So just come out and cast your vote to have … deceitful … Umno led officials kick out of their gravy trains and their ivory towers. Just look around you how many of these men from Umno are living in luxury and driving around in imported cars lwhile the people who… Read more »

telur dua

I wonder how they’ll like the taste of their own medicine.


So refreshing to see such decency, humility, dedication, clarity, integrity and sheer BERSIH-ness of soul in Malaysian politics!


It is not rocket science to understand what the government is up to. They are a corrupt group of people who will do anything to bang down any opposition. They need to protect their corrupt livestyles. More Malaysians should get out of their cocoon and support for a more just and equitable society.


MCA says the DAP Penang government is unfair to the non-Malay contractors. This implies that MCA is saying that the government is more than fair to the Malay contractors. UMNO, on the other hand, says the DAP Penang government is unfair to the Malay contractors. This implies that UMNO is saying that the government is more than fair to the non-Malay contractors. Put the two together and UMNO-MCA, and therefore BN, is saying that the DAP Penang government is more than fair to both Malay and non-Malay contractors. So, well done, DAP, you have through your transparent system been more… Read more »


If decent Malaysians detest the retention of this evil ISA and EO, we just have to vote the UMNO low lives out of govt. Making noise will not do the job in getting this ISA and EO abolished…do you think these arrogant UMNO … will ever listen…dream on.
Dr Kumar…they fear you!…they have just made you the permanent MP of Sungei Siput….

Ahmad Sobri

Dear Mr. Anil, I found this comment in Malaysian Insider which I wish to share with your readers. To ensure the fall of BN, we must first knock out the likes of MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/LSP/PBA/SUPP dan other parti parti politik nyamuk.· 1 hour ago All Malaysians, we must work together to wipeout MCA on next GE. Here is the list of 15 MP seats that MCA currently holding. The one with asterisk* in front is the grey seats that could easily kick out MCA candidates based on trending data. Please bring the messages home to all the rakyat if you reside in… Read more »

Gerakan K

Sob sob sob ~ A desperate message from government in waiting supporter. You need to wait until someone topple Mr Anwar before your dream will come true.

Sob sob sob ~

Andrew I

A comment that needs to be addressed by Gherks. Must be relevant.


Encik Sobri

Why focus on the nyamuk when the bigger culprit is in Umno?

Can you come up with a list of those Umno MPs that deserve to be wiped out?

Gerakan K

Cina mana tau hal UMNO ??? Cina tau cerita parti cina ~

Andrew I

STOP your racist comment here.


Bravo to you, Dr Kumar. Also to all your colleagues who were detained together with you. My full support to you. Malaysia must now abolish the ISA and EO. Detained without trail is definitely not humane.